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    About a month ago I got word from a friend that Boughton's B model was up for sale. The truck has been parked for 16 years. They bought it from Greco some 30+ years ago to move crushers around the pit. As soon as I heard the news I jumped on the phone and inquired about it. We hammered out a deal and I got it home this weekend. The hard part was keeping it quiet for a month, not on my end so much, but as soon as it got pulled out of the barn last week everybody knew about it. I was getting pictures and texts about it from all over the place and it was out that I bought it. Got it home this weekend with a little help from my friends at Catom and got it in the driveway. The truck is very solid but does definitely need a little TLC. Did a ton of cleaning today. My friend Scott stopped by with his MB yesterday and we lined em up for a little Mack show in my driveway. Plans for right now are to get the mechanical issues worked out and then tackle the exterior. Hopefully I can get it out to drive it before the snow flies. Oh, and it does have a V8 with a Quad box, it's a tank!
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    My father with his dream truck 1989 superliner e7 400 15 speed... after almost 2yrs of looking finally made a trip to Virginia and purchased this truck over the weekend... 1000 mile round trip finally home sitting in the driveway... start tomorrow on getting truck ready to work this summer will be pulling 2000 ravens 24ft frameless aluminum dump
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    So I read an article of an immigrant girl spouting off on how she gets a college education for free yet paid only 300.00 in taxes and she's illegal...living in the US I was always taught that you never discuss politics and religion with folks yet always be respectful . However I am angry. I was raised by a traditional grandmother and grandfather on a farm. We were taught to work as hard as you can for as long as you can.. never talk back to your elders, respect is earned and not given, and nothing is free. I paid for my entire education with the help of student loans because my family was poor... I did my time in the military because my grandpa said it was my duty as a citizen to serve this country. I was taught by my grandmother to take care of your man, wash clothes..cook and clean and take pride in your house,home and family. I was taught that I could be anything I wanted to be, but you have to work hard to get there... man or woman. I'm deeply saddened and angry that illegals get education and services for free.. yet my taxes are so high in a state I was born and raised in, that I can't afford to live there! And it is one of the highest social welfare states in the country! (Highest number of people on social welfare). What happened to this country? Morals? Values? Taking care of our men? Why is taking care of my man considered degrading by young women today? What the heck has happened? I'm not a racist, yet I'm labeled one because I'm white..and also told that I cannot wear a cross necklace to work, because it might offend someone. I'm deeply saddened by what is happening in this country. I am a hard working woman, I'll take pride in my man, family and home, I'll wear a cross my grandpa gave me, and I'll fly the flag he fought for! If that makes me a weak woman.. so be it. I'll stick to my old trucks and my farm at least cow crap is exactly what it is... cow crap! I'd rather work for things I have and need.. there's more pride in earning it than getting everything for free. sorry for the rant, but this country needs serious help.
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    On Christmas my family was over my house for the family get together. Well my father was like a kid in a candy store wanting to exchange gifts with everyone that night, mind you the youngest grandchildren are in high school and college or on there own. So first thing he does is give me the sign for my new Barn which I thought was great. Then he said there is more and everyone stopped and he gave me a small gift bag, In it was the title and all the paper work to his B-61 that is now mine. Surprised was an understatement for my reaction but touched by the gift. To me it's always his truck but it continues on in the family with my truck.
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    You're a 19 year old kid. You are critically wounded and dying in the jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam . It's November 14, 1965. LZ (landing zone) X-ray. Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense from 100 yards away, that your CO (commanding officer) has ordered the MedEvac helicopters to stop coming in. You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you're not getting out. Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you'll never see them again. As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day. Then - over the machine gun noise - you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter. You look up to see a Huey coming in. But.. It doesn't seem real because no MedEvac markings are on it. Captain Ed Freeman is coming in for you. He's not MedEvac so it's not his job, but he heard the radio call and decided he's flying his lightly armored UH-1 Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway. Even after the MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He's coming anyway. And he drops it in and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 3 of you at a time on board. Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire to the doctors and nurses and safety. And, he kept coming back!! 13 more times!! Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was over that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm. He took 30 seriously wounded soldiers out that day. Some would not have made it without the Captain and his Huey. Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Army Retired, died Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at the age of 70, in Boise, Idaho. May God Bless and Rest His Soul. I bet you didn't hear about this hero's passing, We’ve heard plenty about murders, Health Care, Border security etc. BUT NOTHING ABOUT THE PASSING OF Medal of Honor Winner Captain Ed Freeman. Shame on the media!!!
