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    Good evening gentlemen. My issue is once again medicine related. Not that big of an issue this time. Overnight accommodations at the hospital from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Needed a co driver for a couple of days last week but was fine by Wednesday. Thanks for you concern. Hope y'all are habit a good week. Be safe take care.
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    Guess Trumbauersville ran out of room in the fire house and the old dog has to stay outside..
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    I've finally got my truck running! My next order of business is to get the brakes working. I'll go ahead and admit that I don't have any experience with air brakes or their controls. Inside the cab, I have a " Air 3rd axle loaded/no load" , "Truck tractor protection" , and a rotating valve that has "run-park" on it. There's also a lever on the steering column that says "not for parking". To show my ignorance, I have no clue what these valves are supposed to do. If you guys could shed some light on this for me, I'd be grateful. My truck has the camelback suspension. are both the axles supposed to drive all the time or is there supposed to be some kind of shifting mechanism to engage the rear axle, as I don't see anything back there except the brake air lines. Thanks, Jim
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    1989 Marmon 57P tractor.
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    more pictures b/c i keep having problems uploading pictures....
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    Took yesterday off and everything actually went according to plan for once. I got the last few pieces bolted on (like the grill) for good and gave everything a good once over and greasing and took her for a little ride. Stopped at the local quarry to get a weight. 1/4 tank of fuel in one saddle and bone dry drivers tank, two guys in the cab, but no fifth wheel plate. 15020 lbs. I took a bunch of pictures of it b/c i was excited lol
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    Good luck with your Bighorn project. Terrific truck. Please share your progress with us via photographs.
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    Well did a little work on the truck tonight. My shutters were not working correctly so I unhooked them. Checked things out and realized I put the air in the outlet side and shutters on the inlet side. Oops, so I swapped lines and we'll she if they work right. They closed, but would not open right(just leaked air). The valve is one way and with air going the wrong way I could see why they would not open. My air wipers also quit an hour from home the other night. I was thinking the worst............but seems it was only the brass plug on the toggle valve. It was loose and leaking air which would not allow it to have enough volume to work. Once I resealed that they are back to working lickety split. All back to good and ready for taking it in another week to the train tour our club set up.
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    Glad that was all it was. Yes, they do sound good, like a small block version of an E9. Mine has just a little lope at idle if it is not in 4 or 5th gear and the splitter in neutral, just a little drag and it smooths right out. I like the slow lope only about 50 rpm's difference but noticeable. I didn't have leaking injectors but I have had to weld a few leaking injector lines, no new ones from Mack anymore. They make a mess in a hurry only way I knew was it was loping a little more than nornal... and the big puddle under it... LOL Put that old V8 to work.... just baby it, parts aren't around like they use to be.
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    Pick a a range and stay there. subscribed and good luck
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    Thanks guys, Got the brakelines and master cylinder finished up, started pricing cab lights, not too much curved base stuff out there anymore. I found a full set of nos kd517s for my A-car when I did that over, glad I saved the old ones. The chrome is flaking off, tried some "chrome paint" on the inside of one, don't know if I should just leave them as is or use the paint. Air horns were real rough painted them white. I think this will look pretty good against the black cab. Going to rework and extend the transfer case shift lever so it will look like a duplex. I've got to come up with an electric windshield wiper motor that can work with the Mack wiper transmission.
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    Congratulations on your new truck . I love this story because you were actually able to buy the truck . Stories like this usually end with the " the owner won't sell it , because they want to save it "or they think its worth $ 30,000……. usually 5 years later it is sitting in the same spot , just a lot rustier . Thanks for including us in your endeavour . Hopefully you will include us in the work you do to it . Nice truck
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    My believe is that it's the best thing you can do I try to do it often & I know I need to do more
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    got my confused injector line at last
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    Some times prayer is only thing left.
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    Nice job.I defireized my B85 also.some people frown on doing this.But it Sat as a fire truck for a long time with no one loving it.so I made it into an everyday ride.Dodge pickup chassis ,cummins, automatic transmission,ps,PB,20 MPG.very fun to drive.
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    Flywheel housings do have standard SAE bolt patterns that will match to all heavy duty transmissions. You will want to pay attention to your clutch and flywheel selection because all OEM's have different amounts of clearance. A Mack 9-spring clutch will probably not fit in any transmission you select.
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    Ha-ha, no plate, truck hasn't been registered in three years. Front tires look brand new, rears have 60-70% tread. Rears are caps but no weather cracks, all matched. It kills me, tow will probably be $400-$500 which sucks. On the other hand it's probably alot more in legal fees...... Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Andy
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    I saw this thin-crust pizza rolled up and then wrapped in bacon come out of my oven. Between myself and the little vultures, it didn't last too long. I saw Large sitting in this Delorean I saw Pokey the Wonder Mutt under the covers on a chilly morning. He was pretty irritated at me. I saw this big F.W.D. Truck with the remains of old Bethlehem Steel Basic Oxygen Furnaces 1-4 in the background at a show. I saw this Extra Small girl at her 2nd Birthday Party Lunch I saw this Big Mack Firetruck I saw these two big Hahn Firetrucks. Then I saw this Big Mack Truck hauling a small bulldozer northbound on Pa 309. It belongs to Haines and Kibblehouse, a pretty big construction empire in Eastern Pa. Mr Haines doesn't live too far from here, and has a boatload of antique trucks and hosts a private show at his house in October. He always brings out a bunch of trucks to Macungie (The green ones over by the pool.) Then a bit down 309 I saw this other one, he went into the Wawa to get some coffee or something I guess.
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    I had the same problem with my 2004 CH and I went with the one piece tank that's metal.
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    if it still has a plate on it see if he owner will just leave it. take it home like you know what you are doing
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    1957 Mack B34B-1403 401 engine with a body by Gillig Coach, Hayward, CA.
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    After some time doing other unimportant things (eating, sleeping, work ) I'm back in the Mack attack. Sorry about the mismatch of the pictures. I uploaded some of the wrong ones and couldn't figure out how to get rid of them before posting. I'll do another one soon with the correct ones. Got all the frame work completed for both side boxes, fabricated and installed the floors and walls, made a couple of more doors with actual working latches. Also started mocking up the pump and counter as well as the hose reel to check the fitment. Soon the LONG process of getting the whole tank ready for primer. No rest for the weary!
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    I had the same prob. Installed new kingpins didn't help. 3 point alignment didn't help. Rotated tires no help.
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    Get the metal replacement tank. Much better than the double plastic tank, only one tank
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    If it has tits or tires......its gonna cost you.
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    Good deal vinny. You'll have to post some pics and videos for us. You will be far better off learning the value of working to buy yourself thing like your truck than screwing around at the beach. In a few years you'll be able to take care of yourself unlike all the other brats that mommy and daddy just hand them stuff. Keep up the good work Vinny.
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    Not much going on with the U yet. I plan to get it out this weekend. Spring break now everyones out at the beach and im working all week making some dough. Bought my first truck. Thats about it
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    Sorry guys...didn't have any time for warnings, we had a potential hack and I couldn't gett he code out without upgrading to the latest forum software. I tried to hold out as long as I could but this change was inevitable! Post pics and signatures should come back soon...the forum is actually still updating in the background. It will take a little while so it doesn't crash the server. Don't worry, we will get through this, LOL! It's not thaaaaaat bad!
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