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    Every year our family does a family reunion weekend at a state park, last year was the first time my wife and I camped for the weekend. I've spent plenty of nights in a tent over the years hiking and backpacking but it was a new experience for Jen and our pup...all 90 pounds of newfoundland. To say we were a bit cramped would be an understatement especially once the rain started Lilah ended up sleeping on top of Jen and I. So after a long winter of thinking and a little building we came up with out tiny house complete with a Bulldog on the hood. The tiny house is complete with recessed lighting, a bed, shelving and best of all a place for our pup to call her own. I bought the lumber from my buddy at the sawmill and proceeded to run it through my planer to make the siding, as an added bonus this works well as advertisement for my business lol. After everything was processed and the interior boards ship lapped we began building in the barn over the winter. I must have measured everything a dozen times to make sure I would be less than 13'6" tall....after all of it was said and done it came out at 12'5" sitting on the truck. The backhoe picks it just fine and the old mack hauls it down the road and doesn't break a sweat, I only had to down shift out of overdrive for one hill on our first trip. Lots of fun had by all and we got a lot of attention at the camp ground, looking forward to our family reunion (the rest of the tent dwellers are already getting jealous lol)and other upcoming trips this summer.
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    For the last 8 or 9 years I've had my eye on a willys overland truck parked in a field near me. I'm friends with the owner and I told him all that time ago if you ever decide you're not going to finish your project I'll buy it. Well today was the day.. My friend decided he wanted to spend more of his retirement (and money) fishing rather than sinking money and time into a truck. He was a draftsman in the air force then started and ran his own airplane mechanic business with his brother and the last few years worked mostly on vehicles. He told me he rebuilt the engine a few years back, broke it in and since has moved no more than a couple of miles (back and forth from the field to his shop). Fresh gas and a battery and it fired right up for me and I drove it (very short drive) home. He also is giving me all the "inventory" he has collected for the willys. Engine blocks, pistons, cranks, cams heads, carburetors, oil filters and much more. I'm really looking forward to this project. The dog claimed the truck my my wife wanted to take a good pic of the truck
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    'crazyness comes in defferent form' this is one part of our craziness. We bought the truck from Dan few years back. We are now collecting parts to restore it to it's original new condition. that include many many NOS parts.
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    I use to render a lot old diesel trucks of any brand. Here are a few of the Macks I've done
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    Bought a pair of these a couple years ago from a local race track,this ones a 68 I think,no title. Just got it home Monday.237,5 speed,
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    Back last winter I was contemplating buying a the RS 700 that Ranchhopper was driving here in the northern Illinois area when I started hauling gravel in '86. After much thought ,another buddy of mine told me about a truck not 1 mile from my house that was destined for a boat ride,if somebody didn't save it. So I said,"let's go take a look ". I knew the truck as it was around since the early '90's in the area and having a soft spot for the bulldog variety , I figured it was my duty to save it from a land far away . It is a 1988 R690ST. EM6-300L T2070 , and 5.73 Camelback rears,P/S,A/C. It runs great,but needs a little lovin'. I have an incredible bunch of friends who are on board to help me resurrect her. It has 385,000 miles on it (which I believe are true) . It is pretty much un-butchered,giving me a solid truck to fix up. Plans for now are just to get it mechanically sound,then paint & sprucing up,later . Nothing special really,just a red,Chicago area gravel spec R model Mack.
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    We runs these in Toronto12 meter,unfortunately they have a Fuller 9 LL behind a 350. Slow to go. capacity.
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    We run half a dozen of rb tractor. They're from 96 up to 2001
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    Spotted this newer Cardi Construction lowboy horse in Westerly yesterday. Nice looking truck.... (Note: when I loaded this, it was showing rotated 90 degrees. I rotated it in my computer so the nose is facing down, and now it shows correctly below in the attachment area. So if it's not oriented correctly, I apologize.....)
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    She claimed the truck the minute the tailgate was down.
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    From last week when I had some downtime. Did some maintenance on my truck and polished out the 77 since no one else takes care of it. Poor ol dog
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    Nice truck, always admired the Willys. Only thing better would be a cabover FC, but mine is a biased opinion lol
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    What will it cost [as a ruff estimate] to buy rebuilt E9 heads? Dale Francis the best place to go?
