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    Quit using the snap-traps when I found a bunny caught up in it...made me kinda sad, 'cuz I'd rather leave them to the dogs to take care of. Anyway, put a live trap in the garage and after a few weeks found this little guy caught up in it. Loaded some #4 shot in the Governor, took it out back, and since it just didn't seem very sporting to shoot him while he was caged up, I opened the trap door... ...and he took off like his life depended on it. 'Cuz it did. He made it about 12' before I realized he was making a break for it and got him. 1 shot, 1 kill. RIP Mr Rat. Let that be a warning to your friends to stay out of my garage!
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    It was a tough time in my life, but things happen for a reason. I am happy now with my cabover Superliner.
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    I haven't seen much lately...well, I have seen lots of girls in a lot of cars. And this big Mack truck- I took this load of steel to Columbia, S.C. I got so hot untarping the next morning I thought I was going to melt! Saw these units on 321 south of Columbia when I was going to the post getting place in Earhardt. Got so hot down there I thought I was going to melt, while I was being eaten alive by gnats and mosquitoes. I pulled into the little bit of shade under this pecan tree to strap the posts down. Reminds me of when you see 85 cows in the field trying to squeeze into the shade of one cedar tree.
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    McCain is a Obama bum calling himself a republican, don't like the man or his politics.
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    Old GMC bus in Madison Heights. A big Mack truck. Log skidder dragging some trees up to the loader in a big cloud of dust.
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    While u're there Get the seller to write on a bit of paper wot he would sell the item for U write on bit of paper wot u'd like to pay for item see the figures together add m up n divide by 2 there ........... dun Rafferty Rules LOL next problem cya §wishy
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    Some pics of the LM.
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    Here is one I used to own. RW721LST #1364 Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    I saw what looked like a newly restored Mack R model pulling a flatbed on tarentum bridge road in New Kensington last week. Good job whom ever it was nice to see!
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    I don't know if this is the proper place for this post but with a heavy heart my family and I just lost a husband, father, grandfather, boss and great friend. His obituary only sums up only a fraction of what he has accomplished in his life and the many of people he has touched and helped through the years . Not only has he created his own successful business for the past 58 years but helped many others ,friends and family start their own business. Dad I love you and you will always be in our hearts !
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    For my 666th post some more from Des Moines
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    Themes from westerns were some of the best, I had these on a flash drive when I would travel on my Goldwing. Truck Shop
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    So a young white woman getting married next month is gunned down by black cop, body cam was off, cruiser cam was off, and no one knows what happened, the now dead woman is the one that called 911 to report a possible crime and ends up dead, if this was to happen to a BLM supporter then riots and mayhem would erupt but instead it happened to a white woman, no outrage, no marches or riots, instead people will wait for the justice system to do it's job, that is what civilized people do, now that does not mean that BLM supporters are animals and uncivilized but ???? any way we now wait for the MN. State Police to do their investigation of the Black Minneapolis police officers actions. and no word from Al Sharpton or any of the bunch that scream when the police screw up, I guess that what happens when it's a dead white person.
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    Thanks. So in theory if I'm careful and stick a plastic scraper down by the outside of the glass I "may" be able to change them.
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    I respect John McCain too, but that was then. This is now, he needs to go now.
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    Thanks Truck Shop. I love spaghetti westerns . When I hear that music, I see a horse and rider in the distance, slowly getting closer with a dust trail behind them. It got me thinking I could do the same with an old bulldog and a worn out driver that doesn't look anything like Clint Eastwood. Here is my version with the music from Good, Bad and Ugly . Thanks again for the thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxbR5ArrUa0
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    We paid for his funeral too I'm sure! On the subject of John McCain, yes, he probably should have retired a long time ago. But his political views aside, anyone who spent five and a half years in the Hanoi Hilton when his "family influence" could have brought him home early has my respect!
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    Plate with welded bolts
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    I know it is really getting off subject but I might have my KB 10 lettered up like this.
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    hmmmmph...out of likes already.
