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    As most of you know I've been on the hunt for an air ride RW. JakeBrake86 told me about the guy he bought his western R from and that he had an RW for sale so I called. I made a deal with him, but had to wait for the title before I could pick it up. The title came in last week so I went Friday with a wrecker to pick it up. It's a '92 with a 350, Eaton Fuller 9, Mack air ride/axles and supposedly 4.17's. I'm super excited and can't wait to fix it up. Plans include: tires, rims, dual exhaust, shocks, wheel seals, trim pieces, bumper, paint and body work , all fresh fluid and filters throughout, as well as a lot of TLC.
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    You guys were talking about Nagel on the other thread and it reminded me I have a picture of a Nagel CH pulling a Wilson hopper. I like the hopper with the double row of lights, extra red lights up the back, and the auto tarp.
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    Thanks to Vlad we got attention of LMSW!! I went to trace this vehicle history and found out amazing stuff, i have great friend here who knows about everything in vehicle's history in Israel and general knowledge about almost all moving piece on wheels in the western world. We trace this rare LMSW-23. one of 193 made between 1941-1942/ This one came to Israel about 1943 probably with the British army, went civil in 1949, was in service for Egged bus company for years than sold for private towing company Tow crane is Garwood, Cab in Origin hard top, Engine is Mack EP ,160 HP. can you provide more details about this engine once again thanks Vlad that shared the LMSW picture with me, Now i have to make more checks, will keep you posted. BR -Guy ITRC
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    I found this picture a couple days ago,and thought it was worth sharing. I've never seen this particular add-on sleeper before,anyone have any details on it? Must have been mighty cramped in there! I remember seeing a Crackerbox GMC with something similar when I was a kid.........................................Mark
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    the tofu was the end of my appetite
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    Thanks, I have to clean the coffee off the screen now...........
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    Nah, in fact there's a rumor going around that they're planning a protest against tofu because it's white.
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    Keep posting. It's always interesting to see the photos and history behind them.
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    Nowadays, 40 hours isn't even considered full-time. I hope to only work 40 hours when I'm getting close to retiring and want to cut back my runs. Of course he will still brag about how many jobs HE created while overlooking the number of businesses that folded as a result of HIS policies.
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    Finally we got the cab on
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    The 7" round LED headlights are available from Peterson and I've purchased two:) I can't say enough good things about them. They shine atleast a quarter of a mile ahead of you while driving as well as have an extremely wide beam(can see from road ditch to road ditch). The top half of the low beam and the whole assembly lights up when on high. I will say they are quite expensive still and for some reason changing between hi/low sometimes has a half second delay. If you drive your truck every day for living I can't recommend them enough it'll be money well spent. The 3rd picture is of a traditional incandescent halogen sealed beam while the other pics are of the LED. FYI: I put them into my 1991 RD690S tractor.
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    Here is the new Superliner for FH heavy haulage CanterburyOn the north island getting fittedMP 10 and auto trans. It will be pulling a 4 rows of 8 trailer. More chrome to be added!
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    Ahh, the stripes on the back of the cab issue,lol. My Superliners stripes do not go across but a few friends trucks (R, DM and MH) did, I asked this question before and it goes like this, how much money do you want to spend? Mack had the std. Stripe model that ended just after it curved around the back of the cab but there were two options on cab stripe length or so I was told. The first option was like mine and was ended just after the rear wall radius, the second option cost more money and completed the stripes across the back of the cab. Supposedly this was because most trucks had bodies or sleepers mounted that made the added effort and cost a waste. Hope that helps.
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    I saw a Brocky in Astoria yesterday....was a cool sight
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    The hood scoop air goes to the charge air cooler. One duct to the air cleaner goes to the turbo. The second duct picks up warm air from under hood for the engine which was popular in cold climates.
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    Thanks Vlad! Had a great time and back to the cold!!!I LOVE Air New Zealand!
