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    Had some issues with my '47 EF ever since I got it,finally after being on the back burner for a couple years,got it all sorted out,took it to a buddy of mine and he swapped it over to 12 volt for me,got all the lights working and got it all tuned up.
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    1963 Autocar,one of a kind.320 Cummins,supercharged with jake brake,20 sp transmission,100,000lbs planetary rearends.This truck has a 100 ton fifth wheel,triple frame that is 100% perfect.14:00 24.5 tires,power steering,18,500 lbs front axle,this truck is 10" ft wide.rear end ratio is 15.29.This truck was bought new by Saw Mill trucking of Yonkers NY and used to haul equipment into the Worlds fair,this truck has alot of history with it and all pics of it in its day are included.Asking $45,000 Al 918 671 4959
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    1964 B-53 this one came from AZ,rust free,673 mack,quad box.The truck is in great shape I bought this from the 2 nd owner and I have had it about 17 years.Power steering,budd wheels,20 ft flatbed.rears tires are about 80% not caps front are at 75%.asking $6,500.00 Al 918 671 4959
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    Installed new linings on the rear shoes today and got the shoes mounted. Every thing went good did not cut myself, smash a finger, or hit my head on something under the truck. I think it is time for a beer.
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    Looking at this B for sale with parts truck (ex oil field unit),never saw this type of set up for a tag. Anybody have ideas? Almost looks like a trailer unit with Quarter Elliptic springs.
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    Couple of my buddies cars 69 dart with a 360 69 belvedere with a 383. An army truck Fire truck out of ME. Stoped at Dysarts to get a tire fixed. Was in Millinocket Me. This was on a restranunt. This Titan passed me. Couple Macks this week. A nice Power Wagon in Wi. And a couple girls in cars
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    I'm planning on coming to the Mack show myself. VA I will miss. In more exciting news the General WILL be making its show debut at the Englishtown Diesel Truckin Nats on the 19th of September.
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    CEO's CFO's and other upper Management make big dollars on the sales of those companies. All about the $$$. On the Batteries, I believe the last count was 98% of all the batteries used in the U.S. are Chinese made. Paul
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    NICE...........that would look good next to my '47 federal.......Bobby j.
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    Question. Was there originally a seam sealer there as my B model just has seams that were painted in this area.
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    I would have already had a few cold water sammiches while putting the linin on........
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    Nice project nice to see the old trucks working
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    I posted this in another thread a few days ago: One thing that I learned when I first purchased my toy......and tried to title/tag it...... 96% of the people answering the phones, that stand behind the counters, or otherwise disperse information or are in charge of approving the paperwork for issuing titles or tags at the various State Agencies HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE about the regulations and laws that cover antique rigs that are privately owned hobby rigs and are no longer within commerce. THIS INCLUDES THE COPS OUT THERE. Many of them are clueless about CDL exemptions and commercial regulations exempting antiques. You need to make it your mission to find the 4% that DO HAVE A CLUE, because the 96% will insist that they are correct, will make ZERO effort to look up the codes, even if you cite them, and will not pick up the phone to find a member of the 4% club. I had to get one of my elected officials involved. Yes. It was that bad.
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    I selling some of my trucks,we will be moving and I need to cut down,plus I don t want to move all this stuff 700 miles.Mack 673 engine with turbo,5 spd,32,000 miles runs real good.All the equipment goes with the truck,ladders,axes,etc.Asking$ 4,250.00 Al 918 671 4959
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    For the best determination of the look try photoshop. If you aren't skilled enough ask anyone who is to help. When I was thinking on the sleeper length I made this.
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    I'll take your word on there being a turbo under all the Gizmos. Tell them you need a Superliner so you can get your job done One of the techs at Gabrielli MACK told me he thought my AC MACKS were complicated and must be hard to work on, no computer to tell you whats wrong I guess. I told him I can fix the AC on the side of the road with a stick, a rock and duct tape.
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    The thing-a-mabobs (especially the metric ones) are expensive!
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    We made a deal on the SexMachine Mack. 1981 R model with a custom made mega bunk. It's been stored for a long time in a shed. New battery, fresh oil and new filter and we made the 8 hour trip no problem. Some might have seen it all shiny on the supertrucker card. One last picture with the original owner.
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    Yeah, i'm on the right side of the road. You, on the other hand... These videos are at least 4 years old, been driving the KW 4 years in October. Stuck a little Kodak camera up on the dash and took them. That was the ol' Pete I used to drive with the 550 Cat and 18 speed.
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    Did he not have another unit that was similar with a 102" sleeper? Jerry Doucett or something like that? Was this his other unit he ordered?
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    D&A Sand and Gravel. Mineola, Long Island.
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    Commercial Concrete, Westbury Long Island.
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    1674 wasn't cutting it so decided to replace it with a 3406. Almost done now. If anybody knows the filter number for this style power steering res. i would appreciate it.
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    I can't stop myself to surprize how some of easy looking deals become just a disaster after a couple of smart a$$es put their hands on a subject. Too sorry to hear. Mack NO rears are standard Mack heavy rears, something like 68000. At least heavier than on NR (44000-?) They're Camelbacks with 9.02 diffs. The front axle together with tranny/transfer case were used later on heavy 6x6 B model, if the memory serves B83SX. The original engine is EY707 wich is a common 707 with military reworked oil pan (and the pump?) and updraft carb. So you can put all that together having the rest from those fast working guys and build a real truck. At least if you have enough to brush and the work worth it. As for the "Moscow inventory" the only gooddies of Mack NO I have is a pair of diff mounting gaskets. They're brand new though and i'll send them to you as far as you need. Or just to cheer you up
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    You guys in CT sure about no CDL?Good friend of mine lives there and they are telling him he MUST get one due to the weight,they don't care about how it's registered or insured.DMV,State Police and DOT are telling him this!
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    Here it is with all his pride in the 90's Cab and bunk are now one piece, on air ride. We can see the patio door on this side. Yes there is a foldable 4x8 patio in the storage compartment
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    Well done I went through the same story with my old Mack a couple years back although it wasn't so bad. I just machined the trunnion ends with a big lathe and fabricated new brass bushings.
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    Back to work. After many years of neglect as a "site truck" for the previous owner The brockway started hauling again on thursday. The rebuilt suspension works Great.
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    Very nice. Good to see another Brockway put back to work. Apparently you do know something about Brockways.
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    That's the plan. I used to run an RD but i sold it a couple years ago. Now i 'am ready to quit the desk job and get behind the wheel again.
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