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    On the flatlands of the midwest the 285 and 300 Maxidynes would run with the Cummins and Cat 350s and even 400s at times. The secret... Mack quoted net power at the wheels, and the powerband was an incredible 1200 to 2100 RPM. While everybody else was shifting gears, you just kept your foot in it and went over the hill! Back when I was tabulating the results of the Truck magazine road tests I noted one anomaly- Engines with broad powerbands like the Maxidyne did better than their HP ratings suggested, and engines with narrow powerbands like the Volvo F7's did worse than expected. And again, Mack's honest ratings helped too- For example, the last six cylinder Mack Maxidyne was rated for 370 HP, but that rating was at 2100 RPM governed speed, at peak power at around 1700 RPM it actually put out 405 HP. Volvo's replacement, the MP7, has a 405 HP rating, but actually puts out no more power than that 370 HP Mack engine it replaced. And while the highest Mack HP rating we saw in North America was only 500 HP from the E9 V-8, given Mack's more honest rating I suspect that engine would give Volvo's MP10 a run for it's money, and the higher HP E9s offered in Australia and in the Renault Premier would probably embarrass the 605 HP MP10.
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    Pic at Sundown Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
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    Went and did the first two parades of the season today St. Patricks day in Dundee IL and Saint Charles IL surprised by the crowds since I don't think it got up to 30 degrees today.
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    Well in Minnesota Blue Cross bailed out of the state. They'll do big groups but not individual. Now we have a $20,000 deductible. Thanks Obama! I guess I should get a government job and let the rest of you pay the bill.
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    Damn and I thought it was the democrats that were always right just ask them they will tell you that especially months after the presidential election they are still crying about losing.
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    I'm paid by the load so I'm doing 60 in a 55 and 70 on the big road. I'm pretty easy going but if you see a truck coming up on you in the left lane stay in the right unless your doing the speed limit.
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    Saying out loud what most of us know, a 1970's air-to-air 285 horsepower 300-Series Maxidyne, with the hood-located reverse air scoop, will walk away from today's alleged 400-425 horsepower tractors. It's massive "whistling" power is at your command.
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    To me it's a matter of choice. If you want to haul big loads with a 300 go ahead if you a 450 go ahead if you want a 600 fine. Everyone gets work done their own way !! The trouble is mack is low on choices .
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    Swishy described this torque HP issue once best it went something like this "HP is how fast and hard you hit the wall and torque is how far thru the wall you go" please forgive me Swish man if I have that all wrong Paul
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    Nut up and get a job with benefits........Go blow your nose while your at it.....As an old fat white guy paying everyone's bills, I don't have any soft spot. Put on your big boys pants and take care of business๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ.bob
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    People tend to forget, horsepower is bragging rights. It's torque that moves you. And on semi's you want that torque to start on the very low end of the RPM range. My 16 liter peaks at around 1100 rpm but it's a relatively flat torque curve. That's what a truck needs.
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    Not a bad place to be, Paul. In my observation nowadays, too many people are generally in a big hurry but don't even know where they're going.
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    I can't hear you!
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    I have been meaning to straighten out the wheel in my CL so I figured I would give a quick how-to. Trucks without adjustable draglinks or twin steering boxes can end up with a crooked wheel when components are changed. Here are the steps to adjusting the wheel back to center. 1.Drive straight to center the steering. 2.The rubber cap can just be pried off. Sometimes the inner cup will stay with it other times it will separate. 3. Unplug your horn connection wire. 4. Remove the inner cup by prying up. (if it didn't already come out with the rubber) 5. Remove the center nut. 6. Using a suitable puller pop the wheel off. (There are 2 threaded holes to grab the wheel) Usually come off with minimal force. 7. Align the wheel straight and re-assemble.
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    Sorry, but when you're a bargaining unit of one or just a family, your "free market" doesn't work for you. Haven't you noticed that big companies and the government can buy most anything for less?
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    Have you ever considered that the insurance companies are ripping you off? Take a look at the real costs for a start- SSA says that the real cost of Medicare for a 65 year old is around $400 a month, and would be cheaper for younger folks. The Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan is paying about $400 a month for insurance that meets ACA minimum standards and FEHB's higher standards, and the median age of a Fed is 47. For that price they've got about a half dozen insurance companies bidding for our business in most states, and usually at least another half dozen "premium" plans offered for a higher price. If you're paying more than that, you're insurance company is taking advantage of your lack of bargaining power and ripping you off!
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    Thank God we are hopefully getting our country back!!!
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    The ones that really get you mad are the ones that yank out in front of you when there is no one behind you so what is so hard to let you pass at the speed limit and just pull out after you have gone by?
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    I like to drive our old superliner with no a/c a crappie stereo a dynatsrd that barely works . Then I drive my Titan and enjoy the quiet cab,nice stereo, modern engine brake. I embrace the new stuff I'm noTV to proud to admit it.
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    About ten years ago I went up to Mass. to help my uncle work on one of his friends houses. We needed some concrete so we ordered some from a local yard and it arrives in a rear loader.... A b81 rear loader. Made my day.
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    You realize that this is going to lead to a re paint. . .
