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    These "things" are NOT human & don't deserve to be treated as Such.. Cover them in Molasses & stake them out on top of a Big Ants nest, & let the Ants eat them Alive I say...
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    Do unto them as they did to their victims. An eye for an eye. We all believe in the "rule of law". However, in cases of murder where there is indisputable proof, I would like to see the murderer(s) executed within 24 hours. It's just that simple, and it would largely solve the problem. Anyone who intentionally snuffs out the life of another human being has, inherently, by the actions of their own hands, lost their right to live. Drastic situations require drastic measures, and we've reached that point.
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    I don't golf but this could be a great use for a golf club.
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    The AC arrived yesterday! The rad is in my pickup & looks to be rebuilt, The hood & Gar Wood hoist are separate as well. With some heat in the crank case & a soaking with 50/50 ATF/Acetone the engine came free today & turns with compression. Next is to tackle the stuck clutch. It appears to never have had a starter but there is a boss on the driver's side of the engine that looks like a mount for one. Would there be any hope of finding a starter? As mentioned before the fenders are missing, as well as the rad cap, side light brackets & one front wheel is not Mack & has a questionable tire. All ID plates are gone as well. Jack
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    One bullet. I'd gladly volunteer to administer it. I'd feel no remorse. Think of how this affects the other babies life too. Forever changed
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    Figure i might as well post some pictures of the restoration of my 29 AC. I wish I had the talent of and time as some of the others on here, but I have entrusted the work to the qualified hands of Matt Pfahl. We will start with the tear down....
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    That picture was likely taken at the Mack Engineering Center with an engineer. I think technicians wore work uniforms. Don S. would likely know where the picture was taken and the guy in the picture. Back in the day, if you were an engineer you wore a white shirt with tie, dress slacks, and had a sport coat or suit coat handy for meetings. Too bad that is not the dress code at corporations anymore. Everything has to be "casual". When I was still working some people looked like they just got out of bed (or hadn't been there yet). And at the risk of offending females....females were usually the worst offenders. End of rant! BTW, nice pics!
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    All of these these articles are hard to read. I grew up not wanting kids. So I was never really exsposed to the joy/fun kids bring you. (Frustration too) I made it to 30 without a thought of having or wanting kids. Then unexpected things can happen. Lol, but the point of my story is after my son was born and I saw him for the first time I don't understand how you wounldnt want the best for them and teach them the things they need. Like life skills and how to be respectful a strong work ethic and a trade skill. I was at the airport the day before thanksgiving three years ago waiting for a flight, there was a family with two little girls just walking and talking. And I opened up some licorice and both of them came over to me and asked if they could have some. The parents looked horrified as there kids walked up to stranger and asked for candy. I asked them if it was ok and they said yes. It was one of the cutest things ever just the looks they gave me when they asked.. lol Anyway how could you want to inflict pain on the kind of innocence that kids have. it's beautiful that for a few years they can be ignorant that the world they are growing up in is in the toilet and only be worried about things like snacks and toys.
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    Here's some pics of Thunderdog's 1989 Superliner that I've working on repainting this summer and fall. A just have the hood left to finish now.
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    the Grill or should we say Holy Grail is complete...............
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    "CLICK"............"BOOM"..............PROBLEM SOLVED !
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    I got a period correct Mack brand (made for them by Heil) body from Gary Mahan. We are redoing the dump and tailgate hinges, The pump, Piston assembly, Linkages, and any of cast pieces on the body. As far a the rest of the box, we are going to replicate it exactly. It will be riveted together like the original. This is really the only way to get dent free, rot free box that doesn't look patched.
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    motor and transmission rebuild....
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    Hello, I am new to this forum & new to AC ownership. I just acquired what is thought to be a 1923 Mack with a Woods hoist. Where would I find the chassis no. & the engine no. once the truck is delivered? I think it is the 7 1/2 ton model. Is there someone who sells reproduction name plates, etc.? Please forgive my ignorance on Macks. I do have several other early trucks, some older than the Mack. Thank you for any information, Jack
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    The 1939 to 1942 J series Sterling is a fairly rare truck with a very ornate grille. I saw one years ago in California and the only one I have ever seen. Has or does anybody know of any in collections or have any photos other than this one in the photo I found. Truck Shop
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    I saw some big Mack trucks in Colfax, N.C. at the truck show. Hope I didn't post these before. I'll save the best for last-
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    Not mine but I thought it was kind of cool. Most likely someone in the 30's or 40's was trying to bring new life to an older powerless AC. The installation is seamless. It drives the oem squirrel cage fan on the rear of the motor and used the stock rear mounted radiator. This could have been an up fit done right at a Continental engine dealership. Notice the double coil and double spark plug wires. Very reminiscent of the double redundancy of a fire apparatus. The engine is a straight six.
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    Just happened to see this on Facebook.
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    Camping in style at Macungie!
