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    so I missed this, is that shifting fork BROKEN off and welded back together??? imagine that back in the day,''' hey joe we broke this fork off, I called Mack and they want $20 for a new one'' ... ''screw that , that's a whole night of adult beverage down at the Gin Mill, ill weld the sob!''
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    I got nothing on my page,HG. But I have noticed the blog section has a bunch of weird entries related to Golden Goose Shoes??????. Don't know what that's about? Don't do the blog thing anyway,just ramble on aimlessly on the BMT Forum! Al
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    Watch "Moonfire" great trucks and great acting with an awesome storyline!
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    And here I thought this thread was all about Debra Winger in her younger days..........
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    Saw this back when it was a little warmer out.
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    Welcome, expect to find advice by the spoonful.......expertise, a healthy dash, but never disappointment.
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    Dunno why all the fuss n bother LOL cya §wishy
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    I am new to owning an old truck, but not to liking them. Ever since I was a kid, railroads and old trucks have been an avid interest. I look forward to many happy hours spent on this forum, learning about just what I got myself into! I recently bought a 1958 Mack B42X Dump Truck and a 1975 Diamond Reo tandem axle truck that was a former Garbage Packer from Hazleton, Pa.
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    From the album: eMack Photos

    I finally got around to painting the rest of the frame.
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    or..... when the company sends the mechanics on training courses ($$$) to increase their knowledge but not the supervisory management... I asked them for an hour to road test in a hilly area to prove my theory of why we were getting fuel problems on a Cummins ISL coasting downhill, they said "no way".. they told me to change the $6000 fuel pump, after all that work and money we still had the same problem.... then they allowed me the road test with a laptop and I changed the $150 fuel return line with a hose flapper in it... and they got the attaboy for fixing the issue... go figure..!!!! BC Mack
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    Nothing pops up for me. There is a banner ad that displays at the bottom of the pages.
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    It's just a guess Paul,I think you're on to something! (AGREED) Al
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    hard to tell in the pic Al cause Bartnicks had two B model wreckers almost identical. the one we have has the thicker boom and a 10 speed direct while the other had a 9 speed and a thinner boom. I think the second one had a bad demise I think the one in the pic is ours
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    Transport Engineer / January 2, 2018 Scottish haulier JL Wilkie & Co says its Volvo FH-540 tractor with I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission has “far exceeded” expectations, with “remarkable” fuel returns. The tractor was one of a pair of new arrivals and the first Volvo trucks to join the Dundee-based operator’s fleet. The other vehicle is an FH-500 with standard I-Shift transmission. Both are 6x2 pusher axle chassis with Globetrotter cabs, and were supplied by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre North & Scotland. Both are specified with Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels, Xenon headlights and Hyva tipping gear. The interiors also feature twin bunks, leather seats, fridge-freezers and microwave ovens. David Wilkie, operations manager at JL Wilkie & Co, says the I-Shift Dual Clutch is “the best gearbox I’ve ever used in a truck”. He adds: “Our operation sees trucks regularly go off-road on to farm access tracks, and the public roads to reach these locations are also challenging. That environment brings its own mpg challenges and includes a fair share of soft surfaces. I-Shift Dual Clutch never requires any manual intervention and it never gets stuck in the mud, as there’s no interruption to power delivery.” Using Dynafleet, Volvo’s fleet management system, Wilkie is monitoring fuel performance for both vehicles. The FH-540 I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission is delivering better figures than its standard I-Shift stablemate, although Wilkie expects returns from the latter to improve as the vehicle beds in. “But the current returns from I-Shift Dual Clutch are remarkable. That transmission is undoubtedly the future and it has to be specified with every new truck we order from now on.” Both trucks are supplied on a four-year contract hire with Volvo Gold Plus R&M contracts. .
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    While on the restaurant fire subject I went on many restaurant fires years ago, some owned by Marriott. In several cases the manager told us take what you fellows want, because we will be throwing everything out. We would fill the hose beds until they were overflowing =commissary was filled and good eating for weeks.
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    Sorry for the delay its just been madness at work. Passenger side near the front cover on the oil pan rail. Its a very light stamping so you will probly need to sand the paint down a bit. I have a video of the engine starting but I don't have a youtube account. After only a few spins of the air starter it came to life. The air starter must spin the motor over at 300 rpm! it is quite impressive actually.
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    Oh yeah it was quite the expensive clean up not to mention hundreds of gift certificates for free meals for everyone in the building.
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    Back in high school when I was working at a York Steak house, my buddy Tom decided he didn't want to work there any more. Middle of Friday night dinner rush, full dining room and line out the door he pulled the Ansul system and came out front singing Let It Snow. That sure was a lot of fire retardant powder, management was not amused.
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    Wouldn't even need to get off the couch if there was a fire, just reach over to the end table and shoot.
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    do you have a gelled up tank...?? solution... find some rags and drop on the ground, shower with diesel, set it alight, find a stick and drag pile of burning rags under your diesel tank... simple..!!... note, doesn't work too well with aluminum tanks. BC Mack
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    Here's a pic I found on Pinterest,Matt. Thought you might like the wreckers in the background. Al
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    Thanks for the info!!! We have 2 of them so I started the online process to get the replacements...
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    After my grandfather retired he always said he had no idea how he ever had time to goto work.
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    Single heads is right. Here is a KTTA in a superliner. From the factory it was a KTA.
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    It cant be that cold there the thermal indicators are not sticking out yet.
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    From the album: eMack Photos

    One original and two new crossmembers.
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    I remember paying less then 5.00 for an oil pan gasket on my old 220 cummins. I was in new mexico and ran into a team that was going my way i had the 350 cummins and i thought it ran real good they were running a kt450 i never saw that truck after we pulled out. A guy in the valley had a kt 600 i was told it ran away from most things on the road.
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    I made this picture on January 1 2014 in a couple of km from my home. Couldn't resist and made a bit of riding. The weather was about the same as these days. Not warm though, just 3-5 degrees above the freezing point.
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    Nice pic and nice superliner
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    Unfortunately they force the dealers to send techs to school then don’t allow them to use what they learned big bro watches over their shoulder!
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    I will agree with don we have 4 cf macks at yocum creek vol fire department and all but 1 have drum brakes and when it needs rotors I will convert it to drum brakes. its not that hard to do. go to a salvage yard and find a single axle mack and take everything off of the rear or if you have a few members who don't mind getting dirty take the whole rear end out from under it.
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    The pre-load is surprisingly high, 100+ ft-lb. I'll be doing mine in a few weeks so I can update this post. Don't forget to check the axle tube wear surface. https://www.flickr.com/photos/emack/albums/72157685006281336
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    I run and maintain a small fleet of 7 dumps, I only use stemco voyagers . Easy install and the turn inside its self design lasts longer than the traditional seal that rides on the spindle. But they do go for about $40 apiece . As far as torque , I've always cranked them down tight and backed them off, just like h67st said.
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