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    Pic at Sundown Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
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    Dear Special Snowflakes, I wanted to take a minute to write you specifically, so that you would know that your feelings matter to me. I know the past weeks have been really super, incredibly, terribly, horribly hard for you. You believed that Hillary Clinton would finally break that non-existent glass ceiling and that the warm and fuzzy snuggles you’ve had since President Obama came to office would keep on keeping on. Beer summits, Lin-Manuel Miranda free verse nights at the White House, and free weed for all, this is what you’d hoped Hillary would bring you; that and possibly turning the day after the Super Bowl into a national holiday. When that didn’t happen you believed it had to be someone else’s fault, because let’s face it, this is what you’ve always been told. Why would you know otherwise? I also understand very deeply how important it is for your narrative to not be messed with. After all most of you that are now “expressing yourself” grew up with a public school curriculum that reminded you that your feelings are never wrong and that "looking out for yourself first" is the most important lesson in life. When someone doesn’t affirm this I know the cognitive dissonance has to come near making your brain explode. Yes you never knew the lessons of losing because when your team scored fewer runs they still got trophies. You don’t much like God nor his ten commandments because they seem like a serious drag on your positivity with all the “thou shalt nots.” I get that you don’t know the difference in using the f-word or not in polite conversation, and I know that some of you may even be angry that your parents made you live your entire life as the actual gender that matched your anatomical genitalia. Life has been hard for you. Suffering through history lessons in… er history class, and sometimes hearing things about historical figures that weren’t quite as gentle as what your fluffy professors would like to teach you they were. To be candid, it’s a miracle that so many generations before yours suffered through such indignities. Even though you can’t articulate nor even defend your actual worldview, I know how much easier it would be for you to just never have to listen to anything that runs counter to it to begin with. I know on Snapchat, Instagram, and facebook you have this image of yourself that you are carefully crafting and how easy it is for you to just unfriend someone when they don’t like your newest Sextie. So I can only imagine how bad the last few weeks have been. Donald Trump, you’ve been told, is an "orange Jesus,” a not nice person who dislikes people different than him, and may actually cause a lot of disruption to your whole vibe. And because your world is filled with only one point of view, when that point of view tells you that the world may end if this happens, you naturally start asking your teachers for safe spaces. But after a while you grow bored there so you need coloring books and play-doh, or maybe even puppies to cheer you up. Because you know #FeelingsMatter. Yes it’s true, things may get a bit harder for a while. New anchors will mostly huff and grumble their way through his picking of his cabinet and his inauguration. They will fill your minds with teasers like “how great would it be if we got rid of the electoral college?” In some instances I’ve heard college professors have even taken to encouraging you to harass the members of the electoral college into trying to sway them to reverse their votes from Trump to Clinton. One lady I heard they’ve harassed with over 8000 phone calls and emails. Because you know #RapeMelania. When none of this works those same news anchors, and academics, and others who believe that you should live according to your feelings (instead of facts) will likely blame the outcome on something else. Because you know #NotMyPresident. They will still continue to attempt to get you to harass those who differ with you though. Like if a Vice President goes to see Hamilton they think it’s a classy move to curse so loudly and out of control during songs they perceive apply to the administration they will encourage you to do so long enough to stop the performance—multiple times. Because you know #LoveTrumpsHate. And if you can’t get a ticket because they’re being sold for that old fashioned capitalistic idea of a profit, just wait outside and chant for him to f-himself as he leaves. Because you know #WhenTheyGoLowYouGoHigh. Whatever you do though, pay no attention to the beliefs, words, or ideas that Alexander Hamilton actually believed because he was a dangerous dude who would’ve opposed everything your Queen Hillary believed. What I most want to tell you though is simple, “You will be okay in the end.” The icons you worship have led you to believe that the world is falling apart, but in reality for the next few months and years, things are going to radically improve. But in order to do so, just about everything you’ve ever been taught in your precious little snowflake life will have to be unlearned. And the lesson you will have to take away from it all is that America will survive for another generation.
