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    Here’s the story. I have recently acquired this Mack B615S 1222. It was purchased from my Dad's company. They ordered it new from Mack. So technically I am the second owner. The company did heavy hauling, crane work, millwrighting, ect. This truck was used to pull a 200-ton capacity trailer. (that is not a typo 200 tons! ) The truck has some neat features I do not see often. First is the extra set of dual wheels that bolt on to the back of the truck. They are not driven but do have brakes. I do not use them b/c of the trailer I am using. The best part of the truck is the winch mounted on the back of the truck. It is perfect to get the steamer on the trailer when it is cold. I contacted Mack Historical and on the build sheet it is noted to have a winch put on it. (something about how the exhaust was run). The engine is the original V8 END-864 with the 7220 Quadruplex trans. The amazing part 32K miles. The truck was keep indoors, well serviced and in excellent survivor condition. As for my intentions…. Before my Dad retired and sold the business, I got my CDL. I am not a truck driver but obviously am very comfortable using heavy equipment. I did a few hours of training and passed the test on a modern 10 speed. I tagged the truck Antique, permanent Pa. trailer tags and will haul my 1918 Case 10 Ton Roller around to a few shows a year. I am learning how to service the truck. I first started with an oil change. Had all the part #s from Mack. Had a Mack service station up the road, not any filters available, fuel, oil, or coolant. I guess that is why the Historical Museum puts all those contacts in the back of the book. So I got one at Napa. My first question #1 I used 7 gallons Rotella T4 15w-40 is that OK? The book calls 20w-40 or 10w-30 at 30 deg and above. I am also curious about the exhaust brake. I see it is a valve on the pipe and It is air actuated. #2 Do I turn it on at the top of the hill then turn it off at the bottom? It does not automatically disengage when I press the accelerator. It also does not seem to do much. At 25 tons combined I really don’t need it. I do not want to stress the exhaust valves/springs. #3 don’t use it at all? As for the engine. As I am finding out not one of Mack’s best. Before I got the truck I heard that they use to break the cranks, then they would drop a gas engine in the trucks. Now that I have spent hours researching the truck I am even more nervous. That being said, this is what I got. The biggest tip I see is not to lug them. #4 is that lug them below operating 1700RPM ? The range is 1700-2300 as per the tag in the cab. I have been trying to keep it between 1900-2300. #5 Any other tips? The Quadruplex!!!! Holyshit…. To my credit I did not have anyone to show me how to use it. I learned from Twin Stick Pappy on Youtube. I am not as good as Pappy but my skills are improving. Certainly, makes you learn patients when shifting. The downshift from 4th lo to 3rd high or 3rd lo to 2nd high is kicking my butt. I have found that downshifting a bit early, without overrevving, helps. I am sure the comments will be “more practice” and “match the road speed”. But I will throw it out anyway #5 any other tips? Quick story about the trailer. I picked it up and the lights did not work. Went thru and cleaned the grounds and plugs (3 on that trailer) No lights. Pulled the light, power to light. Tested light, it worked. Retested trailer with volt meter -12V…. shit pos. ground truck ….. polarity sensitive led lights on the trailer NO BUENO…. So for $60 I put incandescing lights back on the trailer. My last question, for now, is about the Dry-Slippery air switch on the dash. #6 Does it limit the front brakes or does it engage the second drive unit. I’m confused. So that has been my journey so far with the truck. Sorry for it being so long but I am new to this and have a lot to learn. Every time I get out of the truck I pull my earplugs and say “that’s a man’s truck!” Hot, loud, smells like oil, I love it. I am a young man and will own this truck for a long time, but I believe we are caretakers of this equipment for the next generation to enjoy. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Does anyone know the story on this one? I told my wife if I had this I would never need Viagra, she didn't seem to understand.
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    They always prefer the furniture
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    Boy, The summer is flying by and we are getting ready for car and truck shows and threshing shows here in ND! Robert and I have started a tradition...we drive our regular vehicles to work Monday through Friday, and on the weekends, it is classic vehicles or tractors only! There is something great about getting up early on a Saturday and Sunday morning, the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and my a**hole of a Rooster is crowing away...and you open the garage door...There she sits...waiting patiently to roll on out to breakfast with the family at the Four Seasons Diner. The doors squeak as you open them using 71 year-old door parts...pump the brakes three times (Vacuum Brake Booster), and push the floor start...the hum and whistle of a little diesel motor. As we roll on to breakfast, people wave and give the thumbs up, and many are patient as we reach her top speed of 45mph...some are not so patient (younger generations), but give them time in life and they will learn to slow down. Sunday morning the 1960 Chevy comes out for breakfast, and for Church on Saturday night we take his grandpa's 48 Chevy car. The old Mack is getting ready for her first gooseneck hauling trip on September 9th (Drake Threshing Show), where the old truck is going to haul my 1928 Twin Cities 17-28 tractor, and our FFA Restored 1939 Allis Chalmers B, with 1 Row Cultivator and possibly a little 1948 Case SC (That I just finished for a Vietnam Veteran). This is my favorite time of year and I cannot wait to get rolling! Here's to a great start to fall! Ms. Tracy D. Many have asked me to start my business of tractor and old truck painting, so it is in the early stages of development, but here is the link: truckingwithtracy.com
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    If you can bring one LVX to a show, might as well bring two LVX.
