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    Several fine examples on display at the New England Show. One featured ramps and a massive fifth wheel with a fairly large winch. Oversize is right!
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    With 21 days before the Republic dies as we know it, we are worrying about what the Roosevelts did, when we should be worrying about the excellent chance of losing 90% of our freedoms. Paul
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    I'm mostly in town running a Sprinter van doing bus light repairs, but when one quits at a stop or blows coolant by law and our corporate safety plan I have to park a defined distance behind it, 6 cones have to placed at a regulation distance, I can only exit the van through the side door onto the sidewalk and I have enough orange flashing lights on the roof and rear door to be seen by the space station..!!! but....... the dumb motorists simply pull in behind me and wait... and wait... thinking I'm at a traffic light or something... so, I get out with my equally 'loud' yellow vest on and stand behind the van and point to the flashing lights.!!! and they still don't get it..!!! I was told 45 years ago when I passed my car driving test that this is only the first step to becoming a "driver".... nowadays, the "test" is the end of the process for most on the road. BC Mack
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    I have been looking for a little while, but haven't pulled the trigger. Last month I was talking to a lady at a wedding, she said she had an old Mack out back. Her husband died, the trucks been sitting two years and the grandchildren didn't want it. So I said, I will take a look. Needless to say, she tossed a number out and I thought what the heck since its local. Its been driven, but I believe it was loved. So here's too my first tractor trailer! I picked this trailer up two days later, the stars must have aligned. I bought them quick, so hopefully I didn't make a big mistake. 1988 Mack R 6885st, (350 with a 9) and wetkit, pulling a 1975 SmithCo 40 ton trailer. I plan to pull my antique fire engines and farm tractors with it.
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    I finally got rid of the original axles and reyco suspension everything is stripped off the frame from the fuel tanks back I primed everything with POR-15 and gave it a coat of black enamel paint. The aluminum frame had some severe electrolysis under the spring hangers, equalizers and fifth wheel frame which were ground down and sandblasted the had filler put in to level things out. I can still see where the spring hangers were but no where near as bad as it was I have to roll the camelback suspension under it after it dries then shim it and bolt it tight.
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    in a nutshell, and easily explained so anyone can understand- from today's Sunday comics-
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    ...and what Nixon did is nothing compared to what the media has covered up for the Clintons and Obama.
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    Meanwhile, thanks to a CORRUPT press, you have Hillary's transgressions (mishandling classified info, dead ambassador, etc...not to mention HER treatment of women 30 years ago that were raped and abused by her husband...) swept under the rug to make room for something completely irrelevant that Trump may or may not have done 30 years ago with or to some women he may or may not have known. Hell, they're making a big stink over Trump stating he'll wait and see how the elections go before accepting or challenging the results...meanwhile ignoring the fact that Hillary disclosed highly sensitive (if not classified) info right there on the debate stage when she stated how long the underlings have to put a nuke in the air after the president gives the order. If the press wants to be "free", then they need to apply equal treatment to ALL sides. As long as the press acts as the media wing/attack dogs for the Democrat party, they shouldn't expect too many "rights and privileges" afforded to them.
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    Is your existing frame good? If so add what you want to back of frame and unbolt trunnion and slide back, I don't know how much you are adding, but this way alot of the time you can have your weld in the trunnion bolt area, helps reinforce the weld area. terry
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    When Suffolk County and the Township of Riverhead were trying to make me remove 100 trucks from our farm (even thought they were all insured registered and inspected) I had a "reporter" walk on our land and start taking photos, soil samples and writing down plate numbers. My wife went out to tell him to leave. Said he was a journalist and had ever legal right to be there as long as he did no damage. Dogs ended that. Turns out he ran a blog on the East End Environmental News. I don't see a blogger as a journalist or reporter KS as for what the Europeans and later the Feds did to the Indians, the railroad did the the Chinese, the Plantation owners did to the slaves, the Irish, Poles, Russians and more . . .Different times, different attitudes. My ancestors were Privateers for the Queen in the 15-1600's, should I feel remorse for what they did to the French and Spanish? We did probably 75 or 100 Zippo Raids when I was in Vietnam, should I feel guilty? We were always taught that you can not change the past. Me I'm tired of always hearing about what Whites did to other groups 1, 2, or more centuries ago. Maybe the present and future would work out better if the people laying on and the recipients of guilt trips stop? Paul
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    The heavy welch plug you spoke of (like a frost plug) was actually the original style. They could only be installed properly with the steering knuckle off the axle. They had to be installed with a special tool which consisted of a driver and an anvil. You would put the welch plug into the bore with the concave down, rest the knuckle upside down on the anvil and drive the plug down with the driver. It would set the plug in the bore about an 1/8" down from the top. On top of all this you couldn't buy the tool you had to have it made! This was a bad design, in my opinion, and were always a problem with them coming lose. The later ones looked like an inverted top hat with ridges on the part that goes down in the pin bushing bore. They were made to be driven in from the top. They also have a screw in plug that goes into the cap. The plug was to be removed so you could install a pusher bolt in the hole to remove the plug when it was time to service the pins. These were better but as was already said tack weld them in. Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    My B 61 was wired similar. The one on the frame failed at one time I think. The one on the T.P. valve as near as I could tell was for the brake lights. Which would be an easy fix.