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    Every year our family does a family reunion weekend at a state park, last year was the first time my wife and I camped for the weekend. I've spent plenty of nights in a tent over the years hiking and backpacking but it was a new experience for Jen and our pup...all 90 pounds of newfoundland. To say we were a bit cramped would be an understatement especially once the rain started Lilah ended up sleeping on top of Jen and I. So after a long winter of thinking and a little building we came up with out tiny house complete with a Bulldog on the hood. The tiny house is complete with recessed lighting, a bed, shelving and best of all a place for our pup to call her own. I bought the lumber from my buddy at the sawmill and proceeded to run it through my planer to make the siding, as an added bonus this works well as advertisement for my business lol. After everything was processed and the interior boards ship lapped we began building in the barn over the winter. I must have measured everything a dozen times to make sure I would be less than 13'6" tall....after all of it was said and done it came out at 12'5" sitting on the truck. The backhoe picks it just fine and the old mack hauls it down the road and doesn't break a sweat, I only had to down shift out of overdrive for one hill on our first trip. Lots of fun had by all and we got a lot of attention at the camp ground, looking forward to our family reunion (the rest of the tent dwellers are already getting jealous lol)and other upcoming trips this summer.
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    Well Guys it happened about a month and half ago. I finally got my Cousins old Magnum. She needs alot of TLC but I don't mind. My cousin finally parked it do to the power divider going out of it and the frame is really really bad but I have a nice frame same wheel base for already. Out of 4 the Magnums that were in the family this is the last one. I would have posted it sooner but I've been busy on the Super Dog Dump and also been sick with the flew for about 2 weeks. I would like to find the proper Sun Visor for it like all the Magnums had new. Also this the identical twin to Tackaberrys Superliner Magnum. Tackaberrys is 001311 and mine is 001312. Both were sold by Ohare Mack new.Since I took these pictures I have put the original Mack emblems back on the hood as I like them better. Enjoy Guys.
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    I just bought this 1980 RWL721LST. It has 51000 original miles. She was born with a ETCZB1000 V8, a 12 speed, and 44000 rears. My plans are to make it a tri axle Dump. It had a bad oil coller and 1 bad liner which I already fixed. Also there was several families of Rats living in the cab so I gutted the inside and I'm cleaning all the panels. I will keep you guys posted on my progress. Thanks, Josh
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    Back last winter I was contemplating buying a the RS 700 that Ranchhopper was driving here in the northern Illinois area when I started hauling gravel in '86. After much thought ,another buddy of mine told me about a truck not 1 mile from my house that was destined for a boat ride,if somebody didn't save it. So I said,"let's go take a look ". I knew the truck as it was around since the early '90's in the area and having a soft spot for the bulldog variety , I figured it was my duty to save it from a land far away . It is a 1988 R690ST. EM6-300L T2070 , and 5.73 Camelback rears,P/S,A/C. It runs great,but needs a little lovin'. I have an incredible bunch of friends who are on board to help me resurrect her. It has 385,000 miles on it (which I believe are true) . It is pretty much un-butchered,giving me a solid truck to fix up. Plans for now are just to get it mechanically sound,then paint & sprucing up,later . Nothing special really,just a red,Chicago area gravel spec R model Mack.
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    Got the engine and transmission assembled, painted and detailed. Now they are together and finally in their home. Still have a LONG WAY to go before it's first maiden voyage.
