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    Just purchased a 1964 B81SX. It is very similar to last year's project ('Mater) in that both are '64s, both have 711s and Quads, and both are SX dump trucks. It will be a while before I can get on this one, but here it is. Last pic is the truck at its new home in CT.
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    Like I said earlier, I was concerned with the plowing (and the bell housing/clutch issue) and actually went to look at it prepared to walk away. The way the truck looks, you could convince me it never plowed at all. That's how solid it appears to be. Other than where some dirt/sand/salt sat in the bed, there is no obvious visible evidence of any salt damage at all. It is remarkable. If I were to steam clean the chassis and paint it, I think it would look brand new. The underside of the dump body looks really good, too.
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    split rim or 2 or 3 piece rim?? theres a big difference
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    Some people don't know proper way to measure wheelbase. I was told the red one I bought in FL was longer than what it really was,they wre measuring from center of rear axle instead of center of tandem
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    Link and a couple pictures: http://providence.craigslist.org/cto/5359090600.html MACK SUPERLINER - $95000 1989 Mack Superliner 713, New condition inside and out, 227 wheel base, 350 Mack with 83,000 miles, 18 speed fuller trans, 20,000 front end with duel steering boxes, 44,000 Mack rear ends, double frame no rust, 70 ton fifth wheel, new rubber on new aluminum wheels, new dual exhaust form the motor back, Come get it collectors!!!!! call for more details.
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    Liebherr Press Release / November 23, 2015 The Liebherr T 282 C, the company’s newest off-highway hauler, has a 237 ton net empty weight, a 363 tons maximum payload and this a 600 ton GVM. A 90-liter (5,500 cu.in.) 3,650 horsepower V-20 engine propels the truck at speeds up to 64 km/h (40 mph) fully-loaded. The truck’s components arrive in Australia from Europe and North America in KD form (knocked down) and are reassembled. The dump body is produced in Australia. The video follows the journey from the Port of Brisbane to the build-site in North Queensland, showing all of the pieces being put together, and culminates in footage of some of the fleet in action.
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    I'm going to be changing the gearing on my B61SX tri-axle when I change the transmission and am trying to figure out the best gear ratio. The plan is to put in the 12 speed Direct transmission going to 24.5 tires. I know a lot of people run the 12 speed OD trans with 4.64 gears. With the direct i'm thinking 4.17s, not sure if 4.42s would really hurt my highway speed Not sure where i could find the formula to figure it out or if anyone has some experience
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    Saw that a bit ago. Not surprised at all. But in their defense, how many even know what any of the amendments are? Maybe only what they mention on the lame stream media and at the Universities? Remember we have "educated" people who haven't the faintest idea of who we fought in the Revolutionary War or the Civil War. Think Abraham Lincoln was a "vampire hunter" and the best of America (includes our President and Vice President) not knowing the number of states in the Union.
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    The B42 is my uncle's truck. He will be painting it to look like his B65. At this time, I believe the B81 will be B model green with perhaps black fenders, bumper, and radiator. The Dump body will either be B model green or the same gray as the B61's body. I won't be painting it for a while, however.
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    I can see a "poor" choice of subject matter, but I would be more upset as to why many of the students at a majority of public schools are only taught what is needed to pass the Common Core Tests. They than graduate with Reading Skills at the 5th to 7th grade levels, Spelling Skills at the 3rd grade level. Math Skills at the 4th of 5th grade levels and many with no Science Skills at all. Admitted to universities and spend one or two years of college taking remedial courses to learn what they didn't learn or were not taught in the Pubic School Systems. Parents should be more concerned about that IMO. Paul
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    1925 FORD TT concrete hauler.
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    excellent have a ball with it looks real good...bob
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    Why would a "Public" school have the students write Arabic and practice calligraphy if they did not know what it said? Not long ago the 10 Commandments had to be removed from schools why would this be any different? It is hard not to believe that this was not part of another agenda. Kscarbel why don't you start a thread on the UPS flights into PA or is it a Hoax, if find it odd the UPS denys any flights but Business _ UPS To Modify Five Jets For Passenger Flights _ Seattle Times Newspaper.pdf (Itried to add the link but it did not work so I converted it to a pdf) https://www.pressroom.ups.com/pressroom/ContentDetailsViewer.page?ConceptType=PressReleases&id=1442246348907-860
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    you going to paint it and the B42 to match your B61?
