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    I went to the physical getting place in Lynchburg this morning because my DOT physical expired yesterday. I passed another one, but it gets harder every time...passing the physical that is. I went into an examination room with a smoking hot twenty something nurse practitioner named Alexandria. She checked my blood pressure and it was 158 over 88, I think. So she told me to lay on the table on my left side and she'd come back in 15 minutes to check it again. She came back and checked it again while I was still laying down, in my right arm this time- and it was higher than the first time. So she said we'll wait 15 more minutes. The next time the door opened it was an older, and not near as hot, nurse who came in and said "let's try it again- think about being at the beach...take a deep breath...ok, you're good. You were only two points high at first, so you're ok." The BP is the main thing that had me worried, it had been a little high the last couple of times i'd been to the eye doctor. But, i'm good for 2 more years now. I've got a load of pipes at the yard going to somewhere on rt. 135 just east of Oakland, Md. for Monday. I delivered that van load that I picked up in Columbus to Slocum Adhesives in Lynchburg Monday morning. Pretty tight spot up in there... Picture from Afton Mountain, looking to the south. I did a google image search for "old fart" and this came up first- I was passing through Colonial Heights the other day on the way to Petersburg from Milton and thought I saw a C model Mack. I also got a new shed. It's bigger than the old shed. Cooled off some too. Nice pickup!
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    Damn! Fighting words! I was thinking more like this. Got to be gentle with oversize jobs.
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    A good friend's wife and daughters surprised him with a 1929 ALF fire truck for Christmas that had been saved from a scrap yard. To say it was rusty is being kind, but he went from VA to NJ with a way too small trailer to get it and drag it home. He spent the next six years restoring the truck and it is beautiful.
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    Enjoy the global warming ????
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    Welcome, and nice purchase. I must be lucky, my wife not only points the older units out but even helps me bring them home. Even surprised me a few times with "here's the address, go get your new toy" Paul
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    Same here. That's how I ended up with the '29 McCormick-Deering 22-36. I found it online, chatting with the guy about it, came home from work one day and Susan said "I got you that tractor for your birthday, load the trailer and go get it". She wanted to make my 50th a special one.
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    I got this from facebook. Showed up friday. I have them making me a custom "three stick" version!!
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    Guys, what do you talk about? -28 F ??? Sounds coooold-d-d!
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    next time you go to the doc to get the BP checked, lay off the coffee and salt for a week before. that should drop it 30-40 points.
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    $1,575 for both rails at 30 feet long. I had the salesman repeat the price. Truck Shop
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    Finally got around to taking a picture of the visor I made for my 58 B model out of a Peterbilt one.
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    l All my grandson ever wanted to do was be a diesel mechanic on heavy equipment. His high school "career counselor" wouldn't help him apply to a tech school. Told him he would be better in college instead of doing "immigrant work". Told him only stupid people did manual labor. I went to the school to see this counselor. The gentleman told be only stupid poor people whom never amount to anything and live from paycheck to paycheck did that work. I asked him if he owned a house and if he had a mortgage on it and was his car paid for. Than informed him the we own 5 houses, a salvage business, a hobby shop a farm and 300 acres in Virginia. They are all paid for, and the last new car we bought I paid 100% cash for. No bills, no mortgages, no credit card debt. Oh and FYI. . . I'm a truck driver and a mechanic . . .a$$ hole and left. Grandson went to tech school., got hired right out of school by H.O.Penn in Medford and now works as a field tech / diagnostician for Cat in Virginia. Not bad for a 25 year old. Paul
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    Same situation here. Today's one of those days I'd like to tell her a few places she can go, but this is probably alot better option. So where should I politely ask her to look up?
