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    Some typical shop work, this Series 60 14L came out of a wreck and saw some rpm- bent all the valves. So it will get a new OEM cylinder head, cut and shim counter bores and install OEM pistons/liners. Reseal rear structure and change rear main seal, new air compressor plus new injector harness. Never a dull day in the shop. Truck Shop
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    What did I tell you Bob? Ford took the globally-proven and fire-free Transit and added the "Catch Fire" option for the North American market. From the UK to China, the Transit is trouble-free. But when they adapt it to the U.S. market, they gut it and create a nightmare.
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    Have to remove and repair the radiator from my E model type 75, any help on how to proceed would be helpful!
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    I never liked the design for the front cover/head/cam plate seal on the series 60. It seems like every one that rolls through the shop is at least damp in that area. I remember the days of doing engines on the ground and I dont miss it lol! I bought my first OTC revolver engine stand and loved it so much I bought a second one. The amount of time you save in handling is immense.
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    International 7000-MV 9-Man Cab - Mine and Counter-Mine Engineering Operations specification. .
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    you could buy the V8 Maxidyne 325 hp with a 5 speed and a lot of those had 4 speed spicer box behind those for heavy haulage and road train work I guess some Aussies had a chub a thon with quad box and this was similar I have been told and have seen 375 V8's with a quad box on road train work and seem to hold up ok not that has anything to do with the question As another side note I dont think there was any stock standard run of the mill Macks KW Peterbilt Autocar or whites ever sold out here as they were all and still are pretty much custom made for customer Paul
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    There were 2 different versions of 2 stick "5 speeds" The early version had Reverse and 1-5 on the main. the Hi / low was on the aux stick. this was a over drive transmission. The later and more popular was the 2 stick 6 speed direct. it had 1-5 on the main and Low/direct/Reverse on the aux (compound)stick. both of these boxes had a married aux box bolted to them.
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    I feel another strong argument for "real" motors in fire apparatus is brake HP. We have three midsize engines ie: 8.3, ISL9, and that god forsaken KME Maxxforce thing. Being completely unimpressed with any of their ability to hold back, especially at low RPM, we now are buying larger displacement motors with real Jacobs compression brakes. We have been running the DD13 @ 515hp in our #42,000 engine flawlessly for a little over a year. It stops consistently without using the brakes. We will take delivery of our 2nd DD13 in a couple months. I agree FWD lots of smoke and mirrors, but honestly, no one out there currently is even in the same ballpark as the big "P". Our rig is designed by us top to bottom. Even when their engineers said "why" we answered "it's what WE need to operate"!!!
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    It is; they call it computer security. No. 2 son does it for a living and the company he works for sends him to the hacking conferences. And yes there actually are conferences for hackers with the biggest being in Las Vegas. For every ying there is a yang. He makes very good money thanks to having hackers.
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    KS: Don't forget we are waiting for your book on Mack. May be you and John could collude. Vlad I hope things keep getting better and better in your homeland. The left in our country is trying to do the same thing in our country that the Bolshevics did in yours in 1917. Instead of using guns and bullets they are using corrupt anti American politicians. (Socialists, Democrats, Progressives , Communists and Rhinos. Instead of bullets they use corrupt laws to strip us of freedoms. Hopefully Trump can pull the plug on the swamp.
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    ..."safe work zones" for criminals? A month ago, a church in Nashville. Today, one in Texas and another outside a church in California. Between churches, schools, malls, and movie theaters, you'd think at SOME point common sense would win the day and we'd do away with the "gun free" zones. Criminals do not obey the law, and we see the result when good people are unable to defend against .
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    Just assumed ! It has to be some communist plot! Lashing out at the capitalist's and there ICONS ! Got To blame someone! maybe even the Korean influence! Has to be politically motivated Kev the comment was intended as a joke ! However I am in agreement with this comment if hackers would only put half the effort into finding a job that they do into making other peoples life hard, i bet they would find it is much easier being honest!!! GET A REAL JOB!
