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    Busy week as usual,started out at the county fair,my youngest daughter Lilly showed her 4H animal projects,8 rabbits(3 Champions,4 Reserve Champions) ,6 goats(Grand Champion Pygmy goat) and a steer. Local Mack dealer even had a display at the fair.Looking forward to working with the new owners,they seem to want to do alot more promoting. Sold off a couple sleepers Hooked on to a dry van and went to down near Branson,MO to move my youngest brother and his family back to Iowa. Local True Value in let him use there dock to load at,never seen a town before that had so little level ground.,You were either going up a hill or down one. RD mixer next working next to where we were loading,odd specing with spokes front & budds rear. Town he lived in,Kimberling City, was right on Table Rock Lake,1st pic was outside my motel,2nd from the grocery store parking lot where I had to park after loading. This old Chevy was parked across street. Last load going into trailer,we had it stuffed full front to back saw this load at TA in Springfield,must be headed to Mexico Going thru the Ozarks Missouri River Bridge at Jefferson City
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    Just wondering if this is how the pipes should blow smoke ? Lol
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    Yes we all have spokes ( spiders ) but some blokes don't know how to fit on truck and true up
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    meanwhile, I stopped at the car wash in Winfall today...never did get to wash my truck because of some bimbo that was in front of me. I turned on my super-secret video-to audio-to-print super secret spy camera...it's super secret.
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    Old Bill said he was cleaning out his picture collection and sent me 4 discs. Two were videos and I couldn't save the pictures on the computer, so I paused it and took a picture of the screen. Some nice looking rides here!
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    Didn't think this wheel could be brought back! All it takes is a "sh&t ton" of elbow grease! What I started with...also have more time than money! FIrst attack was with 80 grit!!!! Next came 220 grit Now 400 grit Brown Rouge and wheel White rouge and wheel Finish off with polish....not too bad! Of course, I had to repeat the entire cycle (all the way back to 80 grit) about four times, may do it a couple more times as there are still lots of pits!
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    Tim might want you all to assume he moved to the other side of the world for the big money driving trucks in New Zealand. Or maybe he’d like you to think that New Zealand’s stunning views attracted him. And certainly, the world's best dairy cows make New Zealand a milk drinker's paradise. But Tim’s not fooling me one bit. It was the ability to have ready access to Vegemite on toast every morning, a vegemite sandwich for lunch whenever he wishes, and perhaps a lush salad with Vegemite salad dressing that caused him to relocate to New Zealand. And fearing a mass influx of Yanks to New Zealand that would see the jars of Vegemite fly off the shelves resulting in a national shortage, Tim has been keeping everyone in the dark. Now, you know.
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    I found this old R model the other day. Turns out it used to belong to a farmer that neighbored my uncle's farm until he sold out about 10 years ago. He had a reputation for taking very good care of his equipment. I need to dig a little deeper, but I'm thinking it may have originally been a Matlack truck. It was obviously green all over, and it's got pale yellow paint peeking through on the rims. It's got a pto switch in the dash but no pump control, so it could have been set up for a tanker, maybe?
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    Companies spend millions of dollars to develop and refine the Diesel engine so it does not smoke. Then the dang kids screw with them and make them smoke. Question I have is "why is it okay for new pickups to be modified so they smoke but it is NOT okay for a semi to smoke"?
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    I got one nest in the eaves of the barn of something called White Faced Hornets and one giant nest in the ground of some all black bees. I prefer to just avoid them. I Fork Union I had mud wasps but quick work with Kerosene cured them. Hate Bees worse than Obama.
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    Not honeybees, definitely yellow jackets- I got a real good look at them. A couple of their bodies are still out there in the yard somewhere. I might have caused the stinger to detach when I smacked it off me. I've been stung by them many times, usually while cutting grass, but this was the first time i've found a stinger stuck in me.