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    Well, I now have an aluminum air tank, thanks to Mark. I have my brackets getting powder coated. I aired the tank up to see how it held. It leaked down pretty fast so I picked up a renew kit for the valve today and I'll get that assembled and retest the tank this weekend. I'm pretty sure it should be okay now. I also ordered an air push button to operate the valve. Never guess how hard those are to come by these days. Cross truck didn't have it, Freightliner didn't have it, Mack didn't have one. I ended up back at Freightliner as they seemed to be the most responsive about actually wanting to order it for me. The lady behind the counter was actually "giddy" about air starters. She says every time she watches Maximum Overdrive she has to rewind it a couple times when the old White wrecker starts!!! I told her I know the movie well. I might have to drive the truck down and let her hear it once I get it put on this summer. I ordered my new fuel tanks the other day from Alumitank, so I will be getting those mid next week also. If/when I get the brackets back from powdercoat(man, he sure is slowwwwww). I ordered a polishing kit and a 5.3hp Dewalt grinder to shine the fuel tanks and the alum starter tank. Not that I'm looking forward to that mess, but I can't wait to see them on the truck all shined up.
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    My truck wont do 70 either but when we are on a two lane and speed limit is 55 I'm doing 60 whether Im loaded or empty.
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    When I was self-employed 8 years ago I bought my own Blue Cross policy for about $3300 a year for me and my child. Today I have a policy through my employer, pay $7000 a year (not including what my employer pays) plus my deductible is $4000. How is this better for me? Thanks, Obama!
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    Back to Craftsman tools, I used to buy them pretty much exclusively, but I noticed about eight to ten year ago that more and more were made in China. Today, almost all Craftsman tools are made there. I haven't purchased much, if anything Craftsman in years. It's too bad, as I liked the quality (of US made stuff), the price was decent, and the warranty was really good. One can hope that Stanley will bring production back to the US for the Craftsman brand.
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    Damn thought I was wound up lol
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    Yes. They're putting autos so you can throw a newbie with little to no experience behind the wheel of a truck. I understand wholly all of you who learned how to drive and are now enjoying your autos in stop and go delivery and vocational work. But as far as I'm concerned you can have be auto I'll keep the stick, I'm far more comfortable with it.
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    God love ya....Ya that's me ....Not quite getting this entire caper....I don't know anyone that doesn't have medical insurance just about every outfit offers if if they don't find a job that does....Not rocket science and it's certainly not my problem as you mentioned I go in to work half dead ... Myself done it for years...[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]...bob And besides that, ever since Obamacare, we have to pay more for our insurance and we get less, so I don't know who this actually benefited but it certainly wasn't me.....bob
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    I guess I'm just old school... Don't go to the doctor every time I got a runny nose... Just suck it up and get back to work. Probably a lot of times over the years I could lay down and claim disability, just not in my nature. Got knocked down for a few weeks by an exploding tire a couple years ago, and my back has been bad since I was 18, just got things to do and no time to go to the doctor. I scratch my head, some of the people I see on permanent disability are in better shape than me lol. The new American dream.
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    I guess if you are backing up to a concrete pump, a rear discharge does the job-and at a cost effective up front price. But it seems around here most of the new purchases are front discharge. Once contractors get used to the ease of working with front discharges, they don't want some guy backing on to the job site and jumping into the truck every two minutes to reposition. I'm sure in the big fleets can justify a good mix of front/rear but it seems the smaller guys have to make the decision as to what works best for MOST of their customers. You can still feed a pump with a front discharge AND the residential foundation pour goes a lot quicker. Much more flexibility but for sure at a higher upfront cost.
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    I did my 94 RD. Was a VMAC 350, but I changed my pump over to a mechanical pump, new lines, put a 427 turbo on, and replaced the injectors with superflow (90 plus hp) ones and got 490HP. I ran it for years and than sold it to a friend and he said it's the best running truck in his fleet. Also changed the wire harness under the hood and put all mechanical sending units in.
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    We used to pull 63.5 tons with 12L 460hp Macks up here in Alberta. Right now I do the same thing with MP8. From 63.5 to 75 tons you are looking at just over 10 tons difference. 600 hp isn't necessary let alone 700. There's a difference between need and want.
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    If they are working for a fuel bonus great use the right lane and when on a two lane get it up to speed limit if you cant do that stay on the big road. That's the trouble around here no respect for others don't hold up traffic to put a few bucks in your pocket or plan your route better so your not being the a$$hole holding up traffic. Its the screw them attitude if they don't like it I'm here and I don't care if there is a half mile long line of cars and trucks behind me. I knew a guy who would follow someone like that when they went in a rest stop he would pull the release on their fifth wheel they would take off and the trailer went down and sat on their frame. He used to sit in the lot and laugh while the fat a$$ had to crank a loaded trailer up to slide back under it.
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    in the old money 55 MPH. And to be fair it ain't gonna get to the other end as quick as 600 hp or 505 but it will still get there just fine. But I do wonder in today's high HP world with M drive, are we breeding less competent drivers ??? Or maybe the skill levels have changed so much that I'm living too far in the past. Paul
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    And if you guys here are working on your fuel bonus and drive an auto not ripping on you . Must be cause I'm old and do like I was taught when we farmed.get up get going get done. Just me on my soap box done for now thanks
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    OD, you're becoming a folk hero in the hills of Appalachia,you can't even hide and you're being shunned like an Amishman!๐Ÿ˜
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    fellow Canuck... can't answer your question, just asking which gallon you are using?... I assume USgal, using Imp gal would throw off the number... of course, litres per 100km would confuse this audience...!!! LOL and as said, one trip is not going to give you good stats as there are so many variables... gearing, tire size, rpm for instance... and your driving style. did you just buy the truck or did something change recently?? BC Mack
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