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    Here’s the story. I have recently acquired this Mack B615S 1222. It was purchased from my Dad's company. They ordered it new from Mack. So technically I am the second owner. The company did heavy hauling, crane work, millwrighting, ect. This truck was used to pull a 200-ton capacity trailer. (that is not a typo 200 tons! ) The truck has some neat features I do not see often. First is the extra set of dual wheels that bolt on to the back of the truck. They are not driven but do have brakes. I do not use them b/c of the trailer I am using. The best part of the truck is the winch mounted on the back of the truck. It is perfect to get the steamer on the trailer when it is cold. I contacted Mack Historical and on the build sheet it is noted to have a winch put on it. (something about how the exhaust was run). The engine is the original V8 END-864 with the 7220 Quadruplex trans. The amazing part 32K miles. The truck was keep indoors, well serviced and in excellent survivor condition. As for my intentions…. Before my Dad retired and sold the business, I got my CDL. I am not a truck driver but obviously am very comfortable using heavy equipment. I did a few hours of training and passed the test on a modern 10 speed. I tagged the truck Antique, permanent Pa. trailer tags and will haul my 1918 Case 10 Ton Roller around to a few shows a year. I am learning how to service the truck. I first started with an oil change. Had all the part #s from Mack. Had a Mack service station up the road, not any filters available, fuel, oil, or coolant. I guess that is why the Historical Museum puts all those contacts in the back of the book. So I got one at Napa. My first question #1 I used 7 gallons Rotella T4 15w-40 is that OK? The book calls 20w-40 or 10w-30 at 30 deg and above. I am also curious about the exhaust brake. I see it is a valve on the pipe and It is air actuated. #2 Do I turn it on at the top of the hill then turn it off at the bottom? It does not automatically disengage when I press the accelerator. It also does not seem to do much. At 25 tons combined I really don’t need it. I do not want to stress the exhaust valves/springs. #3 don’t use it at all? As for the engine. As I am finding out not one of Mack’s best. Before I got the truck I heard that they use to break the cranks, then they would drop a gas engine in the trucks. Now that I have spent hours researching the truck I am even more nervous. That being said, this is what I got. The biggest tip I see is not to lug them. #4 is that lug them below operating 1700RPM ? The range is 1700-2300 as per the tag in the cab. I have been trying to keep it between 1900-2300. #5 Any other tips? The Quadruplex!!!! Holyshit…. To my credit I did not have anyone to show me how to use it. I learned from Twin Stick Pappy on Youtube. I am not as good as Pappy but my skills are improving. Certainly, makes you learn patients when shifting. The downshift from 4th lo to 3rd high or 3rd lo to 2nd high is kicking my butt. I have found that downshifting a bit early, without overrevving, helps. I am sure the comments will be “more practice” and “match the road speed”. But I will throw it out anyway #5 any other tips? Quick story about the trailer. I picked it up and the lights did not work. Went thru and cleaned the grounds and plugs (3 on that trailer) No lights. Pulled the light, power to light. Tested light, it worked. Retested trailer with volt meter -12V…. shit pos. ground truck ….. polarity sensitive led lights on the trailer NO BUENO…. So for $60 I put incandescing lights back on the trailer. My last question, for now, is about the Dry-Slippery air switch on the dash. #6 Does it limit the front brakes or does it engage the second drive unit. I’m confused. So that has been my journey so far with the truck. Sorry for it being so long but I am new to this and have a lot to learn. Every time I get out of the truck I pull my earplugs and say “that’s a man’s truck!” Hot, loud, smells like oil, I love it. I am a young man and will own this truck for a long time, but I believe we are caretakers of this equipment for the next generation to enjoy. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    The Wellington Mack will be returning to New England. I don't want to get into politics about what did or did not transpire between the local chapter and the national chapter since it occurred years prior to me finding the common passion we all share amongst us, which is trucks. However I would like to say that we all admire, collect and preserve the history of trucks for future generations. Everyone of us one way or another, contributes to this preservation of trucks and history. With that said, the truck will reside back in the original place it had been for years, when it was first left for generations to admire. It will be at the Haul of Fame Musuem in Canterbury, Ct. The Truck will from time to time be loaned to other museums that desire to display it, as well as the Mack Musuem for all to enjoy. It will be brought to truck shows and events as well. This Truck is an iconic piece of American history, especially for all those who sacrificed their lives during WW II so that we could live freely in this great country. It truly deserves to be seen by all. I'm proud to say The Wellington, will stay in this country for all to enjoy, and in the New England area as the original owners had desired. I like to give a big thanks to the Fox family for wanting keep history alive, for future generations. I'd also like to thank the Yaworski family from Ct for originally housing the Wellington where it resided in New England for many years and taking it to shows. I would also like to thank Gary Mahan from NJ, for fixing the issues on the motor, housing the truck and taking it to shows, and a special thanks to the Mack Musuem for displaying this iconic piece of History for all to see. But most of all thanks to all of you, for keeping these trucks and history alive and well and preserving them for future generations to admire. Without all of you, most of the truck history would have been lost forever.
