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    Pic at Sundown Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
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    Yup only our Forces would order a truck with DEF ! TIME OUT Guys stop the war For an hour I have to do A REGEN! OH make it two I have to do two regens and a crystal sub !
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    Tip turbine equipped tractor with a cold weather air cleaner and has a good bit of fuel capacity.
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    Anyone that knows me , knows I have a soft spot for International Loadstars. My father always had them, and I got my CDL on one. Last week I had a Loadstar Sundance cross my path. It has a special decor package that was offered in late 75, 76 and 77.(I think) It had an upholstered dash, door panels, two tone paint . The frame and wheels were painted the same colour as part of the cab. To me a Sundance was like a unicorn, people said they where around , but I had never seen one . Now I am fortunate enough to have my own Sundance. It needs a little attention, but it will be worth it. Didn't run. (does now) No brakes . Rust issues . Cracks in hood !976 Loadstar 1700 MV 404 gas engine 5 speed with 2 speed axle 25,000 original miles
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    Not my picture just passing it along to those who havn't seen this yet. A picture taken by a kind insider at the plant and posted on Facebook of a Canadian Armed Forces Mack Titan tractor. He went on to say it's one of the last ones being built. Nice to see they finally engineered a 60" midrise bunk on a Titan with what seems to be a tri- drive planatary rears. Most likely a tank hauler. A day late and a dollar short. Let the parent company bashing begin....
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    I think these will haul tanks like the Western Stars they have now. Below is a picture of a broken down Star unit getting a tow.
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    Seems to me Rowdy and Teamster finally agree on something. Although they might not know it yet.
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    Due to the regulatory climate in the health care industry, the market forces which would otherwise encourage competition haven't been allowed to work in decades. This encourages monopolies and large corporate "winners" while making it nearly impossible for anyone else to stay in business. What you're experiencing is BECAUSE government got involved picking winners and losers. So now you want to turn back to the same government that screwed things up and let them control even more? Sounds like a BRILLIANT idea!
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    Photo of India - Nepal border..!!! Not many enclosed sealed trailers over there. I suppose they will be using the "open TIR" provisions and carry the seal in their pocket... LOL Can't wait to see them 'tramping' to Europe.... BC Mack
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    Engine 16-1, Granville, PA 1980 Mack CF/1996 J.C. Moore refurb 1250/1000 #CF611F10-2064 x-FDNY
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    Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) / March 8, 2017 Barely more than six months after its initial launch, the impact of International’s LT Series long-haul tractor is already being felt. Navistar Chairman President and CEO Troy Clarke says more than 5,000 orders have been placed for the truck that will phase out the company’s ProStar this year, adding that about 2,500 of them were delivered in the last three months. Clarke says the LT Series has also helped unlock the doors of several large private carriers, and quoting activity is on the rise. “We’ve got customers talking to us who haven’t talked to us for the better part of this decade, and they are interested in not just our story, but they are interested in what our products can do for their business,” he says. “For instance in 2016, we quoted 20 of the Top 50 customers in the market. With the largest customers, we quoted 20 percent more of them than we did the previous year. We got awarded 50 percent more than we did the previous year.” Clarke says he expects order intake for LT trucks equipped with the Cummins X15 engine to continue to exceed comparable ProStar figures for prior years, and is hopeful the launch of the company’s new 12.4 liter engine will be timed with a mid-year recovery in truck demand. “We’ve really been kind of non-existent in that 13-liter segment and it has remained 50 percent – and growing – of the on highway market,” he says. “Interest in our new LT product is up. I was at TMC last week and definitely there were people in and out of the truck all the time with very favorable comments. And these are the people who really make buying decisions and maintenance decisions. So we are very excited about that.” .
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    Titans are rare in Michigan. But there are many RW 753 and CL 753 Michigan Specials still around. I drove a DM 800 with a 335 Cummins and moved Cat 235C's and D8K's in the 1990's. DM 800's like that were pulling 50 Ton trains at that time. There are many GU 813's with 505's here also, pulling trains. But dropping the CL 700 was a mistake. Titan needed more power choices, I think.