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    I aint ever known any one to drink that crap even when we was shit faced you pricks we never could drink that crap it has always been called "Nuns piss" out here I like Elephant beer the best thats XXXX gold XXXX bitter is ok better know as barbed wire VB now that aint a bad drop got shit faced on that many a time also known as "green hand grenades" but my favorite thing to drink is from seppo land "Jim Beam" that stuff can make me into a instant asshole some times The old Bear or Bundy Rum used to love that as a young bloke till I woke up at the Cross with no pants and a strange bird on my lap (and I dont even come from that part of Australia still dunno how I got there but it must have been fun ) LOL Paul
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    Got new windshields in, really excited about that. (easily excited I guess) Got the back cab panel done, now on to the headliner. A friend of mine gave me a 50" x 100 yard vinyl about 10 years ago, did the seats in the A=car, golf cart and a few other things and hardly put a dent in it. I'll be covering everything in black vinyl for years.
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    For anybody that lives in the pacific northwest that is contemplating replacing aluminum rails in an older truck, HW Metals in Portland, Oregon, is pretty reasonable. I just priced two 30'x 10.5x 3.25x 3.25 80,000 lb tensile strength 3/8 formed steel rails for $1,575.00 both blanks. PacCar wants $2,800 and most outfits can only bend 20' sections. HW Metals can bend up to 55', they have a 60' brake in tandem. Just some info for anyone looking for frame rail. Truck Shop
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    Hmmmm...that gives me an ideer. I'm on my laptop in ...dang, I don't remember where i'm at....something Lake Park, near Oakland, Md. Getting free wi-fi from Fitzwater/Guest. Anyhow- I can't photochop with the laptop,I don't have a mouse, but when I get home I can fix you up with a Detroit Diesel T shirt- you're welcome!
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    6 years of good service.....Forgot to mention....Real good dependable truck.....bob Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
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    I went to Lynchburg and looked at a red '66 Ford myself Bob, back in the 80's. It wasn't a stepside though. I would have bought it, that's my favorite Ford body style, but it was too nice. I needed a truck that I could take in the woods to get firewood, that scratching it up wouldn't matter, and I couldn't have taken that one in the woods. I ended up buying a '69 F100 that was already scratched up to haul firewood with.
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    Nice pick-up! And the crue of the foresters too. The new shed is great! And what is more important, it's fire-proof. Hope the mixer can suit it with no troubles.
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    From the album: F Model at work

    The old man, the old cat and the old dog. All of them still working.
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    that red bull crap is like 4 cups of coffee in one can!!
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    Since it is a high of 0 today I was looking at pictures of warmer days. Had the trucks out in the backyard over the summer for my own little truck show.
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    See you didn't specify Mack O Matic.
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    It would be good to carry a couple gallons of gas in a can until you are sure the fuel gauge is working right.
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    I had a 1974 Ford 350 with a 460 engine and a four speed. I put a two speed trans in it which went between the bell housing and four speed. The speedometer cable stayed in the four speed so no change there. It had an electric shift out of an Eaton two speed axle which the button mounted on the gear shift lever. The later ones had a shift lever. You did not need all 8 speeds. Unless loaded you could start in first gear and high side of the aux. I mostly split third and fourth gears as there was a big gap there. On the interstate I ran fourth gear and high side. These were available as over or under drive units and would work with 4 wheel drive. I ran it for a few years pulling a 25' goose neck trailer with no problems. It was fun to play with. Originally these were called Bendix Dualmatic I think. It used some of the same gears and parts as were in the four speed. Last I heard Advanced Adapters in Calf. were handling these. Like mentioned Gear Vendors has something and also Mitchel. Advanced Adapters at one time had some used ones for sale.
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    Do they have one for an automatic? Never mind......
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    I agree. I got one and sent her some pictures to make one for my duplex too.
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    This whole concept reminds me of "Demolition Man" self driving cars, Taco Bell is every restaurant... cryogenic prisons and nobody gets their feelings hurt.
