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    Got your attention! I don't particularly care for Trump and really dislike Hillary. But I will vote for the person who is going to appoint Supreme Court Justices who are not Liberals or Progressives like HRC's picks. The ones chosen will have a massive effect on the country for the next 30 or 40 years. Just think the irreversible damage that a progressive liberal Supreme Court choices will do. So weighing that, I'll vote for Trump, not for him, but for the judicial picks he'll make that will stop and hopefully reverse the poor choices of the recent past..
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    couldn't agree more! we need some carpet CLEANERS not more carpet MUNCHERS in the white house!
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    Stopped to take a couple pics but didn't have a lot of time. If I get a chance I'd like to take a closer look. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Terradackles in the field- we haven't seen any of them for a while! A dead rabbit in the parking lot at N.B.Handy in Lynchburg. I made stew this weekend too, it was really good. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. Sunset over a mill roll, Milton, W.V. A blue car in Petersburg. I saw two Jules Savard trucks on I 85 in S.C. Seen lots of their flatbeds before, with solid green T800's, but I don't remember seeing any van trailers or this paint scheme before.
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    my pic are not the best i toke them early before the crowd came
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    i did not get a picure of a euclid tc12 twin engine he got in ill cam in on friday
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    It's funny how the two boneheads who decided to close gwb allegedly on their own (I believe christy gave the order and hope he's convicted as well) get charged and convicted of a crime they did commit while Hillary gets away with perjury and scandal after scandal. Remember she told us she turned ALL her emails over but today heard on the news that there are new ones being found in the 650000 they are going through. She lied about a terrorist attack and let 4 Americans get murdered so her party could win an election then told us what difference does it make. She got caught red handed rigging the election so Bernie had no chance, the DOJ got caught red handed tipping her off about the investigation that was coming down the pike. And the list goes on and on and on. Like Paul said, do you want this crook picking our Supreme Court justices? I sure as hell don't. Do you think she'd ever have to face the consequences for all her bs if she becomes president? I don't. In my opinion this election is a pivotal one in US history. There are two totally different paths here. One is going to take a hell of a lot of work, but will set us on the right path as a nation ie cut government spending, hopefully cut some of the bs regulations that are crippling small businesses, repeal Obummercare which by all accounts is not working (AZ insurance premiums going up 116% next year). The other path is 8 more years of out of control spending, terrorist emboldened even more since we can't call them that, billions more given away to countries who hate us and illegals instead of schools or the VA or infrastructure. More racial divide since the dems always preaching to everyone except whites that they are victims and whites should pay. The dems also want to take your money and give it to people too lazy to earn a living for themselves, people who have been told that welfare IS a career option if you vote democrat. Make good choices people.
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    "everybody likes boobage"- other dog, 2016
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    I live south of Chicago but I figured this is as good as place an any to post 1 of my macks let me know if I'm posting in the wrong place thanks
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    I do it each pass. Peening relieves the stress like was said above. When I got my U.S.Navy weld certification at Grumman Aircraft in 1972 we were showed the difference a peened weld on the F-14 Tail hook and a welded non peened tail hook weld worked. The non peened weld fractured between the bead and the parent steel. Some use a ball peen hammer and some use a air scaling hammer. Either on works well. Like Glenn said 7018 rod or 7018E low Hydrogen rod are the best ones to use, you'll get a strong good penetrating weld . A bit harder to strike an arc then drag rod, but the end results are worth it. Do the weld in 1 inch or so passes from the ends and than fill the center bead in, that will stop the crack from heat induced traveling, peen it, grind it and run it. Paul
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    Apparently as long as she doesn't have to touch either one she's happy.. . .
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    Vlad, if I were over there, I would be driving a MIG 29 for pleasure runs. LOL
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    Got things wet sanded today I was going to just buff it all out until I looked in the paint cabinet and found two unopened gallons of clearcoat and an unopened can of clearcoat hardner from a 37 chevy project a few years ago. I did the straps and tank I think they came out good enough I'm not going to wet sand and buff the clearcoat out its pretty clean for doing it in the driveway by the shop the pits in the aluminum where the strap goes can easily be seen in the first picture because of the glossy surface.
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    Funny how one Clinton's wiener got him in trouble, and the other Clinton is getting in trouble because she was too close to the Wieners.
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    I see "Weiner" in the headlines every day lately... I bet Hillary would like to "Grab him by the penis" and twist until separated.
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    Well just went and voted, the blacks were professing that Trump is going to do away with welfare and social security ???? went by Trump office in town on the way to yard, she said that they were spreading rumors that he was going to deport the blacks ????? Clinton and her crowd will say anything to win. pure trash, yes sir when they go low we'll go high, yeah higher than sh*t because you must use some really bad drugs.
