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    I got this G73LT in 2015. Ray hauled it down from New England for me. I am finally getting around to working on it. The Cummins was bad and the previous owner scrapped it. I found a 220 Cummins for it and am going to have it put in. I have been stripping things off the chassis, getting it ready to be blasted and painted before it is out back together. All four of the rear aluminum spring hangers are cracked. Does anyone know it steel hangers bolt right on? I am also looking for some parts. I could use a new cab lock. I need the exhaust and air cleaner setup that is specific to a G mode. I might have found a battery box, but am not certain. I need a headliner but doubt I will find it. Thanks. Mike.
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    This beauty on display at the Memorial Park in 2013.
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    she be comin round da mountain
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    I knew Bob Brown very well and he built the LTL. It has a 300......maybe 320 iron lung. Not sure if it is oil cooled pistons or not? The sleeper was hand built and he took Brown trailer emblems and put on it and would tell folks that it was very very rare!!
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    anyone who is interested in having a quality paint and body repair on a mack should take a minute to check us out ! have a super day kummererandsonsgarage.com
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    Never to big to go for a truck ride
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    my dads not happy how the bumper turned out. He said it needed sanded more with the 1000 grit wet paper before buffing. I'm happy with it Just have to do something with the ugly painted shutters.
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    Fine looking hauler!
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    Still cleaning on the shop some more and this is getting old. Had to move one thing to move another, to move another yada, yada, yada..... I can now see from front to back. But to get to cleaning I had to put some stuff and three trucks outside. Not shown is "Project R-12": Since my gantry crane is needed in the front of the shop instead of the back till I pull the radiator on the water wagon, I moved it forward placing it where it'll be needed to pull the engine from the 74 RL797LST: Knowing how damned heavy that crane is to push by myself and it's very much heavier with an engine hanging from the hook, I added some hydraulics to help a bit: Just knew I'd find a use for that stuff which most of was left over equipment scrapping at work. I'd purchased the wheel/tires from ebay and purchased new sprockets and chain. The hydraulic pumping unit, and Char-Lynn motors were used from something. The crane moves fore, aft, and turns left and right with a joystick control to D03 tandem center hydraulic valves. Works really well and takes only finger pressure to move the thing anymore..... Now with some stuff moved I could get to sweeping the floor: Man there is some serious "crap" in that building. Was really nice to see some of the folks I formerly worked with. Very nice to see absolutely nobody under work pressure or stress as everyone was retired.
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    i had on like that in a 79 superliner. original V8 truck converted to 300 when the V8 died. short stick was deep reduction in first and reverse only, air shift stick was 1-5, reverse, low, and direct.
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    Local high school class is having their car show this weekend so I pulled my dump trl project out of the shop, and put the mack back in to do some cleaning. I got the visor cleaned up, you saw the bumper, bent up a stainless piece to cover the air cleaner mounting bolts, and gave it a bath. Once the trailer is finished I'm gonna have to break down and take the drivers door apart. I have to fix the window so it actually cranks up and down.
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    I checked them out at Beaver on Friday night. Looks good. Driving home Saturday night, I could see the faint reflection in the corner stainless of the trailer. I should have gotten a picture.....I'll try to remember in a couple weeks when I get it out again.
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    Powered by an Iron Lung 275 Cummins and hooked to a tri-axle Red River Trailer in 2002.
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    Best of luck and prayers. Positive attitude is a big part of recovery for all of our ills.
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    Looking out the window from seat 1A before departure. Dog is now too big to be at your feet in coach without encroaching on the next passengers space. Therefore my wife and our pupster are going first class.
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    1979 mack R700 V8 866 375hp 12 speed with air low shift 44 camelback aluminum wheels $18,000 or make offer john 646-243-7455 looking for truck with V12
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    I have a B57 with an 18000 pound Rockwell front axle and I am trying to find a pair of Bud style front hubs. I am trying to find out what other model Macks used this style hubs. It is also referred to as a straight axle. I know most people on this site will comment on keeping the wobblers but not an option for me. If I cant find the hubs I need I will change out the axle to something different. I was hoping to keep the stock axle in this rare low production truck. If anyone has a lead on the hubs please let me know. Mike Stormo
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    What did the local tire guy say the first time you asked if he repairs corn holes?
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    She reads everything I post believe it or not as I have nothing to hide. One of her favorite responses is; "I'm just gonna have to nut you". Which shuts me up for a spell.....
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    true or not you better hope she never reads this post
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    There is a grease zerk on the slip to lube both it and the mating spline. Get a grease fitting and knock the center out of it at the bench. Temporarily replace the original fitting with the one missing the guts, (check valve). Collapse the steering column fully, and pump fibrous wheel bearing grease into the area till it starts to ooze out. Replace the grease fitting back with the original and call it good. Fibrous grease is a lot "stiffer" than most NGLI-2 chassis lubrication greases. That grease zerk is right about your knees when driving so you don't want it oozing back out of your temporary fitting onto your clothing as it kinda pisses off the person doing the wash.
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    Run straight 90W GL-4 gear lube and you'll not have any problems. GL-5 will work in non syncronized transmissions but GL-4 does not have the extreme pressure additives that are corrosive to yellow metals. GL-4 was what the truck was filled with when new most likely. If you only drained 1.5 pints it was either short filled, or there is a leak. ATF does not belong in that transmission at all but they probably dumped it in thinking the trans was hard to shift rather than the linkages being corroded. Don't get "wrapped" around the axle with the terminology. Straight 90W is good, 85-140 will work also in your transmission. Fill it, drive it, allow it to cool, then top off the transmission oil. Watch for leaks until proven otherwise.
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    Afternoon fellas. To say it’s been a crappy week is an understatement. I was talking to yardo on the phone and I really had nothing to say. After digesting this for a few days I’ll can say I’m done being angry at my employer. They will soon find out that payback is a bitch and I’m the girl. As far as my non -Hodgkins goes, I’ve always known there was the chance of a return engagement. One reason why I never bought a truck. My treatment schedule is this starting tomorrow, three 3 week treatment regimens with a week off in between each. Hopefully in 12 weeks we will know weather we got this or if I’m a done deal. I figure out m too ornery and stubborn to die and that god and Satan agree that both are ill equipped to deal with me. But I’m going to give it the old team effort. Feel free to holler at me. My email address ismike69mackman@gmail.comThanks for the well wishes and I’ll talk to y’all in 12 weeks. God bless
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    Did anybody present you two Fords Festiva?
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    Kevin- I hear you-but apparently Hackett thinks everything is cool as he proposes cutting engieering and parts procurement. How many of the recalls are the result of outside vendors? as always you get what you pay for.
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    What did I tell you Bob? Ford took the globally-proven and fire-free Transit and added the "Catch Fire" option for the North American market. From the UK to China, the Transit is trouble-free. But when they adapt it to the U.S. market, they gut it and create a nightmare.
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    Is it my imagination or does this guy talk out of both sides of his mouth? They have recalls up the ass and he talks about "cutting engineering and material costs". Seems to me when you have recalls one after another you have to do a better job of engineering and perhaps look at your "low bid" parts cost.
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    Figured it wouldn't take you long to get back into complain'n bout Momma's weight.........
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