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    It is definitely surprising how good they are.
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    My mp10 likes to be ran to 1400rpm. It only see's 1800 when down shifting.
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    The oldest equation in the world is time versus money. For most of everyone's life they have the money to do something, but not the time or you have time, but no money. I'm in the time, but no money phase of life, so I can spend hours prepping parts instead of paying a shop $60.00 or more per hour to do it for me. Besides which I'm pretty anal about this stuff and unless I went to a real high end shop like Paul's Chrome it probably would not be good enough for me. You just don't have the time yet. There will come a day when you spend a lot of time making one of yours right. Besides, it keeps me off of the streets and as I tell the wife it's cheaper than a girl friend!
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    Congrats on the purchase! Hope you'll continue moving on Mater and have this new toy just to cheer yourself up so far.
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    I have nothing but respect for U.S. Navy veteran John McCain. But, there has long been a troubling pattern with government leaders all around the world. They come on strong with dynamic and flexible thinking in their 40s and 50s, but transition to conservative and rigid thinking in their later years, just the opposite of what made them outstanding in the beginning. It's a normal event of human nature, but detrimental to optimal governmental performance. John McCain is 79. His experience and knowledge is not subject to question. But respectfully speaking, I believe that the age for members of the legislative, executive and judicial branches should be capped at 75, if not 70.
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    It's the same thing with paint and materials. I used to be able to go into the paint store and say what I needed just by the DuPont number. Now that DuPont is now known as Axalta , I have to learn a whole new number system.
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    That looks so much like my truck I did a double take Other Dog! I guess its the faded red (pink) looking paint with black and rust...Practically twins.
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    Yeah you might bet a sound of a boost leak when this is happening intermittently. That's what these two trucks were doing as well. No codes were present. Also check the stalk stick wiring harness in the steering column for chaffing. I've seen one other that was dropping out like that on a CXU and that was an issue.
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    http://www.roadranger.com/rr/CustomerSupport/Support/Calculators/index.htm I used this when I decided to make my RT a RTO. I know it's a road ranger site but you enter you specs to determine road speed.
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    Paul, I was thinking the same thing. Yardo needs to move his FWD to the station and have Mike put his trucks in there too.
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    Good parts people are a gift from God!................the others came up from Hell ........cuz they were too dumb for the Devil to deal with! When I was working as a field mechanic I had a book full of numbers that I could call for emergency parts, I would make contact with these people as we did work in their area ,and would do as much business with them as I could, as long as they didn't over charge me. Had several great business that would let me send my UPS shipments to them and they would deliver them with my parts orders, hard to find that kind of service any more.
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    Thanks sir. Started laying out the tail light panel.
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    I got mine from a gentleman on this board who was parting out a cab. We have a 77 R that has had a visor on it since 77. It blew off this past summer but all the holes underneath were rotted out. When I installed mine I drilled pilot holes, filled them with red silicone and then installed the screws and caps. My truck doesn't do much long highway stuff so I think it'll be okay.
