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    Since somebody took all my 4x4's off my trailer, and the chain and binder I had on them, I had to scrounge up more. I applied some red krylon to it so I could easily recognize it when somebody takes it next time. I put my padlock on the binder too. It was an inside job too, shame when your own co-workers steal your equipment like that, especially when there was wood in the rack beside the shop and on other trailers that was not chained or strapped down. Saw a big Mack truck on rt. 522 in W.V. And a Diamond T. I saw a big Mack truck near Indiana, Pa. too. IH Scout sitting in Ferrall, Pa. Cabover Ford in the building at Griffin Pipe in Lynchburg. I saw a girl at the Sheetz in Madison Heights getting some air. Saw Greendash motoring down the highway.
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    Just picked up my new toy. 1985 R685st 300 5 speed. Not real crazy about the 5 speed but will have to do for now. Cab needs painted and interior needs a good going over. Nice frame and cab and doors are real solid. I made it one year as a company driver but just had to get my own again.
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    Well, we got it back to the yard with no incidents, it ran well. The wipers weren't functional and it was drizzling so visibility wasn't great. I drove it back with the aux in under or direct and I was able to maintain 55-60 mph with ease. The aux shifter was seized, but once home I got it freed up. The linkage is sloppy, so I need to look at that. I also figured out the big winch on the back and got that moving, it's gonna be a challenge to get that working as it was intended I think, but doable. The cab is rougher than I had hoped, but I have located a replacement and will be picking it up tomorrow. The engine ran great and the tires are even better than I initially thought. The bad however is that the double frame is junk from just behind the cab back. I'm bummed, but not undeterred. I'd like to find a air ride rear clip and section it onto the front original frame. I don't know what is best or even what all my options are. It is gonna be a lot of work but I still think there is enough good to work with on this old truck. What do you guys think? I'd love to see another similar project that someone else is doing. Thanks guys, you've been a great help. Andy
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    An R Model Steering Box worked well, glad we checked the Mains.
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    40 years later to the month, I purchased this '68 F711 in Kalgoorlie and drove it back across Australia to Sydney. Hell of an experience and had some dramas along the way, but with some good luck I managed to overcome my problems roadside by myself.
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    Obviously I got the flatbed off as well, it was an easy decision after looking at it. It was rotted beyond practical use. Thanks, Andy
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    Gents, I get that some of you have reservations about Trump. That said, can you imagine how bad the alternative (Hellary) will be for us. She will be a terrible continuation of Oblamer's various agendas. Forget for a minute the almost certain loss of your 2nd amendment rights, the continuing invasion by illegals, an ever-expanding intrusive EPA, the continuing loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs, and the doubling-down on government health care. THE NEXT PRESIDENT WILL PROBABLY APPOINT FOUR SUPREME COURT JUSTICES. IF IT IS HELLARY, SHE WILL APPOINT CRAZY LEFT WINGERS AND LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL CHANGE FOREVER. I'll gladly take my chances with a Trump presidency. Paul Ryan, the Bushes, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, John Beaner, Chucky Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and their ilk don't care. They'll be just fine, hanging out in Congress, sucking on the government teat, and doing the bidding of their lobbyist masters. It is us, we the people, that will be screwed, permanently...
