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    I agree, nothing says you can't go for a Sunday or occasional drive. I never been stopped but I am usually going to a show. Last summer I drove from PA to IA to attend the ATHS show in Des Moines. I never got stopped and went thru several weight stations. Perhaps you can tell the cop you are going for coffee and donuts. Invite him along and tell him you are buying.
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    I have HISTORICAL plates on my 1992 MH. OH states the vehicle must be at least 25 years old. I live in Stark County and the DMV did not blink an eye when I asked for historical plates. BTW, I have a commercial plate on my trailer (2005). If they ask, tell them you do not use the vehicle commercially nor for hire. As long as you are hauling your own property, there should be no issue. You will need a CDL if the GVW is over 26K. The DMV gets picky if you want RV license. It must be a "motor home" or pull a travel trailer. The RV license will not allow you legally to pull a trailer hauling another vehicle (unless your tow vehicle is a RV). Best bet is to go for Historical plates as long as it is at least 25 years old. You do not need a medical card if you are not for hire. There is an exemption form you must sign. You might letter the side of the truck with "NOT FOR HIRE". HeavyGunner - if you have a big a$$ motor home, you don't need a CDL either. Just think of all the "grandpas and grandmas" out there driving a 45' motor home.
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    Rant ON: I'm sure most have heard about this: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-jersey-school-bus-crash-driver-illegal-u-turn-officials-say/ By the first pictures yesterday it looked odd. I was having problems coming up with a scenario that made sense in how it all happened. Then today it is stated the driver made a U turn on the highway?? Really?? How stupid can you get? My suspicions were right, there is a turn around directly behind where the bus is sitting. They basically pulled out in front of a loaded dump truck! Ya, that would make the body fall off the chassis! After almost getting run over by a bus last week coming to work on my Harley, it just burns my ass who they have driving anymore. Just as clueless as ever. "They" seem to have a complex when they get behind the wheel, and figure they are king of the road and you will bow to them. Or they think they are just driving a minivan and not a 45ft long bus. Just last summer I re-sodded a portion of my yard, and some of it was along the street and around the corner. Come school time, the bus decided it didn't want to swing out and they started driving through my yard and continued all winter. I put metal fence posts up to mark it and the very next day they were flattened into the dirt. I just finally pulled them straight, painted them RED and some how they realized they might not be driving on the road. Been a week now and the post are still up? Of course school is out in a few weeks. I'll have 3 months to get some grass back in. Beside women in minivans, school bus drivers are right up on my list of "Most hated". Rant OFF.
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    Yeah, sorry about that. So many trucks.... so little time...
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    Well that’s an idea, but then I’ll have the whole department to feed ☕️ 🍩
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    I feel the Tunland’s logo is excessively large, not proportional. SAIC’e version of the LDV van (Maxus) is fine. But pickups aren’t SAIC’s specialty. I do admire the Chinese automaker’s willingness to engineer RHD for global markets.
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    Just put the freshly polished Alcoa's from Keystone Wheel Polishing on the rear of my 85 RW

    © photo © by Jack D Kuiphoff

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    Nothing it’s normal ! if it’s starting fine then leave it alone!
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    I wonder if that's the Aussie version of the new r2.8l? Wish they'd offer it in a vehicle over here instead of strictly a crate engine. Have fun with it any how.
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    Got the tailights mounted and cut a stencil for the tailgate. A friend of mine that pinstripes and hand letters is coming by tomorrow to possibly lay down some striping. Should have the bumpers and running boards done very soon. Hooked my new to me R model to the Shertzer for the first time, I like how it looks.
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    I don’t know about other states but in Montana you can register a any semi as an “rv” because you pull a fifth wheel or have a motor home body on it and still pulls 40’ toyhauler behind it with out a cdl or any commercial implications as long as it’s just hauling your toys. Hell I’ve bitched about it before but it still irks the hell out of me that farmers get an exemption and don’t need a cdl and can drive anything under the sun as long as it’s hauling or pulling their own stuff. Makes no sense to let green horns that don’t have to get a cdl or medical card get behind the wheel of a semi but you know how the saying always starts, “the poor farmers....”.
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    I would rather keep the r and sell the new one
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    If I remember right both of those trucks were red,green,&white before being just plane old red
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    Going on what Mack Tech. said I heard a saying along time ago that stuck in my head. "God helps those that help themselves". I take that as fight for what you want and he's got your back.
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    Wouldn't trade a second of it both good and bad.
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    The R is a lot better looking ride.
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    This was over on Facebook the other day. The guy who posted the picture drives for Krooswyk. I think they are from the far south suburbs or maybe Indiana? He said the Granite just replaced the R model and they were taking the R to an equipment dealer to sell it, but he did not say what dealer. Looks like a pretty clean R for someone.
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    Sharp rig. A lot more F models would still be around if they had a galvanized cab. On a rainy day, you can hear an F model rust...
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    That would be me for sure.
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    Last year I was at Vulcans yard a Pershing and Racine and I could see into Vanecks yard. Looks like there are two B's and a day cab MH nosed into the fence in there.
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