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    Looks like an expansion tank from a Galaxie! Only the outlet is on the drivers side. The top picture looks more boat oriented? Is that an outlaw car in the upper picture? Some good motor porn for sure! Ya, the wagon runs pretty good for what it is. That is just the car, throw another 180# worth of driver to that number. I leave A LOT on the table with this motor. When I put the 4.25 crank in it a couple years ago the shop kept bugging me to CNC the heads and put a big roller stick in it. Nope, no money for that crap! Still running the same flat tappet since 2000! The edelbrock heads are just rolled and gasket matched, nothing special. They only flow 280 Intake/220 exhaust. They go north of 300 on the intake now pretty easily. Glad I was never big on going fast. I just enjoy the driving part.
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    Those wheel bars should really help. I like hanging them in the air but... no control. On the ground with all 4 is a good place to be. Holly Cow and I mean COW. That is impressive to run that good at 3850Lbs All aluminum isn't going to help that much with all that weight.... Well maybe I have the answer for you,... a couple of the dinosaurs I have to play with All aluminum V12's, 860cid, a little heavy at 1000Lbs dresses but.... Just like a good looking woman that has a few extra pounds... It's what you do with it. Pure Auto Porn at its Best Take a look at the valve covers and coolant tank on the last one. What do you think its is going in? Been in the works for 5 years now. You should know real quick Larry. It will really move at 2600Lbs, is a clue.
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    There's only one "right" steering gear. Do you have a 12,000lb front axle (Mack FAW 537) ? i.e., no slave steering gear on the right side. If so, you have a Ross integral HFB-64. Great gear with long life. Ross became TRW, which from last year was acquired by Germany's ZF. (For many years, we used the superb HFB-64 series in everything, MH, R, U, DM600S, MR, RD6, RB and RW.....different housings of course) Give TRW's steering systems division a call (765-423-5377). TRW offers factory-reman gears. Provide them with the Mack 20QC part number per your truck's model and serial number. (What is it, by the way?) TRW introduced the new TAS series a while back which remains their main product. Ask TRW if they have a TAS equivalent to your gear. http://trucksteering.trw.com/contact_information http://trucksteering.trw.com/sites/trucksteering.trw.com/files/pdf/Tasgear.pdf
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    1962 B-61 673END diesel 20 sp. quadriplex twin screw camelback suspension P.T.O. have spare fenders, hood, and 673 engine truck is in Wisconsin call for more info. Home(920)923-3155, cell(920)251-7765 asking $4,200 obo
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    A few years ago I went and bobbed a military deuce and if that wasn't enough I swapped out the inline six for a V8. I took the 135 HP multi fuel out and fabbed in a 250 HP turbocharged 3208. I had to use a five speed overdrive trans from a five ton to take the 100 plus extra HP so the trans didn't grenade.
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    Hello! Today I've driven a truck for the first time in my life! My company sent me to make a driver's licence "Category C" - in Europe that's what you need to driva a vehicle with over 3,5 metric tons of gross weight. So they put me in a MAN TGL - a seven ton truck. For the first hour I practiced maneuvering - parking, backing up, and so on - I did that with no troble, so then the instructor took me out on the country roads. The mix of light traffic and 8 gear split tranny felt very exotic to me, but somehow I think I'm getting hold of it. After I went back, it turned out the guy who was supposed to drive after me didn't show up, so I got one more extra hour of the beautiful rural countryside. After driving a car for 20 years, this truck sure feels funny - but I like it a lot. Let's see how I will do later. Thanks for reading and have a nice day Paweł
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    It was nice and sunny today, so I run the B out to clean 'er off some.
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    2017 Mack GU713 Quad Axle Dump Trucks - delivering 2 this week to an excavating contractor in Eastern Tennessee. Trucks are MP8-455M, 8LL, 20k front axle, 46k rear axles on Mack camelback suspensions, Hardox tub style bodies with high lift tailgates. Real nice trucks - nice specifications. I like to specify the 20k front end with the dual steering boxes for all dump truck applications.
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    My girlfriends grandfather was up from Texas recently, and he was a longtime trucker who always drove/ owned Macks. He he sent me a package of dogs and some mounts
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    Engine 537, Mount Carbon, PA 1983 Mack CF/Pierce 1500/2000
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    Engine 12-2, Fame Fire Company #2, Lewistown, PA (retired) 1981 Mack CF 1500/500
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    Thanks, Power is CUMMINS NHB 335 ( so the tag on accessary drive says), might have to throw some serial numbers out there at you guys. It has a 9 speed over gear main box and an unmarried 3 speed behind it. Not counting the low side, I would call it a 5 and a 3. I'm use to SPICER boxes( I know, wash my mouth out with soap, right). And 7.32 rears.