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    Over 200,000 on my Titan. Zero parked regens, only after treatment issue I had so far was a nox sensor. If I could eliminate the dpf, egr and cooler I'd be fine with keeping the scr.
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    i don't know how much praise the driver deserves because it looked like the whole thing was started by him not paying attention but a hell of a save. new underwear for sure.
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    I've got 8k hours 160k miles on the titan I drive and never had to do a parked regen. That is a awesome truck IMO.
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    Haz-Mat 7, Graham, NC 1987 Mack R/1982 Fruehauf
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    Engine 521, Sunbury Steam Fire Engine Company, Sunbury, PA 1974 Mack CF 1000/750 #CF686F10-1027
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    Being largely apolitical, I wasn't even aware anyone wanted to secede! I do read labels however and have discovered that virtually every product I use in my workshop and most of the components in every product I buy or would ever hope to buy have been found to be carcinogenic by the state of California!...why aren't they all dead! Perhaps Sen.Polosi should review her eighth grade geology text 😁
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    The Republican party is NOT "my" party. They only get my vote because the Democrats are polar opposite of where I stand on nearly every issue, while the GOP has a few things upon which I can agree with them. Lesser of 2 evils. If there were a viable candidate who was a Constitutionalist (as written, NOT as "interpreted" by activist judges), he'd get my vote. I'd even take a Libertarian so long as they defended LIFE along with Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...unfortunately, though, many Libertarians do not. So we have what we have, where one party that is wrong 99% of the time is running against a party that gets it right 65% of the time.
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    Its beautiful No up dating no BOOTING UP NO BS , Just get ater and fix the DAM truck!
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    We have a lot more Schneider trucks to deal with now going up and down rt 20 seems like a lot more on Mondays 45 MPH specials. I get stuck behind them from where the four lane ends all the way to 47 10 miles an hour under the speed limit all the way really ticks me off I don't want to sound prejudice here but most are black and weigh somewhere around 300 pounds must be a new company requirement. .
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    Amen-thank you Amazon! And every 4th truck is a Swift going to the Amazon DC, and every 3rd is a JBH container headed to the same location, etc etc. Oh-and the 7th? a drop deck loaded with Bridgeports coming from a plant that just shut down-he is headed to an auction site! Sad state of affairs.
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    Now every 5th truck is a FedEx Ground contractor.
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    With that sleeper, the Titan would have been a big seller in South Dakota, a state over 400 miles across with no gross combination weight limits.
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    Do you really want to go shopping for emergency rooms in the middle of a heart attack? And competition... Minnesota is typical with Blues and Health Partners HMO having a near monopoly. The same two companies have most of the group market, and 3 hospital chains pretty much control that "market". It's even worse in the Dakotas and western Minnesota, with the Blues controlling most of the insurance market and just 2 hospital chains controlling that market. I'm 6 mile away from one chain's hospital, it's 20 miles to the other, and 40 miles to a competing single hospital that will probably soon be gobbled up by one of the two chains. Where's the competition?
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    The "original", the Australian market Titan, looks so much better, without for example the tacky US market gray plastic fender extensions, chrome grille and headlamp trim, and front bumper. Volvo visibly decontented this truck for the US market. Ref. https://www.macktrucks.com.au/trucks/titan/ .
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    Call me old fashioned but I agree with RR on the old flip phone to talk ONLY, and no connection from my truck computer to the manufacturer..
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    Kinda makes me glad I don't have an android, apple, or windows phone, and my windows desktop doesn't have a microphone OR camera. I have a smart phone...it just isn't an android, apple, or windows OS. Ditto on the no connection between my truck's ECM and the outside world. Want to tinker? Have to be inside the truck physically connected. Not looking forward to installing an ELD...still weighing my options, as that device will provide a doorway into my truck's computer. Wife wants to move, so if I can find a buyer for the house we're gone. Then, I'll either find a job I can run local under the 100 air-mile exemption, or get a regular job. Hell, my NEWEST POV is old enough to drink...just wish this old Mack was 13or so months older to be a late-'99 instead of an early-'01.