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    Commercial Car Journal / December 1940 To meet demands in the heaviest hauling field, Mack Trucks, Inc., has announced a new Model END-605 Mack-Lanova diesel powerplant. Similar in design and principle to the 8.5-liter (519 cu.in.) Model ED engine, the new Model END-605 diesel has a piston displacement of 9.9-liters (605 cu.in.), and bore and stroke of 4-5/8 in. x 6 in. The engine operates at the same maximum speed of 2,000 r.p.m. as the smaller Mack ED diesel and develops 144 horsepower at that speed. Maximum torque at 1,100 r.p.m. is 455 lb.-ft. (617 N.m). One of the most important claims of this new diesel is, that like other Mack-Lanova diesels, it combines smokeless combustion with high power, high speed and smooth running. Some of the reasons why this diesel produces full rated power without smoke may be thus enumerated: The Lanova energy cell in combination with Mack’s combustion chamber design is used in this engine, and all Mack diesels offer more thorough combustion and greater tolerance for different fuels. Higher grade pistons, rings, valves and liners in these Mack engines resist wear and heat better and longer. “Permafit” exhaust valve seat inserts endure indefinitely and prolong valve life. Valves are firmly guided and close accurately and evenly. Cylinders, which are of heat-treated alloy, do not distort, and gaskets stay tight because of multi-studded and deep-section heads. Other reasons for full rated power without smoke in this new END-605 Mack Lanova diesel include long-shank nozzles which may be cooled better, a Mack “Synchrovance” injection timer which reduces shock at low speeds, and a flange-mounted injection pump with fully enclosed tamper-proof direct gear drive. The injection pump is a self-contained multiple-unit protected against maladjustment in the course of ordinary engine maintenance. Full scavenging and low pumping losses are effected by valves which open directly into the combustion chamber. .
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    Now we kick Clinton's ass all the way to the federal pen along with Holder and Obama, and get this country on the right track.
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    I had a busy weekend. Had to drive down to Dillon to attend a college graduation. Not sure how to get captions to coincide with the pics since they are in two different boxes so I'll give a description of what I saw here and hopefully you guys can put the rest together. Saw this giant shovel working at the mine in butte. A view of the cuts and tailing piles from the south. Saw some cranes putting up chain link netting to keep the rocks out of the highway. Saw a man fishing in the river. Anyone recognize this bridge? It's famous. Sorry for leading you guys on but I can't seem to get the crane pics and the shovel pics to load. Pics taken with same phone at nearly the same time as some others posted on here so I'm (as usual) clueless as to why they won't load up. Have to wait until my smarter half can tell me how I screwed up 😀
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    Winton. Is the manufacturer. Built in 1935 and was coupled to a Gen set to provide power for the town of Arcade ny. Ran till 1955 and purchased by a gravel pit for power. Ran till 1985 when a thief stole all the copper from the electric service. At that time the owner refused to fix and purchased a new cat Gen set. The one that I have to haul still runs even after being in a big building fire over 10 yrs ago. I would post other pics of gravel pit but I have not asked owner yet and has many older trucks and don't want to have an issue. On a side note these engines where used in the battle ships. When in battle they couldn't keep up with the cruisers so Winton produced aluminum pistons. They found out that they would melt. So they made new ones from aluminum and bralilium. At the time it was top secret and doubled the rpm and hp. This one is 375 rmp and 500 hp.
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    17 ton. No heads ,rods, intake or exhaust or water jacket. Have 1 more to move all together. That one will be over 20 ton. Never fear, brockway to the rescue
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    Have you checked for metal chunks in the transfer case oil?
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    hell; who cares if its not quite rite......looks fabulous....nice job...bob
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    I like the high gloss, too. To the OP: the paint looks great. Don't worry about it. BTW, here's a couple of pics of the two interiors I painted. The first two pics are the B81 and second two are the B61:
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    trump to obambi....a multi billianaire master mind,,,,arguing with a begger........hey obambi,,,,give it up.....you got nothing.....bob
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    Yeah a lot of the folks up in Fort Mac have already been experiencing tough times, a lot are Kaye's off from the oil fields , cost of living in outrageous up there , and a lot can't afford the roof over there heads let alone keep insurance and n it. Our retard Prime Minister is more involved keeping the Syrian refugees happy than helping the people in the country he leads.
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    Beginning to see the new American Industries Mack Granites on the road. Rt 2 & 395. Very nice.
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    Ouch! Yeah....those bearings look ugly! The R box looks good.
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    I was fortunate enough to meet the owner, crawl all over this truck and the rest of his collection. Top bloke Roland
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    I would strongly suggest with the system being open and major parts replaced you should replace the dryer and any oil it is required to have in it. Any major AC repairs it is advised by the OEM's. Paul
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    I think you mean this one.