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    Haz Mat 1, Columbia, SC 1986 Mack R/1996 Slagle's Sales & Service
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    I'm blessed with a 3 car attached. Susan keeps her daily driver and two play toys there (2005 Mazda RX-8 Shinka and a 68 Camaro SS I've been building on for years for her). I wanted her to have the garage to herself while I have the doghouse (shop).
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    Why is it that despite antilock brakes, stability control, airbags, etc.... The accident and fatality rates aren't dropping?
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    Not to be elitist, but it takes a certain amount of intelligence to do the skilled jobs we are talking about. Unfortunately a person with the smarts to do this work is also smart enough to do a cleaner job such as computer systems or electronic repair. I firmly believe that is why it is so hard to find young people who want to do these kind of jobs. Their work ethic is the same as our generation, and every generation before, but they have moved up to a less physically demanding job that has a better future. My youngest is in computer security. No college degree, makes north of 100K, and is constantly being recruited to join other companies. He is the 21st century version of what my Dad was; a skilled mechanic who can diagnose a problem and then go fix it. Dad did it on machines that made clocks, son does it on machines that communicate to the world. Dad got greasy and worked on a factory floor, son works in an air conditioned office. Why would he go to work on a factory floor to make the same money? There are skilled young people out there doing these types of jobs, but only because it is a true "calling" for most of them. Every generation faces a changing work place. I'm sure there were a lot of older gents sitting around a wood stove at the local country store in the early 1900's bemoaning the fact that their kids were leaving the farm to go to work in a factory. The kids thoughts were why should I get up twice a night to milk cows when I can work 8 hours , get a steady check, and enjoy life. No different today. I do hate the fact that "education inflation" has crept into the work place. A job that used to require a GED now requires a 4 year degree, even though the job has not changed at all. The kid gets stuck paying for an education that never returns a better salary than what a high school diploma returned in my generation.
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    Larry, I think she should give you a little cut because of you selling all these T shirts for them!
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    Hopefully the guidance counselor 41 Chev's grandson had to deal with has retired. I know a problem here in Mass is there are not enough vacancies in the tech high school system to handle all the applicants. Plus from what I have read, back in the dark ages (my youth) it seems tech high schools were just that- you learned a trade. Today-again at least around here, a kid can go to a tech high school and still get his share of courses so he can also apply to a college for a 2 yr associates or 4 yr bachelors program. Think of it, a graduate engineer who knows how to weld or properly build a concrete form! The sad fact is, you have kids-and parents-that get big loans while the kids pursue absolutely worthless degrees-"philosophy", "communications" etc and then come out and work in Starbucks. My hope is people are starting to recognize a "degree" does not insure long term financial security.
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    Haven't drank in close to 40 years. Last time was in 1977, I fell up the stairs waving the registration to my wife "new" '64 GTO. Time before that I woke up in Saigon in a toilet behind the bowl.
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    like their ad in the hp slot -no
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    Hope this works: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MnMsShirtShop If you tell you want Larry's version it will be three sticks! She made it special for me. (I fixed the link so it is directly to website instead of Facebook)
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    EJ-This guy live in a cave? Does he read newspapers or watch the news?? Obama wants every kid asking.."you want fries with that"? to make 15 bucks and this guy thinks he can get an experienced heavy truck mechanic for 13 bucks??- that's the septic tank outfit right?
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    if she checked for a hernia AFTER the BP, he would have been ok
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    Thanks Bob. Actually, aside from the Mack and Coke machine two parts tractors were acquired. To top it off I also got a Lincoln arc welder (been wanting one for awhile) and a home made metal forge. May give it a shot at making a knife or two. Then try a sword. I like to stay busy
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    I thought you older guys had a few "tricks" to use for lowering your BP briefly to pass the DOT physical. Glad you passed. For now , I can't and it goes higher and higher as I sit there and try to "relax" to get under 140.
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    In person, they're very plastic looking and Freightlinerish with chromed over plastic. At least they're giving an effort at a large hood yet.
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    the first part of this is hilarious...
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