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    After unloading Nellie (figured every old gal needs a new name with a new home) my wife and I drug it to the edge of our driveway. It's going to be sitting for awhile with it being cold outdoors. Why not use it for one of the outdoors Christmas decorations? Over the course of the last week we've had many people slow down and a few even stop on the 40 mph road in front of our house. Part of it is the 1950 John Deere tractor lit up in the front yard along with all the other decorations. But I'd like to think it's mainly the Mack all lit up on a photo sensor from dusk-till-dawn. I'm new to this forum. Whether I step on toes or not I'm going to go ahead and say it... Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings!
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    Got the old girl to move under it's own power for the first time in two years. Decided to move it out to give the garage a much needed cleaning up. Going to install the grill shell and headlight panels later. Almost took it down the road but it's not quite ready for it's maiden voyage yet.
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    They finally rolled the truck out of the shop Monday afternoon it was a straight truck used to deliver concrete septic tanks not much for miles were ever put on it so it sat for 10 years in the back lot unused so they cut it down and made a tractor out of it. We have another truck they did this to a 94 RB which I drove a few years ago then I worked in the yard loading trucks for a season and the driver of my old truck wrecked it. They put it back together and offered it back to me I wouldn't drive it with screws holding the headlight buckets into the hood so they built this one for me the head mechanic knew I would take care of it and keep it clean so he went over and above to make it a nice truck.Im having trouble shifting it because theres no wear in the trans still pretty stiff not like my previous truck with 775.000 on it which almost shifted its self but its nice to have air conditioning again I'm way less tired after driving all day.
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    Got the lettering done. I got a "sponsor".....advertising for them, art work for me. It's a win for both of us.
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    I don't remember if I posted any of my art work, If I have just delete the post. Truck Shop
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    Norwalk(know as Summit Racing Equipment Motorsport Park) had their Fun Ford "Reloaded" this past weekend. Three day event. I won Nostalgia class on Sunday which put me in the run off against the Saturday winners. I won that round which put me into the final four run off for "King Ford". I lost in the semi finals with a .002 break out. It was only .01 difference in the reaction times so there was no wiggle room at all. Had a great time, the weather was spectacular all three days. https://www.summitmotorsportspark.com/news/81-news/1311-daily-race-results-for-fun-ford-reloaded-2 In Nostalgia Ford, where old school cool is never-ending, Larry Kortkamp and John Feistritzer each turned on a red light in their 1964 Ford wagon and 1957 Fairlane respectively, but Kortkamp, whose reaction time was -.012, took the win and put up a 10.96 on his 10.96 dial while Feistritzer put up a 12.53 on his 12.42 dial.
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    My New LJT with a lanova diesel on its way to Ct from California.
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    And had a great time!
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    Well for quite awhile now i havent been able to put pics up on the site. And between work, and working on my soon to be daily driver when i get my license, my U hasnt gotten much attention this summer. But this weekend i finally got a chance to do a little to it. I would put more pictures up but only one would go through i guess but anyways today i got the visor on, the horns, the mirrors, and the dog. I put them emblems on awhile back. Its comin together slowly but surely.