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    Guy, that's great news Happily I can't go to that yard and start talking that thing out to grab it . Just kidding Mack EP engine is a common Thermodyne overhead valves gasser. If the memory serves it's 672. With updraft carburator and single ignition system. 160hp. Generally the same as EY in Mack MN or NO but 672 instead of 707 and has standart oil pan (NM has a modified one to clear up a front drive axle) Not many (if any?) restored LMSW's have original engine.
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    2 Baldwin B-76 full flow lube 1 Baldwin BC-110 centrifugal Ron
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    There are guys there that do your maintenance and don't know what the three filters on the engine are for, wow. Yeah oil filters, two spin on one centrimax, got the numbers at home I can't remember em off the top o my head. 3191 oil maybe?
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    Tofu- isn't that a staple of the diets of all those hippies that blocked I-93 the other day?
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    So what ever happened to the Rep. party not funding Obammy care??????????
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    Welcome to the Green Dash Weight Loss Program. If your too grossed out to eat, you'll lose weight...naturally. I'd say my tofu just got knocked out of the top spot on the shit list.
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    looks like they hit every thing in the county with it` must have had one of my ex drivers
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    I saw that truck (or a twin) a few times at the Port of Albany when I was a kid. Zavitz got it, as well as some R and F-600's when they bought out a company by the name of Mel-O-Ripe, which would explain the why it's blue instead of red like the rest of the Zavitz fleet. A few years ago I was exchanging email's with a member of the Trucknet site whose uncle owned this truck (or a twin). He purchased it from Zavitz to become an O/O and leased it back to them. It eventually caught fire and was scrapped. There were 3 Zavitz brothers that owned trucking companies back then. 2 of the brothers owned Zavitz Brothers LTD which was the larger company of the two and the operator all the above trucks. G (Gerald) Zavitz LTD from Niagara Falls was known simply as Zavitz back then and used the same company logo, but without the words Brothers LTD under the name, which is somewhat visible in the photo. There are 3 companies currently in operation that are run by the sons and grandchildren of the 3 brothers: G. Zavitz LTD, K.A.M Trucking, and Zavcor.
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    The first two filters are regular spin-on, the third one is a housing that holds a different style filter, which goes on only one way over a stud. Its a centrifuge style I think. The lower hose should be a right angle going back into the engine block, almost looks like a radiator hose.
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    OIL filters and the sensor is for oil pressure To make sure you get the right ones, go to a MACK dealer, give VIN# and ask for a filter kit~$50 OR go to NAPA and get Baldwin #67 or bring them in Oh, and welcome
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    Speaking of the minimum wage, I heard on the news the other day that the consumer price index had dropped. That made me wonder...several states have tied their minimum wage to the CPI, so that wages go up as prices do. So, with CPI down, will the minimum wage be lowered? It would only be fair...
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    Don't worry we have Apple picking here and they never pay anything else. They do bitch about paying more than minimum wage though.
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    VA waiting list??? I just got card in the mail a month or so ago that authorized me to use civilian health care doctor at the VA expense, apparently you contact the VA if they cant see you then you are able to see a civilian doctor. I filed it away since I use my Tricare for everything, same civilian Doctor for the last 5 years since I retired and we moved up here. His dad was a SF NCO who died of Vietnam related illness/injury, very keen on making sure I get taking care of. I only see the VA for the service connected injuries treatment that is non-invasive check ups. My injury surgeries were/are done through Tricare and manged through my civilian Doctor. My Doctor follows up and discusses treatment plans since I have had to see three different specialists. When I see the neurologists or physical therapy docs at the VA I give them copies of my civilian medical records, they give me a quick exam ask me how things are going and set me up for follow up appointment in another couple months.
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    And I've had my second birthday since I was put on the VA waiting list
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    Eat Salmon-the other pink meat
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    Grrr, damn pos politicians need to have to desk with their own policies but they are too good for all that and get their own personal govt paid healthcare.
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    Yes,the company name is Zavitz,I found this and a few others on their webpage..........................Mark
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    Guys.. It's an LMSW. thanks Vlad and all of you, will keep you posted.
