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    We have laws that are rigidly enforced.........and then we have laws which are not enforced. It sends a bad message. Not a good way to run a ship. If foreigners are only allowed, by law, to legally immigrate to the United States, then one would be sure that all "illegal" immigrants are detained and immediately deported (and denied the ability to legally immigrate, as a penalty, for a period of time if not forever). No child born to illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship (i.e. DACA). If they want to complain, they should address their parents. The U.S. has nothing to do with it. The current system is, if you were able to sneak in and not be captured for a period of time, you can stay. That doesn't fly with me.
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    Upps.. Didn't know our losses are that much. Not exactly the hood lengthes but I suppose what Jim meant. B-Model_Cabs.pdf
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    A GMC 640 advertising a landscape business. bulldogboy
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    I'm going to fix up my '82' superliner, that is when my work schedule allows me to work on it. Have some rust in the cab and doors to take care of. then minor fiberglass issues. I'm not sure if I want to paint 'er the same or go totally different. But I just can't think past the blue & silver that it is now. I do want to stay with blue cuz the interior is blue and in great shape.. Can you all help with some two tone paint designs on Superliners to give me ideas. Paint is down the road a ways yet, I might go for a different look, but ????? maybe keep 'er the same.
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    I've wanted an R model for a long time. Finally found the right one. '67 with a 673 turbo 250 horse and a duplex. Nice solid roadworthy truck. This is the last piece to round out the collection. Photos are a little dark.
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    Lookn back in History in Australia Clikity ...................................... ClikClikClik Cta §wishy
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    A cool headed carry member would have fit that situation well.
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    Looks like they are removing the stack for Hight reasons?... some of the cat pavers I moved had a stack with a hinge on them to lower them during transport.
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    you're right, but so are they.... one of the problems with bus conversions to RV is that most buses are monocoque with no frame, I've seen some conversions that have altered the floor to get more inside height and they wiggle as you drive them, then some try to alter door frames and add slideouts, never mind the overweight kitchens and bathrooms, some folks think they can create a house inside a bus frame using house building materials. On some models if you remove the plywood floor and drive it the structure will permanently deform. yes, vintage buses converted to an RV would be an interesting subject to discuss with RIV, I know of a few conversions brought in on an exemption but they needed a full inspection and engineers report before licencing, and if you fail it has to go back to the US where the title was previously cancelled so you are in limbo if it is not allowed back in... not worth the effort. the current process is to bring in a titled pre '71 bus with seats (exempt from fed rules), get it inspected as a commercial bus, title it, gut it, build an RV and change title... post '71 needs CMVSS confirmation from manufacturer.... buses built in Canada and directly exported to US may not qualify to be re-imported to Canada unless they were built to dual CMVSS/FMVSS standards... go figure. BC Mack
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    not blue but has the black fenders.
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    First off any color you paint a superliner it'll look good. Not that my opinion matters but I think it'd be really cool to have it match your b, especially if you showed up to a truck show with your Superdog in tow behind your b 😀
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    Not to mention that illegals are a huge voters base for the democrats. I'm not being sarcastic either, remember the dems voted more than once the last few years that it was unconstitutional to require voters to show any form of state ID before getting to vote. Sounds pretty straight forward to me.
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    I'm underwhelmed... Good to see the Ranger back, but with such limited powertrain options and cargo capability, I won't be buying one.
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    No diesel option and no manual transmission. Bob, as predicted, Ford ruined the global Ranger for the US market. I'm a U.S. buyer, and this truck was not "developed specifically" for me. "This is not about bringing the global Ranger here to the U.S. and selling it in our dealerships," said Todd Eckert, Ford trucks marketing manager. "This is about designing and engineering specifically for the North American customer and the conditions the trucks will be put in here." Mr. Eckert, you should have brought over the global Ranger. You completely don't understand this product, nor the US market for it.
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    Well I did it. I pulled the trigger on a Superliner with an e9. Its a dump truck and will be used for work. It is a two owner truck and was a log truck before a dump truck. The truck needs a bit of tlc but I am Happy about my purchase. I have been reading forums on this site to help me make up my mind if this truck would be a good fit for me. Thanks to all for your posts and future posts. Greg
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    I've been finding a lot of fine-thread nuts, bolts, screws... at AMK Products https://www.amkproducts.com Once you figure out their catalog system(s), they are great - start looking in BULK. Good prices too. Door Jamb Bolts.pdf
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    Sort of like the stripes that you have now. Here is a two tone blue paint job and a blue stripe Liner.
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    No problem. I was looking at this one (more than a few hours south but it looks excellent) a couple of weeks ago but I got the one below instead.
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    a little more info please. such as.. what kinda body( steel or aluminum and length/ height). I've got a nice Brockway only $13k.
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    From the album: general

    have a laugh you blokes
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    From the album: general

    a couple of Aussie legends in this picture Slim Dusty in the middle and a Buntines 320 coolpower Mack
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