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    From the album 1961H67

    Dawson & Grandpaw , In front of H67
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    ODHFS, the Virginia Chapter of SPAAMFAA has started a new feature on their web site called "Owner's Pride". Pictures of each member's rig(s) along with a description are now on the web site. If you click on each picture and then go to the lower left side a description of the truck will appear. Very neat stuff! http://www.odhfs.smugmug.com/
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    One of the dozers on our project.
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    Thanks. It didn't turn out too bad. I finished it a couple years ago. It took about 9 years from when I acquired it till I said it's finished. "Work sure gets in the way of fun stuff". I did have someone do the upholstery work, It turned out really nice. Yep, west of Kalispell a bit.
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    Working on air intake. I think it is turning out well. Looks like it should JUST clear the hood. Tape measure is approx. hood line. Getting tight enough radius wasn't possible so I had to cut them. Not what I wanted but will work fine for this. Finish welding and some gold paint so it looks like it is suppose to be there. Would love to done alum but that was not in the cards. Had to step from 4" at air cleaner to 3 1/2" at turbo.
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    With the help of "Jacob Moneymaker" I was able to secure this truck and picked it up last weekend near his home town in AR. Its a 1964 B75 sitting on a 1978 Mack R686 Frame. 285HP Tip turbine with a straight 5 speed 3.87's on 38k camelback Truck needs some new fenders and lots of TLC but it has some cool modifications. It has dual Breathers, one feeds the turbo the other feeds the charge cooler, R model Clutch pedal assy, R model steering column, Spring brakes, It had a cut out for a sit in sleeper and Im thinking about using my Double eagle 36" to put on the back of this. It has AC that was installed under the passenger seat but currently not working. The cab/Hood sits a few inches higher off the frame than a stock B75 and it gives it much better access to stuff under the truck. The double frame was cut to shorten the truck after the sleeper was removed. Depending what I do with it I may re stretch it and clean up the hack job that was done to it when it was shortens. The bumper is going. will likely find a more period correct steel bumper that can be painted. It came with 2 aluminum budd fronts but only one was installed. It has a nice padded interior but it will need to be copied as its showing its age. I was told this truck was semi Restored by a mack dealer and they did most of the modifications? Engine and trans feel Strong. Will need to get the fenders off this weekend to get a better look at it. It was a long 24hr day to get down pick it up and then drive back. I did get to meet Jacob and helped him get his 70's Reo cab over that he bought. Jacob took a quick Vid of the truck as I starting to load it up on the lowboy. Trent
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    This week I completed the interior, paint wise. The seats are back in. The wiring is all figured out (some of it was re-wired for plowing and all that came out). The doors are almost completely done now, inside and out. The glove box cover had to be rebuilt (hinges welded back together in place, hole in cover repaired, catch welded back in with tin doohicky for the latch to click into). Hopefully, I will have it ready for paint by the end of the week. I'll finally get to see how my hood support arms and brackets will work (had to fabricate them myself). In a way, this project has progressed more quickly than last year's ('Mater), most certainly because I'm learning more and able to do more on my own.
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    Here's some pictures of My Brothers 1972 R797ST1021 as it's coming along! Some before and after. Enjoy, Josh
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    Larry, got the same trouble when I built my new engine for the F. Pegs the oil pressure gauge now. U freaked out when I first started it up, but Mack guys say the ESI E6's get up to 120 PSI. So I'm just looking for a 150 PSI gauge. Mine idles hot around 60 pegs the gauge above 1500 RPM.
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    I know it is a very, very tight fit back in that collar. You have to remove the brass drain valve to get it out of there. Too much paint and it won't slide through. I ran it long enough to get the temp gauge to start to rise. Being it was only mid 30's the paper I put in front of the radiator helped. I had fogged the neighbors for long enough and shut it down.
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    the B613's and B61SX's and special orders usually had the bigger radiator like you have. the one that pretty much fills the horse collar. the cheaper smaller radiator was squared off at the top and bottom and not angled like yours to fit the horse collar. dunno really how much more cooling it was but the tanks were def bigger
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    The water pump is were the heater needs to return to cause that is the suction side of the pump.Any thing on the block or manifold will be pressure to the heater.
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    These are a pair of A-C HD-19's joined and built specifically for the Garrison Dam project. Didn't the D9D have a 48 foot blade? I know Cat did a Super Push twin Engine D-8 around 1948 or 49. (top 2 pics) CAT Siamese D9D third pic
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