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    Packing the 200 tons of pack I hauled in to fill the core of the foundation.
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    Did the compressor fail? If it did and the system was not flushed there could be debris that ended up in the Expansion Valve.
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    Hahaha, I literally lol'd! Well played good sir!
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    Looks well-built on the pictures. The most interesting question is how long it would last. I used to hear that Chinese producents increaset quality of their vehicles to a good level during the decade although together with noticable increase of costs. Last years we have planty of big dump trucks on the roads and I noted some tractor units recently also. Suppose they're about twice cheaper than Scania's. Paul, Holden Cruse and Holden Spark... I wouldn't thought I ever hear anything like that. Just makes shivers up and down my spine.
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    Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner!
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    Wait till you hear the truth behind the destruction of the coal industry, it will make you see red
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    I think it's real close. You are seeing it in the sun with out the shadows and interior parts to break up the "look" . Only thing I do see is the high gloss, that pops out the light metallic more then the OEM semi gloss. I like the high gloss. Paul
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    I agree with Mcrafty1
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    Then I would have had to use the model glue to hold my tongue together til it healed. Then I would have been bent over and used by the infamous wooden spoon til I understood how stupid I was. OH well, that was back when you learned something. I've caught the story the other day when that Starbucks crap started. Personally they can go under and I would not loose a minute of sleep. People that can afford a $5 cup of coffee.......screw'm(well, they are by not getting a full cup). Didn't Barnum Bailey say there was sucker born every minute?
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    I hope he wins as the lesser of two evils! With the Clintons track record he'll probably meet with an "accident" like so many who oppose the Clinton trash. Remeber what Monica said " the last dealings with the Clintons left a sour taste in my mouth"
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    Let's hope she gets indicted and all others who won't vote for her will vote for trump showing the people want a change. Trumps not perfect but electing him sends a statement and opens up the idea that a third party can be a real option instead of our crummy 2 party this or that system. Go trump, go USA!
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    Yes sir, I really appreciate your outlook on that.
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    Goes before Buckwheat, Blame it on the judges who don't toss those cases out, greedy lawyers and the Timothy Leary generations who can't admit they F'ked up. People winning suits over bad hair cuts, prom dates who cancel, probably one of the top ones is the family who sued and won(!) Monogram Models, Boeing Aircraft, Pratt and Whitney, Hamilton Standard and Hobby Town. Why? because their 12 year old "scarred for life" son was chewing on the plastic model propeller and cut his tongue. $3000.00 in medical bills and $500,000.00 from each company for pain and suffering. If I did that when I was a kid, I would have been asked if I was stupid, act your age and let me see your tongue. . .in that order.
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    Took yesterday off and everything actually went according to plan for once. I got the last few pieces bolted on (like the grill) for good and gave everything a good once over and greasing and took her for a little ride. Stopped at the local quarry to get a weight. 1/4 tank of fuel in one saddle and bone dry drivers tank, two guys in the cab, but no fifth wheel plate. 15020 lbs. I took a bunch of pictures of it b/c i was excited lol
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    Some times prayer is only thing left.
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    Good evening gentlemen. My issue is once again medicine related. Not that big of an issue this time. Overnight accommodations at the hospital from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Needed a co driver for a couple of days last week but was fine by Wednesday. Thanks for you concern. Hope y'all are habit a good week. Be safe take care.