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    The reason health care COSTS so damn much is because NOBODY knows (or cares) what it costs. The person receiving the care isn't typically the one paying the bill. Try calling a few hospitals to get a price quote for a procedure. Pulling teeth is child's play by comparison. They don't know what it'll cost until AFTER the fact, when they bill you whatever they decide you ought to pay. Insurance companies only care that the paperwork is filed correctly, they they pay what they've decided the procedure ought to cost. The person who received the treatment doesn't care about anything more than their co-pay and deductible. Think about it this way. If somebody else is paying for your fuel, and it doesn't affect you one way or the other what sort of mileage your car gets, are you going to care if it's getting 10 mpg vs 20? Probably not, because you aren't the one footing the bill. Even less so if the gas stations, knowing you as the driver aren't the one paying for the fuel, simply didn't post the price per gallon and wouldn't (or couldn't) tell you the actual price if you asked. They could charge $1/gallon or $10/gallon and you wouldn't know the difference because you aren't the one getting billed for it. That's why drug companies can charge outrageous amounts for their drugs. The consumer isn't likely the one paying the bill, and the insurance company will either pay it or negotiate a different rate...using the threat of denial of coverage as leverage. Until hospitals can tell you the price of a procedure, allowing you the consumer to shop around for the best value (encouraging FREE MARKET COMPETITION), then nothing the congress passes will do anything to curb the cost. The consumer MUST have a vested interest in controlling costs before hospitals and drug companies will ever consider pricing their products and services competitively. ...and the government shouldn't be in the business of picking winners and losers. Who cares if a health care corporation pays it's administrators millions of dollars per year? If they actually had to actually compete in the free market, how competitive could they hope to be with that sort of overhead? If they can't compete, they lose market share. Lose market share, and the administrators have a tough row to hoe in justifying that multi-million dollar salary. Free market wins again.
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    Nice! I've always liked the Loadstars. It's what our town bought all its school busses with, so I spent a few years riding in them, and actually learned how to drive a standard by closely watching one of my better bus drivers. When I became a firefighter, our department had a '73 Loadstar in reserve that I drove a bit, and now my neighbor owns it. I think I drive it more than he does, even though I have my own rig! I still love the slight gear noise from the transmission, and the particular squeak of the clutch and rear springs, and it seems to have a unique exhaust odor that reminds me of being a kid when the bus pulled away from the stop.... Hope you enjoy yours!
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    Everything in Robert B. Marvin's Mack Apparatus book also points to it being a B Early Series truck.... And a 707 would have been an available option for it. I think that motor was also known as the AP motor, so perhaps that's where that number in the S/N comes from.... It does appear to be a Cincinnati rig. According to the "Motorized Apparatus of Cincinatti" website, here's what they show: 6AP6S 1061 1935 Mack 750 100 25146 En 46 IS 4-29-35 Here's a link to that site if you want to check it out: http://www.cfdhistory.com/htmls/apparatus.html So, it matches your s/n, but they show that it and its twins, 1059, 1060, and 1062 were all purchased in 1935, just a tad later than you thought. And it served as Engine 46 going in service in 4/29/35 (so it may be a 1934 on the paperwork), and was a 750gpm pumper with a 100 gallon tank. The site notes that the number 25146 is the "shop number". It's the only one of the four that it notes that for, so I wonder if this one was modified by Cincinnati's shop after delivery, or if that's Mack's build number. As Brocky and 1958 F.W.D note, the Mack museum can offer you all the relevant info on your truck based on the serial number, including all the specs, delivery sheets, pics, and any other information that they might have on it..... Anyway - it's a beautiful truck. Below are a picture of the truck in service (it's only a thumbnail and a bit blurry - sorry) (in the center), the station that it was housed in when new (top), and a shot of Engine 31, which, although I can't verify it, I think is one of the other 3 trucks purchased by Cincinnati at the same time as yours (bottom)....
