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    Thought you all might like to know that Greg took the Working Class Truck award at the Endless Mountains Antique Truck Show this weekend. The 1985 MH 613 looks great. Hard to believe that it's 32 years old.
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    Finally got all the colors on over the weekend. Still have some buffing and polishing to do but pretty much done with the painting. Good thing I filled up the one tank compartment with compound and polish beforehand! 😉 The orange looks brighter in the pictures I noticed.
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    Got my truck back from paint today. It was my first time using this shop and I'm very pleased with the results. Some of you may remember but I saved this truck from the scrap yard. It's a long process but it's coming together nice. Tomorrow I have a smoke test then I'm going to pull the tanks and have them painted to match the cab. The paint is all metal flake with a lot of pearl. I'll have more pictures tomorrow but here are a few teasers.
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    A friend of mine bought (and has since sold) one of the R models Kreitz had. Doug Maney found it for him. Very straight and original before he put a new dress on it. Al
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    Plastic wheels aside the rest of it looks great.
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    hello folks, got what i need from air brake in moosic, pa. that's really the name of the shop....air brake. they had them for me in 2 days. euclid brand. thanks, to everyone for the help.
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    From what I read I reasoned I should go off Carbon. Ain't gone yet.
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    I really enjoy wearing the Whites 10" smoke jumpers. They are expensive but I get 4-6 years out of them before I get them rebuilt. Most comfortable boot in my opinion. I have very flat feet and roll my ankles really easily. If I'm wearing my whites I don't have to worry about rolling an ankle, and they're made in Spokane Washington USA.
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    Christmas came early and you got an Erector Set!
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    My father planned to fix this old truck up but never quite found the time. Now he needs to get rid of it and doesn't want it to end up in the scrap yard. Is this truck worth saving? Or would someone buy it for the parts? I'm getting an estimate from the scrap folks and won't be able to accept less than that. It would sure make an old man happy if someone bought it and fixed it up and then sent him a picture when they were done. Or maybe just a picture of a truck its parts ended up in. The truck is located in Inkster, Michigan. And yes, that is a tree that grew up through the middle of it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    String? String? WE don't need no stink'n string.............
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    Looks like you are about ready for the "countdown".
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    Holey Shnikeys............... That's looking AWESOME!
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    Way to go Greg. Not all show trucks have a red oval on them. Al
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    yup took a trip to Weare yesterday to check on some stuff and got passed by the cement mixer on a lowboy being pulled by a blue tandem axle B model haulin ass and blowin smoke....
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    I grew up going to work with my dad in an old yellow Kenworth with my two brothers. It was pretty squashy in there with 4 people, but we would go all over Australia during the school holidays. It had an 8v92 in it and I'd get headaches cause it was so loud.
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    I agree,rather see "real" Budds or Daytons!
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    From the album: Tdbach

    All went well with about 19,000 pounds.. off to Drake Threshing show this weekend! I love this old Mack Truck
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    I like it too. Just can't liking or smallbulldoging.
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    Once a conteiner shipped from NJ got its way through the Panama pass to Pacific aiming to Vladivostok. Then was customed and continued travelling by railroad through whole Russia to Moscow. I had a R-model grill in that load. During the while I made a trip to the States, bought another similar grill and made it home. So now I have them two. Just hope the locker will arrive sooner than the Toyota gets it's next airbag swap.
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    I made them bag blasts using 5 meter wires. Placed on the ground. Had the bag jumping 1 meter off the ground and lotta smoke and noise. Don't touch the carcass with your fingers right after the event. Used to be toooo hot.
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    i really like the picture of ole Gus earning his keep with the loaded trailer hooked up.
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    Well I guess my comment was based on what he has v/s what he will have to change ! fuel lines the power tower ect ! Just curious what makes the rob bosch Hands down better than Ambac Brutus ? I realize obviously parts is one issue ! again just curious !
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    Not a fan of the "trash can lids" myself. To each his own,I guess. Just not on mine! Al
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    Snake was a normal food in S.E. Asia when I was there.along with snake bile in vodka. We kept them in the garden and barn for pest control.
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    They can do what they want, they don't bother me for the most part, but when it comes into the front yard and tries to eat my new little friend- well, eff em!
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    Guy, Mack END510 and END672 were also Lanova's. They had Lanova pre-chamber design. Just different engines than ED installed in NR models. A kind of next generation. Cool pics of those L's. Thanks for posting.
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    Saw this Metra R model the other day. A little rough but still earning.
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    sure looks like it.....out here alotta macks were cummins power especially 50s...bob
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    Thanks Paul. This is the emblem that I believe is on the hood side panel.
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    If Daryl Gushee was buying many should be safe. I was at the Kemp auction a few years ago where he was going after just about anything with a snowplow. I haven't made it up to Maine to see his collection yet but I've heard that it is amazing!
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    2 of his trucks got stolen.. Right thu the gate in Hackensack yd.. Trucks never found.. 2 years later he's on vacation in Dominican Republic.. He's lookin at a construction job goin on and wat does he see??? Haha he says you can still see the name on the door!!
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