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    pulled the injector again today,took it to turbo diesel injection in Forest park,they had it ready for me by 130 this afternoon,said it was leaking at the split where it comes apart,,got home and popped it back in,i was giddy with excitment as i waited listening to it run,and no more leaks,now i can move forward to the next phase,,thanks AZB755V8 for the sound advice,
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    Ha-ha, no plate, truck hasn't been registered in three years. Front tires look brand new, rears have 60-70% tread. Rears are caps but no weather cracks, all matched. It kills me, tow will probably be $400-$500 which sucks. On the other hand it's probably alot more in legal fees...... Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Andy
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    Made good progress end of the week and over the weekend. Got the air cleaner polished up best i could. The lid and intake hat were too rusted to salvage so i had to paint them black which doesnt look too bad. I also had a good ebay score with a NOS hood emblem. It was a little pricey (160$) but the odds of finding another one for a reasonable price are slim. Wednesday night we finally started to pull the big dents out of the drivers side tank. We welded the aluminum threaded rod to dent and hooked up the slide hammer. Made good progress but the rod was only 1/4-20 and kept necking and pulling apart. I should have gotten larger rod but i was afraid of the size of the weld at the tank hindering the metal moving. So we decided to cut the end off the tank and hammer the dents out. It was a little difficult wrestling it back into shape to put the cap back on, but it came out good. There was one little dent toward the bottom I couldnt pound out because it was on the far side of a baffle. Oh well. looks a lot better than it did. Saturday night i got that tank sanded and polished and sunday I got both tanks on the truck with new rubber isolators and painted steps. It was really exciting to get in the cab using the steps instead of climbing in and jumping down. I also got my insurance cards and went to the DMV and got Historical plates for it. Im thinking of taking tomorrow off work to do some more tinkering and put some miles on her before i do more tinkering especially since the rest of the week looks like rain anyway, EDIT: forgot the pictures
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    I couldnt agree more I find it interesting how you build buildings other parts of the world like frost lines and things we never think of out here all this compaction business well we pour floating slabs so compaction isnt as crucial but termites are a major problem in Australia and we build a lot of houses to keep us cool and catch breeze and resist bush fires We dont have heaters in our house or AC never gets cold never gets real hot I read on here (the forum) people getting feet of snow a lot of people in Australia will never see snow in their lifetime Some of the most interesting things on this forum has nothing to do with trucks Its a interesting world we live in Paul
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    I had to go to Sterling Lumber on 151st in Harvey the other day, which is the old Allis Chalmers plant. When I pulled in the Sid Kamp Specialized CL700 was sitting there waiting to get some swamp mats. I got a picture of it and the old water tower that still has the AC logo on it.
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    I hope Americans think about the real cost before signing up to one of these and Im not talking about the dollars and cents purchase price of the truck either think about people Paul
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    You list two tragic incidences but where is the incidences where a gun saved someone? So because the father raised and pointed a gun at a law enforcement officer and he shot the suspect (not a law abiding citizen now since he pointed a rifle at a peace officer) instead of taking the eviction notice and his daughter was killed it is because he owned a gun???? It could have easily been a butcher knife, he still would have gotten shot. The father is responsible for what happened not the law enforcement officer or the rifle, the father made the choice not to comply which got his daughter killed. The the son would not have tried to sneak back into the house he would not have gotten shot by the father. The father dropped the son at the bus stop and when he left the boy decided to skip school and sneak back to the house. It is a sad that something like that happened but had the boy not broken into his own house the dad would not have thought it was an intruder. It was not the guns fault or the Dad, the dad was on the phone with the Police but as with most crimes police investigate they rarely catch anyone in the act of Breaking and Entering or Robbery. What if it was not his son but a cracked out intruder that had a gun, the Dad was on the phone with police but that would not have stopped the cracked out intruder from shooting the dad. Here are a couple all I did was google gun saves family- http://kxan.com/2016/01/12/intruder-shot-during-dripping-springs-home-invasion/ http://www.ammoland.com/2016/01/255923/ https://www.ecr.co.za/news-sport/news/listen-brave-durban-teen-saves-family-intruders/ http://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/news/local/columbia-county-man-shoots-armed-home-intruder/npzxd/ http://www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/72451674-story http://www.baynews9.com/content/news/baynews9/news/article.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2016/1/2/pcso_intruder_shot_a.html I can go on but I think you get the point
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