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    Trump says bad things. Hilary does bad things.
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    Old tractors are just as cool as old trucks. Here is my 1958 J D 420. I built a new front loader bucket, then some fixin & paint.
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    finaly captured another beavertail trlr at a good price.been after one like this for a couple years
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    so a few weeks ago a excavator operator decided to try to rip my tail light assembly off my trailer. tail light assembly also doubles as the mudflap bracket and rear fender bracketso today i made a new one. bought enough material to make two of them. the other side is a little rusty as well. (neither side had holes in it before the one side got hit but getting hit opened up a bunch of rust holes.) total material cost was $90 for material to make 2 of them lets say + 10 for shop supply's (welding wire gas ect) so $50 each a lot cheaper than factory replacements and a lot heavier duty made the new ones from all 1/4" material you can see in the picture of the smashed one where i had previously had to beef up the mounting point to the trailer and the other side you can see is sagging a little so it was needing the treatment the other one had previously gotten. plus they are getting kinda rusty so i guess its a good excuse to make 2 better beefier ones. the one for the other side is started but not finished yet.
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    I saw a big Mack truck at Opal, Va. Brick kilns in Martinsburg, W.V. Ever wonder what the inside of a brick kiln looked like?..me neither actually. I saw a mail truck too. I saw a girl in a car at a red light. I saw another girl in another car at another red light- How does she get her leg way up there?..I don't know, but I like it! I saw this unit in Kings Mountain, N.C. Not my cup of tea as they say, but a lot of detail in that paint job. I saw this in Kings Mountain too. I actually saw three of these- that was all they had, and I bought them all. I'm so thoughtful I was going to bring one home for Jo, but they were so good i'd eaten all of them before I made it to the Va. line.
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    Got the cab on the frame yesterday. Everything went great until . It was either lift the cab which was bolted or move the steering box. Chose the latter. When things are going too good there is usually a reason.
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    Teddy had Marilyn killed, Fed Reserve had JFK and his assassin killed, Hoffa had RFK killed, Teddy had Hoffa killed, Obama had Scalla killed, Bill and Hillary had Foster killed. . . on and on and on
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    Not a big fan of sweet potato, but my grandmother used to make pumpkin rolls and bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.. Thanks for the brick kiln pictures.
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    i did chew him a bit but it was not intentional. by all rights i should have made that company pay for it, but iv done probably $60-$70k worth of work for them this year. i am sure they would have paid if i would have asked but i didn't. had it been a company that i don't work with often i for sure would have gone after them for the damage. but it wasn't perfect to start with now its better than before and was not real expensive 50 bucks for the side they damaged. a few hours time. now if it happened again tomorrow. yeah someone would be paying.
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    I sez ifn he`d a been playin with little boys the limp wristed liberals would be worshipping at his feet
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    I scanned some of my other photos from haulin in Glacier Park. That was a FUN day of trucking.
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    Trump sounds like a average red blooded merican male Twould B worse ifn he had been play n with little boys WotSezU?
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    Start by checking for intake restrictions, boost leaks, inspect turbo compressor wheel. Boost leaks are a bit tough to check for if you don't have an appropriate tool. Focus on intercooler boots and intercooler.
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    It doesn't sound like excessive smoke to me. A 99 is gonna throw a bit of smoke. I would check air filter and take for the test. It will probably pass. Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
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    The song Waltzing (Aussie slang for traveling/touring) Matilda was written in 1891 as a protest song during the sheep shearer's strike and has become the nonofficial Aussie national anthem. Australia's most famous country music singer / song writer was Mr. Slim Dusty (1927-2003), as well as country he also did many trucking songs. After you get used to the Aussie accent and slang there are many hours of his work you can enjoy on You Tube, a lot with truck pictures. Here is a link to get started with:
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    Maybe we need to start an Aussie slang topic???? The Just Old Trucks website had educated me some? Plus my 2 week vacation "Down Under" last year. Just a few: Track=road, tipper=dump body, tray= flatbed, swag was answered above, Matilda was a US depression era hobo's bedroll with all his belongings in it, swagman=hobo or migrant worker, scheme=project, Pommey (from the acronym POME, Prisoner Of Mother England) =Englishman or English made, Yanky=American, billabong= swamp land or zoo, mate=friend, and there are many more.
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    Tom Millard put one on his fathers 361 Brockway.. Check out his resto topic on brockwaytrucks.org website
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    As far a aftermarket kits go, hot rod shops or summit.