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    here is some KW with 12V71 on heavy haulage in Vic when building Loy Yang power station Paul
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    Ah Big Kenny, this might be the most popular Kenworth on Youtube. Conservative estimates place the load of the crusher at around 140K, the truck is about 24K. After recently speaking with the man who was in the cab I can assure the Deere was there for moral support only.
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    I may have posted this before but those short stacks really make that Detroit sing loud.
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    Wife says our dog is spoiled. I mean just because I cooked her 2 eggs over medium and slice of ham for breakfast, I don't see how that makes her spoiled. Here taking a hard-earned nap after patrolling the back yard all day...
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    Came across this video this morning of a Detroit singing. I love the sound of those old two strokes. Fwd eat your heart out 😄
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    Here's one I just finished tuning.... that symphony is 3500rpm.
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    Incorrect. When it seizes and shits the bed, it sounds 8 cylinders more glorious!!!
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    Had to give Chris Christie a foot rub. That is funny.
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    all the factory gauges function, oil pressure and rpms are not currently accurate. oil psi is a easy fix, i broke the jag sensor removing it so i used a chevy sensor and the resistance values are different still indicates weather or not you have oil psi but its not accurate, tach is calibrated for a 6cyl rather than a v8 still need to figure that out. for now i just have to roughly calculate the real rpms from the reading. good enough for reference but its not right. here is a video of it driving on one of my first test drives it was running pig rich at the time and timing was set super conservative should really shoot basically the same video now for comparison.
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    Ok just saw another cool 12v71 video and knew I had to share it for FWD's sake.
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    Had to fire up my secret decoder ring. hoolamore... haul more.... Hallamore.
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    Saw a dump body upside down and and facing backwards on the parkway going through Pittsburgh,hit an overpass, tore it completely off! I used to drive an early 60s F950 Ford tandem dump when we were building Margate Florida, a worn out strictly job site truck.We were all going back to our "staging area" and the guy behind me was honking the horn and flashing his lights! My dump body had started to go up!😁 the pto and dump levers were so worn they were flopping around! Obviously I hadn't disengaged the pto! Glad I was empty! Every day you had to put a gallon of hydraulic fluid in the hoist! Was a 5 &3, the auxiliary box would lock up if you tried to split the gears! You had to pry it out of gear with a bar! The rear axles would move left to right 3"! The only good part of the truck was the 534 engine! Didn't really need the auxiliary! Every day you got a different truck! The B model and the two new little Ford 6yard dumps were the only street legal trucks in the fleet!
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    Saw this Superliner running around the south side of Chicago the other day. Pretty solid looking truck.
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    thats me getting in the quarry
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    Been flat out like a lizard drinking but here we go some more stuff to put you all in a deep sleep seeya Paul
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    Well I have been selective about what topics I checked in on last couple of weeks as I've been caught up in annual ag fair that makes for some very long days. In a nutshell, what was the straw that broke the camels back here? I have to say TG did have some good insights into a lot of issues.
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    From the album: 1961H67

    I added Power Steering about 2 years ago ,, Had to make Mount ( Used part of frame from a S Series IHC ) It's sweet to drive
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    Yea he was kinda a jerk once someone located the truck for him
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    From the album: 1961H67

    Superliner Logging
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    If you cannot see that what you said in that "Letter to the Editor" was wrong; let alone why it was wrong.....well sir.......You have greater problems than me, I won't hold my breath for that apology. As for who I am? I don't know how much more you need- you have my given name. My interest? I am upset that a fine organization had some mud tossed upon it's good name. Like you are passionate about that truck, I am passionate about the organization that you spoke ill of. Many of the folks on here know me personally and know of my passion for the History and Heritage of Mack Trucks. I shall speak no more of this topic. I can only hope that you come to realize the error of your ways. Have a pleasant day!
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