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    They could train him to get a class A CDL and make him drive for Swift (the slow truck with the fast name!) Until he earns the money, equivalent to a death sentence! Lol!
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    my dad bought a century farm after i was grown and it had a old sears house. the story is it came by train to a near by depot and then by horse drawn waggon to its current location and then assembled by the orrigional familly that farmed that land for more than 100 years. it was a pretty cool house seemed way better biult than the cookie cutter houses now days.
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    He NEVER would have been caught if he scammed them on their truck accident insurance claims and would have made easily double or triple the money
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    Redding, CT. Damn, another yankee that truck is no match for "Pride of the West Side"
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    Stanley has its hands in a lot of names.
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    looks like only thing B model there is the sheet metal. not sure what frame is sittin on. maybe an old Ford box truck or Isuzu?
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    When I was younger and when taking every one more car apart I used to say that a car should be made with only one big nut. In the center. You turn the nut loose and all the car falls into pieces at one time. Reading your thoughts on the matter of the shed design it makes me think a shed must be done the same way. Turn the only big nut and the job is done
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    Please don't let it be an automatic! The poor B model would die of embarrassment!
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    then had to put Mrs Mack up on blocks because the grease plate is higher on the dolly then Mrs Mack and the float has no wind down legs So Mrs Mack was up on blocks as we say Next we head off First stop Belyando Crossing Sorry only photo of Mrs Mack hooked up I think, pretty piss poor Then onto NSW or as QLD people call it Mexico (south of the border)
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    Well back in sweaty north QLD again Some photos of Mrs Macks trip south had a seal to fix before heading off came with giant speedy sleeve so chucked it in but not the new seal as the old one was only a few thousand km's old and it looked fine Guess what it leaked from one end of this wide brown land to the other LOL
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    I would almost trade one of our CFs for that truck. it sounds to me like they don't have anyone left that knows how to drive it. I know its a old truck and its nice to up grade your equipment if you can but you just cant beat a MACK and if they cant get parts for it there not going to the right place to get them.
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    Must be for your U model because it is already flopped onto its side...
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