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    The Nantucket, MA Police Department "Tweeted" this picture of a house on the move. Nice "B" model there. bulldogboy
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    I wanted to share my latest addition . It started life as an R795 . But the owner ( that has passed now ) liked detroit motors. So they put an 8V92 in it. I don't know a lot about the truck. I believe it has 44 k rears, 12 k front . I do know it is a 1977 , 475 hp and it has a 13 speed . I am now the 3rd owner of the truck. My plan is to use it a little to move equipment and take to the occasional show. As strange as it seems …….. my attraction to this truck is the motor. It just sounds so cool ! I plan on doing some video of it . I will post when i get something uploaded .
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    My 88 we just restored ..just wanted to share with you guys
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    Thought I’d share a couple pics of my R model that was delivered this weekend. I purchased the truck from the wife of the original owner who passed away last year. He had ordered it new in 1979 and was the only one to drive it. The truck has 118k miles and was used to pull a lowboy. It’s completly original except the blue paint which was done at the Mack dealer when truck was new.
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    Got my truck back from paint today. It was my first time using this shop and I'm very pleased with the results. Some of you may remember but I saved this truck from the scrap yard. It's a long process but it's coming together nice. Tomorrow I have a smoke test then I'm going to pull the tanks and have them painted to match the cab. The paint is all metal flake with a lot of pearl. I'll have more pictures tomorrow but here are a few teasers.
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    Thought you all might like to know that Greg took the Working Class Truck award at the Endless Mountains Antique Truck Show this weekend. The 1985 MH 613 looks great. Hard to believe that it's 32 years old.
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    So a young white woman getting married next month is gunned down by black cop, body cam was off, cruiser cam was off, and no one knows what happened, the now dead woman is the one that called 911 to report a possible crime and ends up dead, if this was to happen to a BLM supporter then riots and mayhem would erupt but instead it happened to a white woman, no outrage, no marches or riots, instead people will wait for the justice system to do it's job, that is what civilized people do, now that does not mean that BLM supporters are animals and uncivilized but ???? any way we now wait for the MN. State Police to do their investigation of the Black Minneapolis police officers actions. and no word from Al Sharpton or any of the bunch that scream when the police screw up, I guess that what happens when it's a dead white person.
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    Story time again: Couple years ago, I found this website while helping my uncle refurbish a 1958 B65LT that my dad owned in the '70s and '80s. In short, my dad sold it in '83 or so, then it was sold again, and eventually my uncle found it in someone's yard and bought it for scrap price. After helping him on the B65, I got the bug and bought 'Mater, a 1964 B61SX and my dad and uncles helped me refurb it. Last winter, I bought another one, a '64 B81SX and am in the process of refurbing that, too. Well, the concrete company that my father used to drive for back in the '60s and '70s recently found a cement mixer that they used to own and bought it back. My father used to drive this truck for them until the early '70s. It is called "Old Noah" and it is a 1958 B81SX with a 673 and a Quad. Here are a few pics and a vid (hope it works) of the truck. To load it and bring it home, they actually lifted the truck up in the air and backed the lowbed under it. My dad is the gentleman in the reddish-tan hat and blue suspenders. Enjoy. KVID0286.mp4.html
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    Got the sign painter that originally lettered truck to do it again,32 years later.
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    The new dog home and out in the sun. E9 with a 12 speed.
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    Today, after 7 years of having a CDL B, I passed my Class A test. It was honestly the most difficult truck related thing I've ever had to do. 147 step pre-trip inspection that took me about an hour before I could even get in the cab. The first time I went to take it, they wouldn't let me take the road test because the 86 Superliner I was in was built without a passenger seatbelt. I had to take one of the Peterbilts today, but I passed this time with flying colors. Here's hoping I'll have some more neat pictures of our Macks at work!
