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    ...and it cracks me up every time: Two boys tried to steal pizza delivery car but could not drive stick, cops say http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/31/two-boys-tried-to-steal-pizza-delivery-car-but-could-not-drive-stick-cops-say.html
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    Bed sides all done, now all I have to do is fenders, tailgate, running boards, wood floor, tail lights, rear bumper...................................................
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    Went this past weekend and brought home our new toy. Nice to get the puppy out and stretch her legs after a long winter. Spent some time and money on her over the winter... new injector pump new air compressor went back to 24.5 rubber and all new a.c. unit and a.c. compressor.
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    here is a video showing radiator replacement without removing the hood on the mack. hope you guys like the sound track. finally found witch external hard drive i had a bunch of music saved on that my dad recorded before he passed away in a car accident a few years ago. i enjoyed being able to add his contribution to the video.
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    No more loose nut behind the wheel! The Pony Express has it coming your way.
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    Nothing wrong with a Vega as long as someone dropped a small block in it.
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    Interesting incidents and some seriously arrogant union reps to try and force their way/influence on private property. Unions had a time and place but I think that those have for the most part have passed.
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    Just bought this 57 H63T, was hoping someone could help me find some Info on the truck and what the T means on the model numbers. Any help would be appreciated Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    322 FJ's were produced between 1938 and 1943.
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    Padula Bros is a large 3 location Deere dealer here in Mass. At there open house today-10% off on parts and spot this-direct info from owner..."79,000 original miles. Bought new by a farmer in Bridgewater Ma and he used it to haul silage". Only thing he did was have it painted!I should have taken pictures of the inside-what you would expect of an owner driven truck with 79,000. 3406, single frame, 46 rears. As usual, I can't get pix to upload-what am I doing wrong guys? iPhone to Mac Book Pro. Only site I have trouble uploading to is Bigmacktrucks!
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    Here are some old pics
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    I thought by the heading you where going to be a dad again. Lol My kids both want to learn to drive a stick, and the oldest says he wants to take the mack to his highschool prom. He's only in 4th grade so I told him he has to be able to shift it.
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    R and U had the rails the same if we mean R400 and R600. R700 has higher rail section and different front spring mounting brackets being removed backwards to accomodate longer hood (engine) RD with RB also had higher section and fatter steel than a basic R but the same general frame shape. Same spread and lowering of the section to the front. DM has its own frame style with its special front end (not like a R) and deep center behind the cab for greater capacity. F model had its own frame, not similar to a R or DM. RW2 together with MH and CL (not CH/CX) have their special chassis with "art" siluette of the frond rail ends looking from the side. Easy to figure out what I mean looking at any pic of a RW2 with the hood open. RW2 and MH also utilizes similar front spring mounting brackets, battery boxes together with front air tanks, fuel tank brackets and even the steering gerar setup. The front axles were also similar excepting particular load ratings of the beams and springs. Both had a standard higth of section and thickness (RW600, MH600) and larger numbers for RW700 and MH600 as an option. Aluminium rails could be used but those were bolted to the standard steel front section of the chassis. CL frame looks similar at the front but spring mounts are different because of the set back axle relating to RW/MH. CH is almost another story with straight rails front to back. Probably interchangable with Visions CX up to 2004 when Vovlo frames took the place. RS700 and RS600 Western Valueliners (including Macungie ones as I got figured out) had their special chassis with constant section straight rails front to back. Could be aluminium as an option. Don't know the section higth and distance between the rails but suppose the last was the same as Eastern R's had at their back end. RW1 Hayward together with WS Cruiseliner Western models utilized similar frames. The speciality was split design when the front part of the rails was an independent unit bolted to the pair of straight rails right behind the cab on a WS and below it on RW1. Another especiallity of those models was a steering gear mounted on the front axle beam, not the frame rail. Don't know much about B-models excepting their frames had nothing common with a R and there were different desgns depending on load capacity. Too probably some other models of Macks of those years utilized similar frame style. Can tell H63/67 were different but nothing above it.
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    I agree that the Prius could go. Those Aztecs were so fugly. I bought one for a beater once......and I LOVED it! Easy to get in and out of, very reliable and the center console lifted out and doubles as a cooler!
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    Well we made it home yesterday with the screening plant took all day and didn' go without incident guess you will have that on a machine that hasn' moved since 1993
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    I had two Vega GT's with BBC engines and one with a SBC. Also had a pair of Pinto's each with 302 SBF engines. Also had a 73 Pinto Squire wagon completely stock. Nothing wrong with either platform when set up right utilizing parts from Doug Thorley Engineering. Don't see too many Aerostar vans any longer as they didn't hold up too well to the rust. Aztek? Never should have been built as ugly from the get go. Former employee got one of those brand new from dealer with all kinds of incentives because they couldn't sell it. Still driving it and it's just as fugly as the day it was built, but very dependable.
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    Hmmm.... started out OK but Pinto wagons make great bodies for vintage asphalt modifieds and not many survived rotting out! I wouldn't mind having a Don Hardy built Vega drag car. So, let's add Prius to the list.
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    For those looking for Model B wiper arm replacements - not identical to original but... Anco #44-04. ebay for about $25 each; amazon for $21 & free shipping. The length is adjustable and comes with both 5/16" and 3/8" tapered, knurled driver for ISO shaft (double flats). Wiper Parts.pdf
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    Used to be supportive of this site with good pricing in the early days of this site. I've purchased a few things from them as have a couple of others have here. Always good parts accurately described.
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    The International Motor Co was a holding corporation for the Mack Bros. Motor Car Company and the Saurer Motor Company. It had no relationship with International Trucks. The logo on the front of a Bulldog hood is a stylized IM for International Motor.
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    That truck was one of the prototypes to the ac. Circa 1915ish. Taken outside the Mack building in Long Island by the looks of it
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    Here one of the 1993 Mack RW713 Superliner that My Dad Brother and I have been working on restoring for about 4 years now for a friend. It's really close to being done. This is the next to the last Superliner ever built.
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    Here's some more of my 1985 Mack RW613 Superliner Magnum and one of my Dad's 1989 Mack RW713 Superliner.
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    Nobody has posted here in a while so here's some of my 1980 RWL721LST Superliner tri axle dump.
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    I wished they would let me put the grill guard on the RD it came with it but when the new bumper went on the boss didn't want it on
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    You're a child at heart??
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    The mid-size Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom. . . . . . . . .
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    You know frankly I don’t know what to make of those pods what seems to me if you’re worried about your child eating them well don’t buy them...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok, so admit this much.............. the tide pods DO look like they would taste good?
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    I saw Little Irvy and the KW at the Ohio State Fair back in the day. I met Tyrone at a Bandag shop in Columbus in 1988, he had several of his trucks there. He started up one of them that had a 6V92 with some huge turbos on it...that was a memory that will stick with me for a long time.
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    Parts are out there, but you will have to figure out what will work on your truck. You are not likely to find anything being sold as a part "for H model Mack" .The H model cab is based on the L model sleeper cab. Some L model parts will fit , including the doors. The drivetrain shares many of its parts with B and other models. The engine and transmission are basically the same as a B model for instance, but the mounts, fan, radiator, shifters and other pieces are different for the H. If your cab and frame are good and you want to put the truck back together, your best bet might be to find another H model for parts. Most H model parts are interchangeable between the 63 and 67. Good luck, and keep us posted.
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    we expect to see that one up and running by the end of april
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    Lilltle truck followed me home from NC a couple weeks ago. First truck I've been after that was better than the pictures.
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