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    Funny the way the law is written, if we hire an "guest worker" we do not have to provide any health insurance to them by order of the Federalies! They give us a $3000.00 bonus for hiring non Americans. Just need an Amnesty Card. "Under the ACA, employers may be required to pay penalties if their employees are eligible for tax credits to purchase health insurance through the law’s new marketplaces. But those who gain provisional legal status under Obama’s immigration plan are not eligible for health care subsidies — The White House says this will help create an incentive for employers to hire those with provisional legal status. This will help them acclimate into the U.S. work force and society ". Paul
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    He lives in the Great Brown Land. . . nuff said.
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    Today I used a wire brush attachment with my power drill and cleaned/stripped the underside of the hoods, then painted the undersides. The tops of the hoods were stripped to bare metal yesterday. The paint job underneath isn't the greatest, but I wasn't worried about fully stripping, prepping, and priming under them. I just wanted to get the rust and loose stuff off and then make sure the surface was clean before painting. It looks better than it did before and now the color will match the finished product on top of the hood and the cab. ETA: I was scratching my head, wondering why the fresh paint was crinkling in a few spots right after I applied it. The only guess I could come up with was the steel was too cold, which is weird because I put the hoods by the stove for a while and when I started painting, they were warm to the touch. Perhaps they cooled quickly when I moved them away from the stove for painting. Oh well. I'll live with it. We will be prepping the tops of the hoods on Monday (one side will need body work and filler), then priming them. At least we have a bare metal surface to work with, though. After that, we start on the doors. I'm hoping we have the doors completely prepped and primed by sometime next week. Then it's on to the cab.
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    G.M.Smith in The Toronto area tried to order in an Australian Mack Titan years ago to fill the void left by the then cancelled RW and RD800 models. Never materialized. Too costly and no engineering for making the truck left hand drive. Mack Canada heavy haul customers cried for years wanting the Australian designed Titan and Superliner for heavy haul usage. The Australian sleepers are also nicer then our US designs with button tuck panels, windows, heck even 60" midrise sleepers on the Titans. All we get here is a 32" coffin.
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    So after thanksgiving I always take the turkey carcass and boil it down for a few hours, then strain it and save the stock to make home made turkey pot pies or turkey soups, etc. Decided to try something- took all the scraps and the ribs from the prime rib, and boiled those down for a few hours. Strained them and saved the stock. Right now, as I type this, the stock is in the crock pot with a few pounds of stew meat. Gonna toss in some potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and drop biscuits later on today. The house smells so good I wanna eat the walls.
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    The R model was doomed when they gave the EPA a bigger set of teeth and our younger generation doesn't want to drive a truck without being as big a a greyhound bus inside with every creature comfort they have in the extended mega cab pick ups they drive when I started you considered your self lucky if the truck had power steering.
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    Never mind the Canadian market! I want that here!!!
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    The 1951 Crosley fire truck from the Ron Pratte collection went for $115,500.00
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    Today's progress: 1. We took the body off the truck. It took a little bit of effort, mostly because the pins connecting the link arms to the body were WELDED to the body. Talk about a head-scratcher. 2. We moved the truck to its new home on our farm. We've got a big enough garage for it, so now we'll be continuing our refurbishment here. Of course, some pics for your enjoyment:
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    1962, 922 model , donor unit for another project, sq's grafted to back, White front axle, the 671 went to marine application, (1990). Many years ago I came across a 1937 school bus deep in the woods, got the front section. Started a rat rod project with the cowl and hood tops, it has the deluxe dash. Project abandoned for now. I used the hood sides on one of my homebuilt tractors. FW
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    The Dodge panel could be a fun project which is sitting next to a used up Paccar.
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    i found dual amber ! http://www.bigrigchromeshop.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?page=BRCS/PROD/TSLITS/UP39777 so you are saying its illegal to have led amber in front? i need to show red when braking? i dont show that as of how my current setup even is so i would assume it wouldnt be a problem