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    21st century vandalism. Its too much trouble to do something creative like putting a cow on the second floor of the high school.
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    Saw this working in the city today.
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    No pictures this time. Kid hurt his knee at his last football game and is walking with crutches. Getting in the truck was a little hard for him so we didn't stop anywhere. We did see some interesting local history though.
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    On my mind it was a very GOOD and RIGHT way of doing a business. Not a great trouble for a big company to pay attention to a kid who has his senserely interest to the subject and present him with some bits of promotional goods. Good chances are a kid will grow up and become a customer. A customer with lagre sympathy to the company and its products. If we look from rough financial point of view such actions take time of employes and both expences for presents themself and postage. But two things seems to me paying back. The 1st is growing customers for the future. It means you're going to work for a long time. And the 2nd. Some money loss may accure, it's true. But doing job such way you do it with pride and honest. So is money the only reason to do work? Many people just don't keep in mind they also spend their life at the same time. Which way? Unfortunately here in Russia such things are way out of line almost everywhere. The main reason I see is impossibility to work for a while. The situation changes all the time. Lows are changed etc. And as long as the powers see anybody strats working good and doing better it's a command to take as much from his entertainment as possible. Or just everything, no matter the deal collapses. Born and grown in Soviet Union I well remember being told from everywhere around that Soviet country was the most justyfull and carefull to its people who live absolutely happy. And the capitalist world with America at the leadership makes people low of their life and"beat crap out of them". I was not a fool to trust in that watching Western movies and seeing goods produced in the US, Germany or Japan. But now when I read stories like these above I just feel a shame for my country of those days finding out the capitalist world was much wellfull to his nations then the best justy Soviets were.
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    Great job. Love the hill with the curve.
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    DailyDiesel with some great video,once again! Al
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    You guys are comparing apples to oranges when you compare China's passenger rail to that of the US. First off, you forget that in America, liability and safety practices greatly limit efficiency and productivity. Lets not forget the wreck in 2011, where Chinese officials tried to literally cover up the wreck. Pieces of the wreck were buried on site. Can you imagine if we still did that today? I know that is how things used to get done in America, but not anymore. Today there are a line of Lawyers surrounding the accident site. When China wants to build a new line, they just do it; they don't care whats in the way or what it costs. New Jersey transit has been trying to expand a line by only a few miles by my mom's house. They've been fighting to reinstate a section of track that operated in the seventies. The fight has been going on almost as long as I have been on earth. They finally got approval, started clearing the trees, and dumping stone. They even started laying concrete ties and new rail, only to be stopped again by people who are complaining about the death trains running through their backyards. For the past number of years the line acts as a highway for dirt bikes and quads. My brother is an engineer between Washington and New York. At the end of the day, American passenger rail is capable of higher speeds, and tighter scheduling, but God forbid there is a wreck of some sort. Amtrak has been dumbed down, and they wouldn't know what a real passenger train experience is. US railroads are spending billions of dollars in signaling systems to try and prevent wrecks. When half the problem can be attributed to guys who are a poor excuse for railroad employees. Its just like trucking, they design the new stuff so any idiot can run it, and that's exactly what you get. The day when a railroader took pride in his job, is gone. I can go on and on, but for what ever reason, that's the way it is.
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    As far as acceleration and hill climbing go, even this derated 6.7 PowerStroke will have better than 20 HP/Ton in a 2 axle truck. Top speed will probably have to be governed down to the tire's ratings. Sure, they could put a 15 liter 600 HP engine in there, but it'll handle worse due to the couple thousand pounds additional weight and cost $20,000 more to boot!
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    He didn’t say how much he had them sold for. Might of been $15. a bushel; legal or not it wasn’t legal for truck to get stolen; might of been putting them in a bin on the farm & not getting on hwy. hope they catch them & charge them like it’s 10,000 bushels
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    We could make money with an Allah Snack bar too
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    Ashland, NH Fire Department used to run this 1970s Mack "R"/Continental as Engine 2M3. bulldogboy
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