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    I would say low air or brake light switch
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    An act of pure sacrilege, the Australian government suggests Vegemite sales be limited BBC / August 9, 2015 Australia's government says some communities should consider limiting the sale of the popular Vegemite spread because it is being used to make alcohol. It says the yeast-based product is contributing to anti-social behaviour in some remote communities. Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion described the salty spread as a "precursor to misery". He said it was being bought in bulk to make moonshine. Brewer's yeast is a key ingredient in the spread and is used in the production of beer and ale. In communities where alcohol is banned because of addiction problems, Mr Scullion said Vegemite sales should also be restricted. "Businesses in these communities... have a responsibility to report any purchase that may raise their own suspicions," he said. The minister added that in some cases, children were failing to turn up to school because they were too hung-over, and that Vegemite was an increasingly common factor in domestic violence cases. But Dr John Boffa of the People's Alcohol Action Coalition, who is based in Alice Springs, in Australia's Northern Territory, says the problem is not widespread. "We're talking about an isolated problem in a couple of communities around a very large nation, and a nation where there is a very large number of Aboriginal communities, and every community is different," he told the BBC. He said there might be a need for some local initiatives, but that these should be initiated by the communities themselves. Vegemite started as a war-time substitute for Marmite, and is now something of an Australian culinary icon, says the BBC's Jon Donnison in Sydney. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-33839742 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note that the government did not suggest that UK-produced Unilever Marmite or New Zealand-produced Sanitarium Marmite sales be curbed. The plot thickens……………… Alcohol can also be produced from potatoes, corn, wheat and rye. Shall Australia ban these common every day items as well? Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion should be brought up on charges for insulting the good name of a national icon. With this news, I'm stocking up on Vegemite when I pass thru HK this week.
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    Bobby Moore, from Concord, Va, used to have one. It might be still sitting around down there. I took this picture of him at the antique tractor pull in Stonewall, Va. probably 10 or 12 years ago.
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    Rob Here is another Farmall grader conversion in a museum in Leesburg FL and a Farmall one row cotton picker driven backwards
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    that would be a normal look for every worn out farm pickup with cobbled up stacks over here in the states.....must be im missin something. all the kids think that's cool when their 1 tons smoke .
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    look a bit hotter than warm to me Tim
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    metalic emerald green- black top- black stripe- trimmed gold top&bottom of stripe
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    Real trucks have spokes! Awesome!
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    NEWS FLASH your on the wrong side of the road Paul
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    Can't go wrong with a Mongoose!
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    Class 6 and 8 trucks in that period were build with greater tolerances than the Mercedes and vehicles now. Also truck with road conditions and loads have a greater tolerance of wear. I would think after a 700 KM tow and how ever many Kilometers it was driven before and the lack of odd tire wear, I'd not worry about it to much.
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    Tom, it's nice to see the weekly report. All the girls, goats, dump trucks and pick-ups are good. Hope your brakes served well and Corvair continued his trip not being hit in its a$$. The last pic with white station wagon looks like Frightrain's. and the one above it... Is she his g/f he mentioned sometimes but has never showed out on here?
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    here's a not so good pic of a superliner water truck at land & lakes, a L&S Cartage granite dumping washout from the mixer plant, and my freshly painted (by the kids in the driveway) mongoose. I guess I should wash my windows before taking pictures at the quarry!
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    Working around the globe really opens your eyes and expands your thought process, as you're no doubt experiencing. BUT, flying is no longer pleasant with the never-ending delays, late arrivals and subsequent missed connections and cancellations, and the constant jet lag back and forth gives you grey hair.
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    Thank you Tim. It was the point of observation. That's city of Vyborg, 100km North from St-Petersbourgh. It was Finnish city Viepoury before 1940 when Russians occuped that part of Finland. After the end of the war this land rest to Russia due to Finnish cooperation with Germans. There's one more pic in my 'puter of that trip. She was my personal guide last year
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    Kristen and I went on Saturday for a drive to KaiatunaAnother great day
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    Your right. Vyborg doesn't look so post card nicely.
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    I was very lucky that there wasn't a full moon that night! Thanks Vlad! Every country has it's beautiful places
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