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    Well another 15 years and another latch gave up. No spring pressure left. New latches are square and $70 each. Not what I want to spent or have. After careful consideration I thought I could fix what I have. Sure enough worked! Cut the body apart with thin cutoff wheel at the bottom end. Now they do unscrew but likely never get it apart. I cut it about 1/2" from the end. It came apart and showed how the spring was in pieces. I then ground the head of the pin off so I could get the top off. I then measured the pieces and found something close at the hardware store. I then re assembled it and welded the cap on the pin and then welded the body together. Some paint and you would never know it was apart. I did constantly dunk it in cold water to keep the spring from loosing tension from heat soak(note I figured this out after ruining one spring). Also make sure you assemble the lower portion of latch correctly or you might have to cut and weld it on correctly(ya I found that out the hard way). In all it was easy and cheaper then new. Looks correct too with the round style body. welding the top back on the rod to hold spring: Completed assembly All the pieces cut apart, broken spring included: This is just after I cut the latch apart: This is the dimple you need to grind off to remove the cap on the end of the rod to get spring removed:
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    I would probably drill a small hole and thread it for a zerk or grease fitting. And just grease it now and then. There is a company called Lee Spring or leespring.com out of New York that has every kind of spring. I have their catalog and was in need of a new clutch spring, when I had the clutch and pressure plate rebuilt for the Mack. They had the exact spring I needed. They show the tensile strength and dimensions of any of their springs when you order from them.
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    What a great topic. The Hayward Macks are my favourites. From what I've seen the RS/RL600 seemed to be a popular choice for mixers. I've seen quite a few on ebay etc. but not so many tractors. I think the G model/Kenworth issue was to do with the cab door design. If you take a close look at the G model door it does look pretty similar to the KW door design and I heard somewhere that KW filed over it. Attaching an interesting period read on the opening of Hayward. mackwestern_20160616123008.pdf
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    Then I had to go pick up a roller at Plasterer in Sellersville and saw the H&K superliner hydroseeder. I had to crop my pics down and they're all fuzzy now. Every time I try to upload a pic from my phone, it says the image is too large. This new site sucks.
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    We finally got the go-ahead to set up our compound for the airport job we got and while I was taking some stuff in I saw this AP water truck. Earlier truck because it has those little beauty lines on the front fender.
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    someone mentioned th@ the gals in back of stage coach waz distracting the outlaw by flash n them thar boobs Wot Sez U? Cya §wishy
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    well its taking some searching Im no good on this Face Book garbage but found some photos of the truck and Trans am (Hmmmmm that dont look like how you spell Trans am to me but I leave it for you blokes to sort out lol ) Yeah it's not same truck at all not even close but somebody has been having fun and I guess thats all that really matters Dunno about them hands in the picture on the taut liner looks like a five year old drew them LOL but hey its part of the fum of it all Do you blokes have taut liners in the US ???? cant say I have ever seen pictures of them over there ?? And a short video please excuse the dick heads you can hear in the back ground they are the reason I dont really go to shows to many knobs with a gut full of grog and a big mouth spoil the night for so many (wankers should stay at home or better still get a job and then they might actually appreciate what goes into these trucks and not make such stupid comments we are arent all dick heads like the ones you can hear out here ) Paul
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    There pictures will surprise many. This is one of a fleet of axle-forward Scania 2-Series conventionals, operated by British Petroleum in New Zealand. Looks like an American "west coast" truck with the steer tires just behind the bumper, Scania Model T112MC (New Zealand spec) Lightweight chassis / Set-forward steer axle Engine Model 11-litre 333 horsepower DSC11-01 Transmission Scania 10-speed GR871 Production 1985-1986 Wheelbase 4,790mm (188.6 inches) Tires 11R22.5 GCW 48,000kg (105,822lb) .
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    No. Underdog had the V8 Superliner that I posted a picture of. I saw it at Mahan's two weeks ago and took the picture. My father has a Superliner that hopefully will never be sold. I don't know anything about the truck you posted other than I like it. Good luck in your quest.
