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    Finally finished my 1:24 scale Rubber Duck RS700L. It's loosely based on one of the early 70's second unit trucks: metal dash cab, Cummins power and cosmetic damage. With 1:25 scale brother for comparison.
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    Featured dual chain drive. Air ride suspension was not an option...
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    Tracked down a really nice backdrop manifold last year, after putting out some feelers for one. Scored one that didn't break the bank and was in excellent condition. Now to get it in and hear it run!'
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    I bought this old roadway truck back in '03 and made it into a twin screw, it was a great truck, the last to get stuck in the field. I sold it 3 years ago to a guy who's '66 r model had died on him, and he sent me a picture of it today.
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    This beauty on display at the Memorial Park in 2013.
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    This has been the most frustrating thing ever I have never owned anything but Mack trucks for over 25 years and I absolutely love this granite but it has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth I just want it fixed, I have been very patient probably too patient with them . I talked to my dealer today and he said Mack will be in touch with me next week I’m going to tell them it’s time to replace this truck, I will keep you guys updated as soon as I find out something.
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    Fuel transfer pump can leak fuel into the oil, there is an fuel galley plug under the front cover that can leak fuel into the oil as well. Usually there is fuel weeping around the fuel galley plugs on the front cover if the plug(s) are leaking. Best thing to do is remove the oil pan, use the fuel hand primer pump to charge the fuel system and try to find where its coming from.
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    those are the chain oilers
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    Thank you. A few years on and off but, short of too many, I've no idea in hours
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    Sounds like EUP seals/orings.
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    The B-67's could be optioned with the larger radiator from the factory.
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    I don't know what it is with that camera but it really does not like Duracell batteries. Eveready "Lithium" and it takes good sharp photos. Other brands and it's kind of hit and miss. Because the shop is so full of crap, and wanting to move the gantry to the front, I had to push it manually sideways most of the way . In between the uprights and inside the tires is 16'3" in width and I couldn't get the travel without running into something. I released the downforce on the drive tires, and shoved it 90 degrees down the shop floor, (as I used to do before motorizing it), then reapplied the downforce and drove it into position. It really does work well but still needs a bit of "tuning". Few things I had to get out of the way to move the crane and simply sweep the floor: Got to have a backup for a back up for a primary correct? Actually all three are set up for different functions. This one I've had for 44 years. the gent I lived across the street from in St. Louis growing up gave it to me when he went to a larger machine. I can't honestly say how many "dozens" of truck frames this welder has repaired/modified by my hand over the years without exaggeration. I still get it out and it does just what it was built to do. May not be "Politically Correct" these days but that welder has always been called "Bart", the homo. Had to move this too cause it was right in the path I needed to travel: However, before I could move that, I had to move this: Really need to get someone in here to teach me to weld..... Now with all that crap out of the way I could push a broom fairly unimpeded. However, everything had to go back into place so besides being much cleaner, it's the same as it ever was. Hope to get after the water pump this afternoon on the water wagon.
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    Some heavy iron shown at Worcester Sand and Gravel 2013.
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    I've never seen emblems on the side of an RW hood originally except "Mack", V8, and the emblems calling out the E9-500. Never have seen "Econodyne", nor "Maxidyne" on the hoods of the RW series. I'm only speaking for myself. The E6-350 is not a "Maxidyne" series engine however.
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    Don't think I would have sold that! A little spread in the camelback probably works pretty good in the field.
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    Stylish hauler!
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    What Mack should do is give you another truck; or replace complete engine & all the bullshit components.
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    Matt Pfahl was kind enough to bring my frame to my house when he was in the area making another delivery Sunday morning. With the stretch it won't fit on my truck any more and I don't have good enough tires to tow it home. Progress should pick back up now that it's back.
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    Imagine what incredible base engines would have emerged if emissions Research $$$’s had gone into perfecting an N14, 3406 or E7.
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    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha........ hahahaha hahahaha
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    LOL!! Thankyou. I will do some "shade tree" adjustments. We just wont tell my brother, let him find out when we do our next loads out of northern Maine. Cummins we can tune, even the old 2 stroke joke Detroits. WE have a couple of VERY nice running Detroits. I'll try that & let ya know what happens. Thanks again. I'll have to try & get a pic of the ole girl on here.
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