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    I like Trump, I like Newt, I hate Clinton, Trump gets elected I'm going to Trump Tower and ask to be put on the detail investigating Clinton, Holder and Obama, I used have that job way back in the 80s, early retirement, when Reagan left, I left. 100% convictions on all indictments, I'll do Clinton with my eyes closed. (prosecute) I will see that she spends as many years behind bars as possible, it will be my ambition and privilege to help prosecute her to fullest extent of any law that can be found. If not I'll just have to spend my days looking out the windshield waiting for the next go around, best part is I like trucking and that will do if it has too.
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    Thank you; I may not stop laughing all day. Proving one of my favorite sayings (as a firefighter) "Thank god for stupid people or I wouldn't have a nice house."
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    Tell me and just what issue of Vogue was you reading when you discovered this little GEM of information ???????? But gotta agree with what you say they Paul
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    A friend called me yesterday to let me know he had run across a box of a couple hundred or so fire truck pics from a collector that was originally up in the Syracuse area. Some look like factory photos, some were taken by a professional, and some look like they were just picked up randomly over time. It also includes a bunch of original ALF advertising pics, and some fire truck art work by an F. Tewfell. I've been going through it this morning, and I'll post a few as I get them scanned. I'd say that over a third of the collection are Mack pics, and it's heavy on the B-Models. Also a lot of early Ahrens Fox. It's a pretty cool collection, they're all in excellent condition, and the price wasn't outrageous....
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    I took this pic 15 years ago and have looked for this A Car ever since. One of the parts salesman that calls on our shop took a pic of it to show me the old truck he found, and then I showed him a pic from the same vantage point. And told him I had been looking for it for ever it since. Only difference is now it doesn't have a bed on it, just setting in weeds. He sells parts to the guy who has it and told me they bought it for the bed and hoist. I will know this next Friday how much to buy it. 335 and 5x4. When I saw it last it was rust free and the salesman confirmed it is still that way. Truck Shop
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    Sucks about the truck. That's when trucks where still made like trucks.
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    I didn't have many pictures last week, so I figured if I took a day off nobody would notice...wrong! I saw a pedestrian 8 miles from Hancock. I've posted pictures of this before, but it's just cool looking to me. Part of the old Weirton Steel plant, Weirton, W.V. The leaves on the maple tree are turning. I took this in the mirror, so the girl wouldn't think I was taking a picture of her fine looking ass instead of the leaves. Chester, W.V. It was a little chilly in Chester last Tuesday morning, a lot of people were blowing smoke out of their stacks. Chester is also home of the big tea pot. I went to Sharon Coatings- that's in Sharon- and I was the only truck there. That's never happened before! Got 2 coils going to Lynchburg, Va.
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    I have been told by a numbers of good welders peening relives the stress.
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    'Tis better to have more chains than you need than to have too few! I put all the straps I could get on two mill rolls the other day, then I went about a mile or so over to a big parking lot across from the store to put chains on them too, because they won't let you get on the trailer in the mill. I put three chains on each roll, along with the straps- I loop a chain through that hole in the big end, put another in that groove and pull the chain to both sides under the groove, and loop another one around that groove on the small end. I wouldn't feel safe at all going up the road with just the straps on them. And then this guy pulled in- 4 straps, total, and the beams were longer than the trailer, he had 3 or 4 feets hanging off the back. And the straps were outside of the rubrail too. I would not even get on the highway with this, it's not much different than being not secured at all- yeah, he's got corner protectors under the straps, but those plastic corner protectors have little or no friction against the beams. If he had to get on the brakes hard like you did with that coil he might as well have duct tape and rubber bands on it as those straps.
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    I personally think a short stick is better. Drill stop holes at each end of the crack, Vee it out, weld it up. Peen the weld with a hammer to stress relieve it and run it. Paul
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    Thanks for your opinions guys. I guess it's worth a try as at the moment I don't have an alternative. Arc or mig a better way? I think with a short rod on the arc I could probably get both sides welded. Vlad, how about I meet you half way? 😜
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    I've welded plenty of those go for it grind it out and pour some rod into it.
