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    I Think the whole intent here and its Not just Volvo or MACK but BY ALL manufacturers IS to captivate AS MANY parts and intellectual Properties as possible. that way THEY GOTCHA ! Good for them their dealers and techs, Consumer NOT SO MUCH! Entrapment at its finest! This way they keep ya comin back to buy the dollar store sensors and cheap wiring and crap they install on the cheaply build Short term 5 year life cycle vehicles they build ! Terribly good for business not so much for the environment or your pocket book! My Rant for the last ten years
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    Sad story but good to see the courts use common sense in their judgment. As always I enjoy the KS news feed on bmt.
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    Sad story but fair judgement.Never take safety around a truck for granted.
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    A piece of heaven from 1987.
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    1979 mack R700 V8 866 375hp 12 speed with air low shift 44 camelback aluminum wheels $18,000 or make offer john 646-243-7455 looking for truck with V12
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    Beautiful. That is exactly what I plan to do. New wiring harness, looks original while modernizing it. I may even incorporate the old original fuse panel to appear stock original......make it so it will flip down and have the new fuse panel behind it. Open the glove box and you can see the old panel, behind it is the new one.
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    L Mack if you pull the volvo/mack out by those atrocious spot mirrors you would rip them off thereby improving the appearance of the truck😁 41, I saw an article recently which said only 3.6 percent of new drivers can operate a "manual" transmission! Which helps to explain your dilemma! Every boy and most of the girls in my high school class could drive a stick! Our Drivers Ed car was a 62 Chevy with a 2 speed auto( from Yenko Chevrolet) for you gearheads! And our instructor had us pull out on a hill while releasing the parking brake and pretending to let out an imaginary clutch! Since most big truck mechanics are required to have a CDL do they have a CDL limited to an automatic transmission? I dunno? Boy do I feel old😁! When we took drivers ed we were supposed to learn the basic mechanics of a cars operation! The instructor had me teach that part of the class!, like teaching advanced math to a stone! Lol
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    Interior turned out real good , the Princess and wife number 2 ( the Princess's friend who bosses the same and gives me no nookie LOL) did a real good job Did 900km today with only a few minor problems and all caused sort of by a bald clown that wears glasses 1 heading south of Prosipine it started bucketing down and flicked on my new wipers and bugger me the drivers side didn't work Turns some clown didn't line the clip up right in behind the centre of the dash , Miss Molly couldn't understand the problem as see could see fine out her side next problem some fool had the fuel tanks off the truck in recent times and after 500 km the truck went all quiet like because the said fool never turned both taps on between tanks The last problem was caused again by said fool he had just put me tyres brakes on the float (low bed , low loader , low boy ) and even though they were adjusted up right when he left home after a few 8 hours or so of driving they needed readjusting , but oh no the same said fool thought he would do it first thing in the morning when it's all nice and cool Never guess who rolled thru a red light in Rockhampton ?? Needless to say after this the brakes were adjusted as soon as some where safe was found armatures lol seeya Paul
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    Yepper. Cat and ih joint designed it. Or cat design and Navistar borrowed it. I can't remember which way it was. I know John Deere used cat injection designs too.
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    Donner pass....whew! It'd be pretty (historically) ironic if Elon breaks down and has to BBQ his poodle to survive.
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    Wouldn't Penthouse count as educational too?
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    Too late, the toll way shook me down for my wallet before I even got here.
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    Did they check the H ring height ? The hold and line up the roller lifter with the cam . If they have been damaged or moved due to past cam failures then the lifters won't last long.
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    I went to the Atlanta school on the common rail engine last year and not much was known on it at the time. I think we were the first or second class ever. Yep hollow cam and no more balancer on the end of it. A few tech bulletins in CBR on checking for leaks under the valve cover. I haven't read them but I wonder if the $10,000 smoke machine that Mack sent all the dealerships is used. The only thing I dont like about the common rail engine is that the AHI module is made into the fuel filter stand. Better change your air drier filters! I been to the Chicago school a few time back 10 years ago. We get the choice of going to Atlanta or Chicago for school but since we only go in the winter , we head south. Heard stories of twisted cams on the new engine but it was on test trucks in Europe and was fixed before they got over here.
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    To paraphrase " the demise of the internal combustion engine is greatly exaggerated". Same thing happening in the car end and right truck end of the auto industry where I am. Constant advances in the good old internal composition tech will keep them viable foe many years to come. However there are so many interest groups often funded by tax payer money trying to undermine it to make alternatives seem more viable future powertrain
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    Well it has been a little while since I have put other stuff up The truck is all pretty much finished ready to roll She passed rego not a problem I have meant to post some more stuff but havent had a chance to make a video so heres some short dribble Also been dicking around with the float and its back on the road I have lost a month or so with the weather of late so am a fare way behind at the moment and am about to head south to drop a lod and grab anoth trailer and dolly and head north to do a few loads south between now an Chrissy [ And some more with some gear chucked on the back ready to head south for a few days before heading back north seeya in a few weeks with any luck when Mrs Mack is hooked up to a road train for a month or so Paul
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    Diesel will still be here in 50 years. there are applications electric just will not be practical in. The method for doing the cams is a aero space process. The normal cams are forged and than machined / centerless ground. Volvo /MACK set up is a tube most likely molly based steel, the lobs are formed as a stick , machines and sliced off. The "swege" process is actually called Cryo-Fitting . The cam lobes are chilled in liquid nitrogen and placed in position on the tube.They will not move when they reach air temp. The assembly is than heat treated and final finished on lobes and bearing journals. Been used in Top Fuel engines for 3 to 4 years and they survive 9000 h.p. 97% nitro methane. The cams are lighter, have more torsional "give" and less rotating mass = less wear and spool up faster. Paul As for keeping the driver alert. . . .electro shock seats
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    Thing is a Gem! Nice find.
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    Not sure if n eye need glasses or not will keep try n these tests cya §wishy

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