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    Radiator Monday. It's complete, just need to modify a bracket for the shutters. I'll tighten everything again before it goes in. I'll leak check it when the weather warms too.
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    Beautiful 1954 LT with a transplanted E9 for power is put to work hauling grain once in a while.
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    I been just reading on here since I do most stuff now on FB. So if we are friends there you probably have seen her. 1992 Mack Superliner RW713 E7 400, 15 Speed Fuller, rears have been changed out to 4.64, double frame, factory duel side mount air breathers. Truck has been parked since July 2016. I replaced the batteries and checked everything and she fired right up. Not sure what I am going to do with her yet meaning (dump truck or leave as a tractor) The previous owner took care of her really well. It seems to have several different paint schemes and the only rust is the bottom of the passenger side door under the washer bottle. The dash and interior panels are all in good shape. I have found a few minor issues things that I am going to fix- The air ride seat leaks down, the dip stick tube needs to be replaced it is missing a piece on the top of the tube and the dipstick when inserted all way does not cover it. The DS vent window is missing the latch. The cab mounts and other wear items like the shocks all seem to be fairly new. It had dual exhaust and I think I will switch it back. The truck will need paint and tires and my plan is to start on that after Christmas.
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    This says it all...........
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    Just a little help. LOOKS GREAT !!
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    Its been a couple years since I was planning on buying this old dog. Finally made the long drive to go get her. I posted up on FB under steel dash Macks last week the trip going to get it. Everything seems to work good I pulled my lowboy yesterday around the yard to make room for my camper. She does need some TLC and some love but nothing like I have had to do in the past to other trucks.
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    The 449 ft long wooden Cornish-Windsor Bridge crossing the Connecticut River between NH and VT with Mt. Ascutney beyond.
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    Just picked up my new toy. 1985 R685st 300 5 speed. Not real crazy about the 5 speed but will have to do for now. Cab needs painted and interior needs a good going over. Nice frame and cab and doors are real solid. I made it one year as a company driver but just had to get my own again.
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    Newest addition to the collection 1940 FJ Mack
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    Here's some pictures of My Brothers 1972 R797ST1021 as it's coming along! Some before and after. Enjoy, Josh
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    Couple pics from my son's wedding Sat.
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    1985 RW 653 . Yes that is documented actual original miles , 3406 cat eaton 13 speed this is next to go in my paint booth for refinishing.
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    Happy July 4th to all our friends across America. Thank you to all the military personnel who give us a reason to celebrate.
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    Just about 10 years ago, I bought back the '85 Superliner my Dad got new,he sold it in '97,causing the biggest fight we ever had,but thats another story. Any,it was in pretty sad shape when I got it back,we cleaned it up,worked it some,& slowly as time and money allowed started to fix things. Got the interior pretty well all done,new carpet,drivers seat,sleeper boot,heater/ac box,overhead console. It's kinda been on the back burner for awhile now until this weekend. Last week when I picked up the new window for my EF,the owner was there and he said he'd sure like to come out and look around,that I had the coolest spot in Louisa county by far,and that someday he'd like to fix up an old Mack and make it a wrecker. I told him I had one already set up with a 750 Holmes,it was in pretty good shape,just need some TLC from sitting,I'd already done alot of clean up and replaced some missing things on it and had it looking presentable. He stopped in and fell in love with it,so instead of selling it to him,I traded it for getting Dad's old truck redone. His Hot Rod/car restoration/body shop does really super work,so I can't wait to see how it turns out. Here it is almost new before we put bunk on here it is 10 yrs ago shortly after I got it back and here it is Sunday when we dropped it at the body shop
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    Two B75 tractors with the CA-31 cab.
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    Got tired of listening to the kid bitch about driving this 2012 lease truck while his is getting fixed,so I let him talk me into letting him go to MI today and bring this home. Just a note,the visor came of shortly after this pic was taken,a normal one will go on tomorrow (anyone interested in this SS one let me know),a proper bumper will be next,followed by loosing the Freightliner wheels.
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