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    Oops! Nice scraper machine- Big peach. Peach trees- Big Mack truck. I saw a chain link fence. Three Mile Island power plant in the distance.
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    The windshields on the two trucks are completely different.......the one on the restored truck looks factory and is more integrated.
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    I've replaced tons of engine harness's because of oil contamination, rarely have I seen a eecu go bad because of oil contamination. Not saying it doesn't happen, just rare. The coolant contamination on your '05 Granite probably caused the eecu pins to corrode-different issue. When we replace engine harness's we also replace both oil pressure and piston cooler oil pressure sensors and the oil level/temp sensor. Also, we install jumper harness's on the above sensors as a precaution-in case one of the sensors fail and leak oil. The jumper harness will prevent oil from leeching into the main harness. The truck is 5-6 years old depending on the delivery date. Even with an extended warranty I think you would be out of luck. There are a few issues with the mack/volvo engines but I don't care what you buy, every manufacturer has their problems.
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    Swishy. There is a place in nsw that has a big banana bending plant. It's near walcha, I think it's name is Bendemeer.
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    McCain should have been gone a long time ago - as a senator
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    Happy late birthday. Bobby j.
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    Paul mate, all those picts seem like a deep hole to get out from a lot of work. I suppose you are skilled enough for all that to go through but being you I'd think on ability widening the time frame. Since it might appear to be needed. Good luck on the project and too wish you a smooth track along that life turn.
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    Then they re getting paid exactly what they are worth. Especially because they have their own special health insurance plan, they are pretty much exempt from insider trading rules, and they can vote money for new highways next to property they own (as did low-life Dennis Hastert.) They have a job where many show up but do absolutely nothing. Come into office as a person of modest means and leave a rich man.
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    I am restoring this LM and it came from the factory with the big HS 1091
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    There were larger Mack Jr's than the pickup. All were based on models of Reo trucks.
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    If transgender is such a non-issue, and such a small percentage of the population, then why does the liberal left media make it a daily news story?!? We shouldn't even be paying attention to it.
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    Yep the world sure is backwards. I want to keep the money I earn and that makes me greedy, but person who doesn't want to work wants the money you earned somehow isn't greedy. Welfare was never meant to be a career option.
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    This is an oldie but goodie from around me: http://www.thepostnewspapers.com/southern_medina/columns/destination-lodi-a-historical-journey/article_7513f6bb-2d7e-5fca-9921-f98d49655178.html
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    great looking LT with the east coast pin stripping. I was old enough to remember when the LT was introduced making an L J cab into the best looking truck ever made. The LT was the most popular truck where I grew up in the mountains of Ca. in the early 50's. I didn't have the clout at 12 years old to save the family 50 LT. This truck with the levered hood is the second one I have ever seen, and the other one had a louvered hood and Hall-Scott power also. While the Hall-Scott was the big power of the day, the1091 cub engine was called the Model 400 and [produced 318 hp on propane and about 330 on gas. There was a 370 H.P. model produced in later years with dual carburetor's. While they were the big power of the day with advanced engineering such as dual overhead cam shafts they couldn't pass up a gas pump. I drove a West coaster International with Hall-Scott power one winter hauling wheat from the Sacramento area to the San Francisco bay area a 140 mile round trip and it used 75 gallons of Butane per trip--1.87 mpg with a 100 foot high summit to cross.
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    Haha, well if your good for nothing else at least your good for a laugh. I have a lot of respect for 41Chevy, and find his knowledge and experience very helpful and he is always willing to share both. His opinions, whilst different to mine sometimes, are respected because he has experienced a lot and has good reasons for them. If you open your mind, you too could learn from this site. And a healthy debate is fine, but calling him a drunk (which is what you implied) is just plain silly.
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    Nice to see 1 or both of 2 people removed most all my posts. Third thread this has happened too. Seems when she attacks you and the other protects her from you defending yourself. Maybe I should race bait and name call and play the poor retired woman. The 2 of you, (one of who I went to bat for with Barry when there was a posting issues) are crap now in my book. Now when you read this either of you or both can feel free to dump this post too.
