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    I just leave mine in the front yard or wherever they run out of fuel at.....
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    And I would like to add the Inter DCO's, a classic design style, no square box and first tilt cab and proto - type originally designed by the Murty Bros for Diamond T. Each of the 3 cabs - day cab, mid cab and full sleeper all classics. Also note the door design with the longer vent windows, Kenworth introduced these door styles with longer vent windows in the 80's, 25 years after the DCO cab mid 50's, and other truck manufacturers also introduced similar designs
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    Youre correct about the rust. Too bad because IMO they are about the sharpest COE. Very few COE's had nice body lines. F model and the Transtar are about the best. Nothing beats my Marmon for NO body lines. Square box on wheels
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    1981 f 700 need some one to understand this is a piece of history not just an old cab over it needs to cared for not hacked up call me at 330-503-4576 I have reduced price see my profile for pic more can be sent to you thanks
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    Sharp rig. A lot more F models would still be around if they had a galvanized cab. On a rainy day, you can hear an F model rust...
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    No body lines.........like a....
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    Ive got whole yard of them 77-78-84-84-86-88.....................2001 RD tri axle haven't used in three years bought it new more problems still get parts for old ones.
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    Throwing an iconic American name on a Chinese A7 is over the top.
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    Mack lost its heavy haul, premium market share when the e9 v8 was allowed to die. That was their halo product that was well respected in the premium truck market . In reality the fact is mack is dead it would take series cash and marketing to bring mack back out of grave and Volvo won't allow that to happen, to Volvo's own detriment they won't do it. If Mack was spun off as a real entity with competent people in control mack could succeed but we all know that won't happen as long as volvo owns it it's just a shell .
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    And after a week or more of work swapping out half the drive train you can keep the engine in a 290 to 300 HP power band instead of a 270 to 300 HP power band, figure in the power interruptions from the extra gearshifts and it's probably a wash. Same with fuel consumption, might improve a bit if you use the extra gears to keep RPMs down, but the fueling gets screwed up with every gearshift and you're making more gearshifts. Waste of time and money to do that in a 20+ year old truck, would make more sense to trade for a different truck with more gears to shift if that's what you want.
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    Got something that important ? Pitch a tent over it ! I put this up for nine about 8 years ago our of site out of mind . Best $3000 I ever spent . Was the next best thing to building another pole barn to keep it in , some munipalities don’t require a permit for them either because they are considered to be portable shelters .
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    Thank you , prayer does work however o struggle with my faith . Can’t quite understand why at the tender young age of 49 the good lord has decided to put yet one more mountain in front of me to climb. Just to update. Chemo is Monday Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday I’ve secured work for Allen Distribution in Carlisle pa as a casual driver those evenings . Yes my assigned tractor will be a Mack,yay me. Once in up over this current mountain I will be full time. Had orientation this afternoon then tried helping momma spread some mulch when she got home. But over all I’m in decent shape for the shape I’m in. Cheers 🍻
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    Mack Superliner tri-axle dump -E9-500 V8 -10 Speed -329,000 Miles -58 Rears -80% Tires and brakes -Aluminum Body -Pintle hook W/ Air to the Rear -Double Frame -New Tarp -Runs and Drives like new it’s ready to go to work Call or text me 845-542-9842
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    The ad is gone, so it's probably sold. However, on the same site there's an MH with a 3406 in it...looks pretty good. https://nmi.craigslist.org/hvo/d/1987-mack-semi-tractor/6513956173.html
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    Nice looking Bull Dog. Kinda like mine! '75 R-767, 350 Cummins with a quad box. Sorry, NOT For Sale. Just showing her off!
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