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    I know this is an old topic but it caught my eye. I'm a fan of "Western" (Hayward) Macks. One thing that they all seemed to have in common, at least in my memory, was un-shielded exhaust stacks. Part of what burned (pun intended) that into my memory is the fact that I got a hell of a burn on my arm as a kid climbing into our new Superliner with those stacks one time. I never understood why they didn't have any heat shield like all trucks today. They have a real distinctive look that I didn't care for at the time but have now come to really appreciate because of their uniqueness. Does anyone know the story on the chromed (??), unshielded stacks? These were the ones bolted right to the cab back before the RWs got air ride cabs. Maybe they were an early production thing because I've seen some first gen Superliners without them. I think even the Rubber Duck Convoy truck had one. And I've seen them on western F models. Are they the same muffler as the shielded ones.... just without the shield? Does anyone still produce them? I'm surprised I never see them on restored first gen Superliners. I think they're so cool.
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    Only kidding lol early morning is the best part of the show, up early to watch and listen to the trucks roll in.
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    he is ISIS advocate in chief. In the mean time, please arm yourself. I live too far away to help you out if you get in a jam...
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    It looks in pretty good shape to start a restoration. The puppy in the back is classic! Every old pickup should have a dog in the back! Good luck with your new project.
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    When we get settled and I start the assembly of the container walls and get the final dimensions to order the trusses, I'll be posting photos. Right now all the containers are just in the yard, full of parts, trucks, machinery, tools and equipment. The pads for the containers have cured and weathered from the fall to now. No cracks or settling, so first thing to do is to place and weld together the first level. Paul
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    Little Armor-all on the dash. 3M lite compound on the outside...good to go
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    Nice. I been wanting another truck. But god these priority things just keep getting in my way!!!😂
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    If part of your half mile driveway is sort of straight, it will be a place to tune your drag car! Put up a set of lights and at least you can check your 60 ft times.
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    This is from my USS Oklahoma Society E News Letter. The last sentence is best As with almost every other tragic event, Obama is exploiting this as a platform to preach on gun control. He said: "This massacre is ... a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school or in a house of worship or a movie theater or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if that's the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision, as well." This is unspeakably grotesque. Why must Obama and the left always go here? Why must they always blame the hardware -- the inanimate objects -- rather than the people pulling the triggers? And for the information of this self-styled constitutional law professor, we decided at our founding that we were going to be the kind of country that has a robust right to bear arms. Just as objectionably, Obama said, "We need to demonstrate that we are defined more -- as a country -- by the way they lived their lives than by the hate of the man who took them from us." So Americans who had nothing to do with this mass killing have the burden of proving we are not defined by the hate of the terrorist? This really takes the cake. There are no words to sufficiently describe this insanity. Americans in general have nothing to prove here. It is leftist officeholders and their enablers who must explain why they won't take the handcuffs off our military, law enforcement and intelligence services and have the government do its job of protecting and defending the United States and its citizens. More than access to guns, Obama's insistence on keeping our heads in the sand and tying our hands behind our backs is imperiling all of us. Inviting the invasion of our borders without regard for who represents a danger to Americans, refusing to identify our enemy and playing footsie with the Islamic State group overseas are imperiling Americans. If anyone needs a lecture, it's not ordinary Americans; it's Obama and his fellow finger-wagging leftists, who keep mouthing their mantra that we need to examine ourselves to see what we are doing to cause these acts. My advise to Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Liberal deniers is to examine themselves, apologize to the rest of us and get out of the way so that the adults in this nation can take the imperative steps to identify the enemy, fight the war and defend America and Americans.
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    the fromt page of the hew yawk post and daily news directly blames the NRA .....AGAIN. funny though, that an organization gets blamed for actions that none of their members ever commit.
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    I've never heard of any other models being built at Hayward,Doug.The Cruiseliner was available as a WL or WS,and the Superliner was available as a RWL or RWS.When it was introduced,the dropped the RL/RS700 models and badged the RL/RS600 as the Valueliner.I don't believe the Superliner was ever built in Macungie prior to Hayward closing.I believe it was '81 when they closed.Then all 3 were built in Macungie until those models were discontinued. My Grandpa used to pick up new trucks for our local dealer and I went with him to Hayward in '81.We piggybacked home 3 Cruiseliners and a Valueliner.The trucks there waiting to be picked up were really something to see,chrome and polished aluminum and fancy paint jobs.When I went with him to Allentown in '76,all you saw was green,red or white and everything had spoke wheels.We got a full blown tour on that trip,something I'll never forget.They were still building the M series off hiway trucks then,got to tour the R&D facility and test grounds,it was really something.
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