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    Billy, my thought is, the "Odds and Ends" thread is designated "for non-truck related topics", including current events. (The "VIP Lounge" is also broad topic) BMT's general guidelines on posts are, no name-calling, personal insults or threats. And no profanity or vulgarity. Some of the posts can be high spirited at times, but in general BMT members are a high caliber group of people that contribute to the website being unparalleled in nature. We all need to remember that everyone has a right to their own opinion. And there's absolutely no point to getting high blood pressure over another person's thoughts (opinions). If you disagree with another person's opinion, ignore it and move on. A few things in life are still so simple and effortless. Some healthy discussions on current events and other in the "Odds and Ends" thread isn't a bad thing, if members express themselves reasonably. There are a lot of very intelligent people here that bring some legitimate viewpoints to the table. Even though opinions may conflict with each other at times, it doesn't mean they're without merit.
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    Billy T, replied to Billy T! So after I got done being pi$$ed off I'm thinking dummy! If you had known about affirmative action you could have pretended to have been an Aleutian islander!,learn some facts etc they wouldn't have checked in those days! So having missed my ideal job I see a job hauling US mail for a contractor and I go to another counselor (a very pleasant professional young black lady) and she gets me an interview with the mail carrier, my road test is a one mile run in a 9670 "cornbinder" bobtail and I'm hired on the spot! ( shoulda known right!) So I make a couple regional runs on one the runs the air compressor literally falls off the engine right in front of the old Lawn plaza on the PA tpke and the brakes lock up! I managed to get it off the road when I see the air pressure dropping! On another run I'm dropping gears at the Indiana pa get off ramp off 119 and I see the drive shaft spinning thru the air in a slow arc and figured it would be a good time to get off on the shoulder! On my last run the supervisor calls me and says he has three tractors available, all 9670s one has a gear missing (10 speed 250 Cummins!) One has a bad alternator (mid winter at night)! And the third a tag axle, has one set of working brakes (on the tag) ! "Which one do you want?!" "I don't want any of them I reply!" "Do you want your job"! So I take the one with brakes on the tag! On my way to Philadelphia that night I passed three of their tractors broken down on the shoulder! It's snowing pretty hard and a motorist pulls right in front of me off the shoulder! I hit him ,not hard but his trunk won't close! So we tie his trunk shut and the trooper takes the report and I deliver in Philadelphia. The next morning I take a loaded trailer back to Pittsburgh and go home.when I go to pick up my pay the s.o.b.s are fixing the brakes on my tractor! I get my check and they fire me!😁 I go back to the Employment office and the same lady that got me the interview signs me up for unemployment! " no willful misconduct" was the verdict! All of this because I wasn't an Aleutian islander! So I decided I'd had enough trucking for awhile,and went to welding school on the GI Bill! I was of course at the time unaware I had diesel fuel in my veins !
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    Behind every individual is a unique story. Stereotyping is, in theory, wrong. But having said that, there is a lot of truth to David's thoughts. He calls a spade a spade (he's a straight talker), which I like and respect (why waste time beating around the bush).
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    I wish in all the comments above someone had said something about how sad it was that a life was lost, rather everyone is only using this incident to bolster their positions just like some Reverends would have if she was black.May her family find comfort.
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    you will not see any of the loud mouths mention this because there is nothing in it for jus-fo-me jakson, or all-fo-me shapton. if there is nothing in it for them, it never happened.
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    When the truck was taken from our chapter, the only explanation we got was that "under the bye laws no local chapter can retain ownership of a donated vehicle" even though the intent of the family was that the truck remain local. After they took the truck, the chapter stopped its affiliation with the ATHS and reformed under the ATCA. I don't think there are any ATHS around here anymore after the Wellington truck theft in my opinion.
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    Moving forward, Set the shutters up for cable operation, put a vacuum pump on the a/c, it held vacuum for 24 hours so I guess I can charge the system now. Got the radiator shell and hood on today and I need to do some adjustin'. Nice to get in drivers seat and finally see a buldog's ass out in front of me.
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