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    Seen this on Facebook 18 hrs · 1917 AC Mack ELOG EXEMPT $45,000 Amherst, VA Alrighty boys get the check books out, call the bank whatever you gotta do.. don’t wanna miss out on this jewel. 1917 AC mack. ELOG EXEMPT , PRE EMISSIONS, diesel exempt, windshield exempt, radial tire exempt... she needs a little TLC. Parked it a few months ago, was running 2 rounds a week to texas. Sometimes the hand crank can snap back on ya, and might need a new drive chain in the near future. Did I mention is ELOG EXEMPT..... Serious inquires only.... this won’t last long. Keep the outlaw truckin alive and make plenty of money with this ole girl no ELDs or emissions to waste time and money with. Ole lady said she can’t sit to pasture so let’s make a deal! NO ELD REQUIRED.
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    It's a great project...Keith S is doing a careful, quality build. I like the idea but he'll have to have a CD of a 673 running through the gears while he's driving it.
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    No Prius power there. I think he's going full electric. I really like the uniqueness of his project, and would love to see it when finished. That's the cool things about trucks. There's such a broad canvas to work with.
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    I had a 1983 RD with a 300+ all air..
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    Similar to my Neway, except yours are top load. It's a real PITA to get it out the front and have it balanced on something. You would have THOUGHT that some engineer would have requested a simple 1/2-13 bolt hole in the to for an eyeblot? I have to get inventive to swap gears. Made a pedestal for my engine hoist to mount to my truck hitch. Presto-chango I had a mobile crane.
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    Why not just a card in the spokes
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    that has the air and water charge cooler you can see the upper section has the water passage. here is a pic of one up close
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    The two valve continued to be used in DM's into the late 80's with the tip turbine because the steel hard nose wasn't able to accommodate the chassis mounted air cooler (CMCAC). In 1988, the DM-690 was fitted with the CMCAC.
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    I probably should have said "Tesla Powered"
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    This is an ETAZ673A, (300+) in my white R model. This engine is slated for the 57 B-61 I posted photos of. The old R model is a good truck but many of it's parts are going to be used for donorship into others. The engine is spoken for as are the 3.87 Mack rears which will probably wind up in my 62 B-67ST.
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    I have seen thrust washers come out and you get a whole bunch of end play, and you do not need a dial indicator to tell if something is way out of limits, get a pry bar and get under and start checking yourself! terry
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    I hate to say it but it's time to check your losses with this shop. Have another give a diagnosis in formal proposal and get the attorneys involved. You can do small claims yourself easily. If you can prove the work done as guesswork due to incompetence, you will come out quite well on reimbursement. Document everything and be prepared to present it to a judge. Not hard to do and with the funds expended over this ordeal, most likely worth the effort to right the wrong.
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    Funny you say that. I just talked to the Fluvanna County office about a contract for river wash out and the first thing they asked was how new are my trucks. Told me the last company they signed with to do this job had all new equipment that spent more time broken down the on the site.
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    The 1958 is B61ST17759, and the 1957 is B61T12146. I'm probably going to go to a two filter setup but utilize a later model hydraulic steering gear setup. I have several slip and splines from other trucks so will fabricate a steering shaft to the gear. Neither truck currently has power steering and are all original. I've built a "chin mount" charge air cooler to breath through the front bumper for the E6-350 to be installed into the 58, and have a 300+ with engine mounted charge air cooler, (tip turbin) going into the 57 truck. Both trucks will be modern in driveline to keep up with today's traffic. Little of the work so far on the 57: Not much of a "Dupont Overhaul" type guy myself, everything under that truck is either freshly rebuilt properly, or new. Still need to plumb for air but the truck drives with front brakes only..... 3.70 gears and a current double over tri-plex on tall rubber would get it down the road pretty good but this truck is to replace the trusty, yet crusty old Dodge one ton so will be swapped to a single stick 10, or 13 speed trans.
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    I have an E6-350 from an 82 "Cruiseliner" and it had a chassis mount charge air cooler. This is slated for my 58 B-61 and runs well. Had an 81 R model that was a 350hp ETAZ-673 something with the water cooled tip turbin setup. I still have the engine but it was knocking in the lower end. I'll have to look at the block for the full set of numbers. Forgot youz guys like photos so here are a few from long ago of my 58 B-61. It still resides in the back of the shop. The photos are quite old but still have it.
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    Same as I read Joe. Probably a repower or a resaler whom knows no better. Long lost count of how many "350hp" mack E-6 powered trucks I've seen that had lesser engines in them; most 237's over the years.....
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    This is for Red Horse 1932
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    A business man who owned ships in the early 1800's wrote a letter to Alexander Hamilton about his problem he was having with pirates. He asked Hamilton if the second amendment allows him to put canons on his ships so that his crews could defend themselves. I can not remember the exact response of Hamilton but to put it simply,he wrote that it did allow him! Taking a slightly different tact but is absolutely pertinant to the discussion of the second amendment is the terminology of that time has to be understood. In the second amendment, something people like to misinterpret is the term "well regulated militia." The term well regulated meant timely, or quick to respond. Clocks were often referred to as regulators. It had nothing to do with restricting the type of firearm that you owned. In fact if you showed up to volunteer in George Washingtons army and you did not have a firearm with you, he would be blow his head gasket (quite angry!). He complained about it in some of his letters. Best Regard, Job41
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    Best solution yet. Remove all warning labels, let nature run it's course and educate whats left.
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    An ETAZ 673A is a 315-320 HP Thermodyne 300 Plus.
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    I myself believe this is something to pay attention to. First, the development of artificial intelligence is likely 3 times further ahead in development than is openly acknowledged, owing to the potential for military applications (in the never-ending race to destroy ourselves). And second, there's always that group of scientist that thinks they know what's best for mankind..........and think they can control it..............
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