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    It seems that the Kerry-Putin meeting in Moscow resulted in a mutual understanding that Turkey has dirty hands, and that it’s in the best interest of the US and Russia to work together (in annihilating ISIS) for the greater good. “Despite our countries’ differences, we demonstrated that when the United States and Russia pull together in the same direction, progress can be made,” Kerry said. “While we don’t see eye to eye on every aspect of Syria, we see Syria fundamentally similarly. We want the same outcomes, we see the same dangers, we understand the same challenges," Kerry said. “Russia and the United States agree that you can't defeat ISIS without also de-escalating the fight in Syria,” Kerry said, adding that both Moscow and Washington are “focused on political process” and that “Syrians will be making decisions on the future of Syria.” “We don’t seek to isolate Russia as a matter of policy,” Kerry said. “But we have consistently said that the world is better off when Russia and the US find common ground and an ability to be able to work together.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The U.S. is withdrawing a dozen warplanes from a Turkish air base, barely a month after they arrived to help Turkey protect its air space and to conduct strikes against ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq, officials said Wednesday. The move comes less than a month after Turkey shot down a Russian bomber, heightening tensions between Moscow and Ankara and leading Russia to stiffen its air defenses in Syria. The decision was announced by U.S. European Command in Germany one day after Defense Secretary Ash Carter visited Incirlik Air Base, where the 12 F-15s arrived last month from their home base in Britain. During his visit the day before, Carter [oddly] made no mention of the plan to withdraw the F-15s. [On the contrary,] Carter said the U.S. is looking for ways to do more to hasten the defeat of ISIS, including by urging coalition partners to play a greater role. Carter said Turkey and other coalition allies should take a more assertive role in the campaign against ISIS. The U.S. still has 12 A-10 close-air support aircraft based at Incirlik, as well as drone aircraft and refueling planes. The U.S. intends to replace six of the departing F-15s with a like number of A-10s [the legendary and deadly ground-attack aircraft that the Air Force wants to take out of service]. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/42652-paris-under-attack/page-5?hl=a-10#entry312874 When Turkey agreed earlier this year to permit the U.S. to conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State with planes based at Incirlik, the Pentagon touted the decision as an important milestone. It shortened the time and distance required to conduct airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, compared with strikes flown from bases in the Persian Gulf area. Six of the withdrawing aircraft are F-15Cs, designed for aerial combat and deployed in response to a Turkish request for support securing its airspace. The other six are F-15Es.
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    Ok watch your boost and if the boost drops out when you step on it and then lags up it could be the egr valve sticking open. I recently seen that happen on a 2009 and a 2011 GU. A lot of trouble shooting to determine that was happening. Other than checking with PTT you'd have to tear it apart to check to see if the valve sticks or hangs up.
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    If your going fast enough to rip the visor off, that will be the least of your problems
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    How many do you see rotting away in a farm field for years that the owner won't restore or sell to someone who will? I'd rather see it at a show or going down the road. Nice to see someone take otherwise neglected sheet metal and make something of it with artistic license.I also don't understand the point of having a perfectly restored $$$ big buck trailer queen that never gets driven, used or touched. I suppose after all it is up to the owner to do whatever he wishes since he is paying the bills. .02 Gregg Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Here is a picture of my 1959 JD830.
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    Only have the tractor, no scraper or dump body attachment. Bought it to take to antique tractor shows and tractor pulls. As far as being similar to a JD 840, not really. The JD 840 was a beefed-up JD 830 ag tractor. The DW10 has an up-rated version of the same engine in a D6-9u dozer, 115hp 6 cylinder, vs the 2 cylinder diesel in the 840. The DW10 has air brakes just like a truck, except they can be applied independently to the LR or RR wheel to help in tight turns and control differential slip.
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    Do you have the dump body for it like this one? Cool rig either way.
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    He may not get the 95,000 figure but I would think he will be north of 65,000 The last two that sold up here where the white Super from Maine that Gary Mahan picked up and that was sold in a week for almost 50,000 and there was the one at Fords auction in NH this summer that went for stupid money. Knowing what I paid for mine and have into it, nice to see there values going up and there is a big market for them right now and collectors are buying them up. More power to him if he finds a buyer I say.
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    I bet they're tripping over each other to get to that.......Oh wait, that has one too many zeros in the price, if he's gonna ask for more than it sold new for ...by about $30,000, he'd better drive it back into the barn and forget about it for another 40 years.
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    Yep, it's like being in a giant roaster when it's 100 degrees. I thought I would have a heat stroke after 20 miles! P.L.Duncan's-
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    Lack of A/C would be the most glaring shortcoming, IMO. I'm pretty sure there'd be a way to keep heat on the windshield during the cold of the winter. As far as comfort and ease of driving, a B model with power steering and a Bostrom seat would go a long way in providing driver comfort, and there were many Bs that had both.
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