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    Top pics are a dc-1 bendix double check valve with brake light switch. "Just replaced mine". And as stated the bottom pics appear to be an interesting configuration for a low air pressure switch.
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    geezzzz, I can't imagine the sheriff protecting private property and arresting possible accomplices after seeing illegal entry of the enclosure ! Skagit county is plagued with greenies on a regular basis opposing timber sales, dairy's, non organic farming plus what ever else they can come up with. I think the sheriff got it right ....let the judge sort it out!
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    My 54 Chevy Tudor post car had a rambler bench seat that turned into a bed😁 235 with an Edmonds two carb manifold. Stick shift conversion ( hence the 235) with the original auto rear end.Sparkomatic floorshift conversion! What fun ! Those ramblers were good cars if you cared for them,but they seemed to have a lot of trouble with the "trunnion" front end.They paid me 10.00 to tow them away! ,were paying 25.00 for them at the scrap yard!.in the early 70's Wish I'd put them all in storage til today! Hindsight is 20/20 ! That is a real bargain in todays world at 2500.What a "sleeper" that would make! Or even completely stock in that condition.
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    I think these are brake light switches.
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    So are the Roosevelts examples of what you're looking for? Or examples of what we DON'T need? FDR ignored the Constitution when he stripped Americans of Japanese decent of their liberty and property, placing them in the internment camps without due process. He also packed the court with activist justices who would approve his UNCONSTITUTIONAL agenda. And Teddy? He's the reason the feds own and control so much federal land. Perhaps you've missed the news in the last few years where the BLM, USFS, NPS, and others change policies and ranchers get screwed out of the land they've been using for generations...long before the feds took control over the land. Let's not forget the decrees and executive orders vastly expanding these lands or wiping away decades of traditional use for political purposes by presidents thinking they have to shore up support with "environmentalists". The feds have mismanaged that land since they took it over, and it all goes back to Teddy. It all boils up to the surface every couple years when a rancher protests or a forest fire runs rampant. F*ck the Roosevelts. Both of 'em. We'd be better off had they NOT been President.
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    Bill Maher lost mein the first 3 minutes when he called me a deplorable knuckle dragger. Typical elitist attitude, the smartest guy in the room, completely out of touch with average Americans. But the alternative reality he speaks of is his own privileged existence. He says Trump supporters are not as bad off as we think, with average incomes of $72,000. Excuse me, but I bust my ass to make more than that, and it's still paycheck to paycheck, not much more. 25 years ago, I made about 2/3 of my current income and was much better off. $15 minimum wage won't even pay the rent nowadays. Maher says Hillary will be steady on the current course set by Obama. I'm sorry but 8 more years will destroy America's exceptionalism. We need to CHANGE course and stop trying to be like the rest of the world. There is a reason why immigrants want to be here. We have built the greatest nation on earth in less than 300 years and the rest of the world should try to be like us, not the other way around. Capitalism and free markets work, every time.
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    My "B" has a 711 with a 4" straight pipe and it barks with the best of them. I'm not sure if I wiggled thru the 18 speed mixmaster all day for a living with the straight pipe that my ear drums could tolerate it, but as a weekend warrior there is no better sound! . . . and yes it has a different rumble than a straight piped 673. My 1964 B61X S/N 52253, 711, 18spd, 11x24 rubber:
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    I saw on BBC (radio freed England) the Hillary would like if/ when she is elected to have Al Gore to head the EPA and Michael Bloomberg to be Secretary of State and actually hint of creating a cabinet post for Global Warming Treaty Compliance with John Kerry / Leonardo DiCaprio co-heading the show. Best invest in lead
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    no good at all yes the lack of respect and understanding of peoples actions today is out of control I dont have any answers for this problem it seems to be getting worse the world over Thoughts to you and his family Only on TV a few weeks ago they had a whole program about a young girl that died when her ute drifted on to the wrong side of the road , when the investigation was completed she had just sent a text message and had sent 22 text messages in the last half a hour when she was driving I dont understand why people cant see any of this you really need to concentrate when driving , things happen quick enough when you are alert let alone when your on the bloody phone or sending a text message Paul
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    Got the cab on the frame yesterday. Everything went great until . It was either lift the cab which was bolted or move the steering box. Chose the latter. When things are going too good there is usually a reason.
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    B-61 with 711, sounds as great as it looks.
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    B model tanks are not that hard to cut apart. I have done several. fill with water, grind the welds down smooth on the end caps, use a new wheel with a square edge around the front diamond plate. mark a line around the middle of the weld and tank with a sharpie and cut it with a sawsall. then you can sandblast the inside. I usually get some sealer from Napa or Eastwood. the red gas tank sealer from Napa is good stuff. brush the inside. leave it about an inch or two away from the end where your gonna weld. then weld or have someone weld the end caps back on. let it cool and pour some more sealer inside and roll it around to coat where you welded. AIR TEST it with about 5psi of pressure and soapy water to check for leaks. then your ready to paint. its worth it to have a clean tank inside. also gives you a chance to cut the tag off (where all the b models rust behind the tank tag) and cut the rot out and weld a patch.
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    The rectangular air horns are made by Hadley and the round horns made by Grover. The holes will be different.

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