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    They did a nice job polishing the air tank.
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    The only thing I can add to this thread is 2 working RD's . A 31 year old dump and a 32 year old plow . They are both as reliable as the day they came from Mack I would say the brochure is right . They are tough, durable and do a good job of keeping operating and maintenance cost down.
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    I like the 24 hour execution idea. saves a lot of tax payer money. these shitbags get treated better than the people on the outside world in prison. tv, internet, gangs, start getting rid of the bottom feeders. save taxpayer money, better world all around, less population of worthless paycheck collectors on the world who don't contribute anything . and by paycheck, I mean the government collected paycheck that use working people have to support.
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    All AC fire apparatus, that I'm aware of, were delivered with a starter and generator so that would be the place to look. The real problem is you have to change the flywheel to get the toothed ring gear.
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    I agree on the book, but with that much knowledge it would be like a set if encyclopedias.
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    Neither Do I , But What a Great Idea . I Was thinking along the lines that involves a pair of custom made 30' #2 Booster cables, An 8D Truck Battery & certain body parts . Make him think about what he done . I Hate people like this It makes my blood boil to say the least . I've said that before also. But I added to it . Take them to the river bottom in the summer time , close to the woods but still out in the field. That way the Sun Bakes them, but the Mosquitoes eat them alive in the evening , Take a track hoe or back hoe dig a hole, bury them up to their head, Pour their mouth full of Salt or Sand Preferably Salt , That way the mouth drys out , Gag the mouth , Pour Black Strap Molasses on top of their head , If the ants & fire ants eat em up , The rest of mother natures clean up crew will. I.E. the buzzards . & If The River Rises During a flash flood even better .
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    No harder than it is for use our Right hand... I'm pretty sure most of those Outback Truckers use Both hands is per Swishys' earlier Post... Please Don't Judge us by the antics on that Show...
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    Funny, but the only other one I've ever seen was only a few nights ago. George Raft and Bogart used one in "They Drive By Night".
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    jist like the TV antena pic Cya §wishy
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    In the same way a CEO/president "sets the tone" (atmosphere) at his company, I believe it is the government's job to lead society in a proper direction. We all know there's a massive behavior problem within US society, and yet our government never discusses it even though they are in the best position to address it. Today's America is not the country we grew up in. It is not the "benchmark for the world" that we were once proud of, and globally admired for.
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    With a waterfall of murders daily, noting it is simply unavoidable. And innocent children are so often the victims. "Cultural decay and declining standards of behavior in the United States"
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    Our state run nut house just fired twenty something workers and arrested five for abuse and sexual assault again the clients for years but they moved white line over for cyclist on all state roads $$$$$$$$ ? grind and repaint somebody got their pocket lined
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    Fortnately the good people of Tennessee are willing to execute this kind of scum following a conviction. I am amazed by the people who argue that a piece of human excrement like this can be rehabilitated. You would think the states that don't have the death penalty could find something better to do with the taxpayers money rather than feed, cloth, provide dental and medical for 30 or 40 years for homocide convicts.
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    This all goes back to when they took God out of schools. It has snowballed from there. No more morals.
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    Repo Swan Island Sheet metal, Portland OR FW
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    What is a Goose Island hood? terry
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    I will admit it cracked me up. Unprofessional yes but if that's the worst our boys do to blow off a little steam and make each other laugh I don't see the big deal.
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    He'll yea he should write a book or that mack information will be lost and some where sometime a new breed of mack fan would like that
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    Thanks for that Info KS..... You really do have a wealth of info and the news reports to back it up... I hope you have most of your Mack knowledge written down on paper some where. If not, please start! or better yet perhaps a book written by you? 30 years from now I can foresee us all looking back to old BMT threads for long lost info LOL
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    Years ago, Phil Baumgartner in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Made high quality reproductions of plates, model numbers, etc. Demand dropped off after awhile, and then he died. I am not aware of anyone making repro plates now. Occasionally, one will pop up on ebay or other places for sale. Phil was a true gentleman, and did this because he loved old trucks, especially Macks.
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    Welcome aboard. I guarantee that no matter what question you have about your AC someone on this site will have the answer for you. You will not find a more knowledgeable, and friendly, bunch of folks anywhere else. One of the best things about owning an antique Mack is the Mack still has all of the records of the trucks they made and sold. Once you get the chassis number you can send it to the Mack Museum, with a suitable donation, and they will send you a package of information about your truck including when it was built and where it went for delivery. The museum also keeps shop drawings of almost every part Mack used in all of their trucks, so if you need to re-create a part you can get the drawing from the museum. The museum is a non-profit and depends on donations to help keep it going. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/
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    More than likely spun a rod bearing. Personally I would go the exchange engine rout. You get an engine with a year warranty that has new/reman components in it. I would definitely replace the oil cooler and take a close look at the turbo and air compressor.
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