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    good enough for the girls i go with
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    I'd be happy with either of those trucks, cool picture. Andy
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    Heaviest single I ever hauled was 52000# grossing close to 90000! This was before deregulation,any single over 40000 required a permit! Had a U model Mack and a 40' Trailmobile spring ride spread.Had 6 chains on that bad boy! Would shake you right out of the cab! Rule of thumb was one chain per 10000# when the weight was uneven I always tried to go to an xtra chain,I believe it saved my life! I loaded a 35000# single and could only get 3 chains on it because they welded the chains at intervals to prevent theft! As I got in the cab I saw a loose chain under the seat! I untarped and put it over the coil. I was on I 70 in rush hr In Columbus Oh,and a four wheeler pulled right out in front of me! I locked it up and managed to miss the car,but the coil turned sideways and broke one of the cross chains,and slid over a foot forward! I'm convinced that the fourth chain prevented the coil from "joining me in the cab"!
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    Waged up and ready for monday
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    I am happy to see we are all in agreement that Goodyear tires suck. Nobody here has mentioned them. Overpriced, overrated, and too soft.
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    UdderDawg Gudday M8 Jist B tween u n me RE: Bridges HaveEyeGotaDeal4U Here on D Udder side of the world in Australia Have heard about this bridge for sale It is freshly painted and collects a toll it cumz with 8 lanes (th@ means 8 times the toll gets pocketed) tiz only 52,800 tons in weight so ifn U thinkn of cartn it back home U may need xtra axle or 3 under u're sem eye only drawback tiz get n old (1932 model) So they may B open to offers cya §wishy
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    Isn't it funny when your born they shove a boob in your mouth and at some point they no longer are to be seen or touched ????? boobs are to be admired and touched, kinda like a fine paint job on your favorite hot rod, other than boobs and vaginas, a silky smooth paint job is a pleasure to run your hand down. I like the p word better but it offends some people, but vagina is ok but sounds so cold, weiner is much nicer than penis ????
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    And I guess a bit more. If it was your wife, son, daughter or whomever, would you prefer someone to swerve out of the way to help them survive a mistake and save their lives or just go "stuff im in a big truck? I'm in the right and I'm not shifting. Should have thought about killing yourself before you tried to overtake " To me it's a no brainer. I know what I would try and do, and that would appear to be a big difference between the US and Australia. Just saying you may be right, but as I have said, being right isn't always the best option. Paul
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    well if the stock market gets any worse I will shoot mine and eat them
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    Like all things in life, that's your call and as long as your fine with it, that is all that really matters, and as long as I'm happy with my call, that's all that really matters to me. As to me, falling off the perch to save some fruit loop and how my family will feel about it. Well, I won't be around to worry about it. Dunno. Like most things in life, the answers aren't that simple. Paul
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    It was a Fox News headline. I have never (and WILL NEVER) touch one of their magazines...especially if THAT is the sort of CRAP they are putting out there. LONG LIVE CLEAVAGE!!!
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    Saw a photo of a car hauler that " bottomed out" on a rail crossing! Fortunately for the "driver" he bailed out! There were cars scattered along the tracks for 1/8 of a mile! When I was in the towing business we picked up the " remains" of a steel haulers rig after he tried to "beat" a train to a crossing! My friend had a 4000 White gas burning tandem with a Holmes 750 on it the thing got used about once a year for "special occasions" like the demise of the steel haulers rig! Hat City is right on both occasions Darwin wouldn't have been happy ya gotta pity those two guys descendants!😁Anyone ever win a contest with a train?....another train!
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    Double lug nuts on the front axle means they mean series bizzness LOL cya §wishy
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    I even saw a girl in a car yesterday- I really like Fox News, because it's fair and balanced. Abby's face isn't so blurry in this one- After I watched Fox News because it's so fair and balanced I ran the tiller through the garden and cooked a few wings on the grill. New Boston, Oh. Looks like a storm's coming. I delivered a load of beams in New Boston this morning, then I went to Milton, W.V. and picked up a mill roll going to Petersburg. I saw a horse and 2 birds in Milton. The mill roll secured, i'm ready to ride. Meanwhile, at the Hellertown Truckstop... later, at the Hellertown Truckstop... The customer service there leaves a lot to be desired. ...before he ever opened a truck stop, way back before Roger Penske bought Detroit Diesel from GM, the owner was a big shot Detroit Diesel executive. ...but Penske dumped him like a hot potater when he took over, so now he has a bad altitude.
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    Thanks kscarbel2, I had come to think of the same thing. I've been doing a little research on them and there IS a considerable difference between them. That "E8" is what I had been mistakenly calling the 866 V8 motor. What started this all is that I had to build a model of a Valueliner for a customer. Here's a couple of photos of the model.
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    Odog, It's about time. We were just about ready to send out a search party. Hatcity did a heck of a job taking up the slack. Paul thru a curveball in the mix but that's ok. I think I've seen her dance before. And what's this take a day off sh**?
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