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    I agree with Jason O, that letting the police "go to lunch" might provide an opportunity for some "attitude adjustment"😁 But having grown up in Mcmurray PA, it might be" something in the water"! Would it not be acceptable to disagree with what the flag stands for by posting a sign,and not destroying the symbol that so many died for? Personally I agree with the late singer and sausage magnate Jimmy Dean, when told of Abbie Hoffman burning and urinating on our flag said "I believe that old boy needs a good West Texas butt kickin'"!😁
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    Trump spins 'horrible' news that won't go away at Ford Nick Bunkley, Automotive News / September 14, 2016 Never turn a one-day story into a two-day story. That was the crisis-management philosophy espoused by Don Canham, a marketing genius who transformed the University of Michigan football program into a world-renowned brand and money-printing machine over 21 years as the school’s athletic director. Ford Motor Co. clearly doesn’t believe in that approach. It’s managed to turn the fact that it’s moving small-car production from the U.S. to Mexico into a yearlong debacle, right in the midst of the most divisive presidential election in history. Republican nominee Donald Trump has been more than willing to take the bait, repeatedly bashing Ford as traitorous during rallies and debates. Instead of just being transparent and explaining that the shift will allow hourly workers in Michigan to have better job security by building more popular, profitable pickups and SUVs instead, Ford decided to leak its plan in drips and drabs starting in the summer of 2015. Until Wednesday, Ford executives were inexplicably evasive about the subject every time it came up. ‘Speculation’ In July 2015, I and a number of other reporters wrote that Ford planned to move production of the Focus and C-Max from the U.S. to Mexico in 2018. Ford refused to say where the cars would be moved, even though it reportedly told the UAW they were headed to Mexico. Last November, Ford’s new contract with the UAW showed that production of nearly all cars would end in the U.S., with Mexico the expected destination. FCA’s UAW deal showed it had similar plans. Early this year, reports indicated that Ford was planning a new assembly plant in Mexico. A spokeswoman dismissed the reports as “speculation.” In April, Ford finally confirmed the $1.6 billion plant, but it wouldn’t say what vehicles would be built there. UAW President Dennis Williams, who had known about the plans for at least nine months at that point, took the opportunity to publicly flog Ford for the “very troubling” move. Poster child And all along, Trump eagerly made Ford into a poster child for companies shipping good American jobs south of the border. He called the new plant in Mexico “an absolute disgrace.” Only today did Ford, finally, confirm what anyone following the issue had known all along. “Over the next two to three years, we will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States," Ford CEO Mark Fields said during a presentation to investors. Because this was the first time any Ford executive had acknowledged that Mexico is indeed, the Focus’ destination, the story went viral -- again. USA Today, Fox News, CNN, NBC News, the Daily Beast, Breitbart News and dozens of other outlets jumped on it, even though many had already reported virtually the same news months ago. “Ford moving small car production to Mexico,” read a link right in the middle of the Drudge Report, a widely read conservative news site. Fields’ statement put Ford’s plan back in the news eight weeks before the election -- and just hours before Trump was campaigning in nearby Flint, Mich. “More bad news for Michigan today,” Trump said during an appearance at a Flint church. “It was just announced that Ford is moving all small-car production -- all of it, 100 percent -- to Mexico over the next two or three years. This just happened. We shouldn’t allow it to happen. … It’s horrible.” Overshadowed Remember when Ford gained a loyal following of consumers who applauded its decision to decline a federal bailout and avoid filing for a taxpayer-supported bankruptcy? Now, some of those same supporters are seeing Ford constantly in the news, being accused of prioritizing profits over patriotism. Everything about this “breaking news,” as some websites labeled it, is old. Yet it’s the most prominent headline emerging from Wednesday’s investor meeting, overshadowing four hours of presentations aimed at laying out Ford’s path to future success as the industry rapidly evolves. Ford has complained about constantly being picked on by Trump, yet it keeps bringing the Mexico story back to life. If Ford continues to get pummeled on the campaign trail over the next 55 days, it only has itself to blame.
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    Trump "would find it very, very difficult to throw out a family that has been here for 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens. That is not the kind of America he wants." Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani On Sunday, Giuliani said that all 10 of Trump's immigration policies are largely directed only toward "criminal" illegal immigrants. [Apparently, they don't view entering the U.S. illegally as being a crime. I do.] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all, in my vision, any children born to illegal immigrants in the United States should NOT be granted citizenship. Second, that any illegal immigrants can remain in the United States without being caught for 15 years is not only damning regarding the will and capabilities of U.S. authorities, but also begs the question of whether or not it is intentional.
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    People aren't killed without a reason. Presidents, at that time, weren't targeted for assassination without a very big reason (this is pre-1980s, pre-Hinckley era). JFK was in office from Jan 20, 1961 to Nov 22, 1963. We'll never know what really happened, who decided to have him killed, how and why. But I certainly would like to. It's impossible for me to believe that the FBI (J.Edgar Hoover) doesn't know what happened. Thus, it's shocking that the American people have not yet been told. That means, the "truth" is so powerful that it would undermine the very integrity of our government. Speaking of Hinckley, while John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman has been denied parole once more, why has the would-be killer of President Ronald Reagan been released? Both of these people attempted murder......one succeeded. There were numerous witnesses. Why weren't they executed within 48 hours? Why has the U.S. taxpayer been burdened with the costs of their confinement for decades?

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