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    I talked to my old mechanic friend at Syosset Trucks a 75 plus year old I.H. dealer. He only saw one and it was a 1975 Sundance I, he said the 1976's were Sundance II's. Told me that "you cheap S.O.B. farmers wouldn't spring for the extra couple of bucks to have the prettiest truck at the market" Paul
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    Decon 1, FDNY, NY 2006 Mack MR/Ferrara
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    Truck 105, Hazle Township FD, Hazleton, PA 1983 Mack CF 0/0/75' Aerialscope #CF686FAP-1485 x-Roslyn, PA
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    ...and just HOW do those "great" countries pay for national health care? Confiscatory tax rates, and cutting out "unnecessary" budget items such as defense (because the good ol' USA will be there to pick up the slack). Tell you what. If you think those other countries are so "great", pick one and go there. The fact that more people come here to realize their dreams (leaving those countries you call "great") and not the other way around tells me your idea of what makes a country "great" is a little warped. I don't need a nanny state looking after me. I prefer the freedom to make my own choices to better my situation. When the state makes your decisions for you, you're stuck where you're at. Born poor? You'll die poor. Born wealthy? You'll get to keep that wealth (unless you completely screw it up). I prefer the opportunity to rise above where I'm at, even if that means risking failure. I choose freedom.
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    I have seen this film floating around a bit of late, I had no idea were it was from but the driver recovered pretty well I reckon Paul
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    No, under the current law you do NOT have the choice. You either pay through the nose for an outrageously unaffordable policy that doesn't even come close to what a person might want or need...or pay a confiscatory fine to the government. If we were really free, we would not be penalized for choosing NOT to buy insurance, we could buy as much or as little as we decide we need, and it wouldn't be any concern of anybody in government as to whether or not and to what extent anybody is insured.
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    Problem was sun was in his eyes. Trk didn't have a large enough sun visor.
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    This particular engine is an early "B" model, not an "AP". The "AP" model was a more powerful version of the "AC" model including the famed sloped "Bulldog" hood. According to Harvey Eckart in his book, "Mack Fire Trucks, 1911-2005", the Type 19 used a Mack "BQ" chassis with a 150 HP "AP" motor and a 750 or 1,000 GPM pump. I guess that would make it a hybrid, "BQ" chassis with an "AP" motor. Early "B"s were built from 1928 to 1937. I often reference Harvey Eckart's work because it is so thorough and knowledgeable and I don't want anyone to think that I actually know what I'm talking about. bulldogboy
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    Bumping this post back to top so it doesn't get lost. Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
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    That is awesome that your wife helps out! There are not many of us garage-women out there anymoreI And I cannot wait to take it on its first test drive! I am so glad we are putting in a temporary diesel in this truck! I know how to drive a clutch....but a double-clutch...I am going to need a hockey helmet and a life vest for when I kill it and slam my head into the steering wheel! Ha! Thank god for lots of flat land in ND...I have all kinds of space to practice when we put the old EN330 back in it! Truck on!
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    My second week of driving a big truck July of 69 pulling a 40 ft bedbug trailer with a 63 gmc crackerbox thought I was a truck driver (not!) A chromed up needlnose Pete is approaching in the other lane... and a girl is driving! Kinda took the wind out of my sails!😁
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    More pictures....We need to just move into the shop! I know this truck forwards, backward, and inside out, right down to remembering which bolts go where...I now completely understand why my grandpa invented cuss words when working on these old trucks...they will give you a damn run for your money right down to the last cent! I think the other women in the office avoid me...I hear "she welds...she works on trucks...she has grease in her nails.." Ha! I think it's funny. Less drama in a shop... Tracy
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    Nice picture of McDonough Demolition's lowboy.
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    I agree. if they want to leave and join Mexico, more power to them. But once they do leave, they will have no right to votes on how things work, and no handouts for at least 25 years after being let back in the United States.
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    I understand what you are saying HG. As Pelosi said-"we should use more natural gas to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels"
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    You know I wouldn't hire Bernie Sanders to clean my yard so I don't know what he's getting at and neither does he. Give him a box of Kleenex and send them home......bob Oh one more thing someone otta send that misfit to a barber shop and a taler man always looks like sh*t.....Come on now......I'm just a blue-collar got better threads than that begger.... Ahahahahahahaha......bob
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