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    To the shit head mayor and his right hand man Sharpton THE BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!! I have to stop here guys out of respect for Barry and the site! My daughter and her husband are cops and we are in fear now more then ever before for there lives! RIP To two of New Yorks Finest BULLHUSK
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    The "Status Update" I did just a few minutes before checking in here.... I AM DONE! I am done being quite. I am done being on the fence accepting the banter of jackwagons saying derogetory things about basic human beings who have chosen to protect all of us. The men and women who are called friends, yet are hated by the white, black, hispanic, etc people who think of them as less than rodents. Those of you who want to, should go ahead & unfriend me now because it's gonna get bad.... A Black man claiming to defend black criminals yesterday killed two cops, one of latino decent & one of asian decent. One of the black criminals he was defending died in a choke hold at the hands of a white cop as directed by his BLACK female SGT. The other black crimial died at the hands of a white cop when he attacked same cop after strong arm robbing an Asian small business owner. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Bill DeBlasio, Eric Holder and our nations "Main Stream" media all jumped on a band wagon calling for people to put an end to treating criminals like criminals by defying cops. Yesterday two innocent men (one of Hispanic decent, one of Asian decent), who's job it was to protect us, the public, were assassinated, YES ASSASSINATED, while eating lunch by a black man who claims in a note that he was getting retaliation against the (white) cops for the deaths of 2 black (thugs) men. When NYC Mayor DeBlasio made his appearance at the hospital to create a few "sound bites' the NYPD made their stand by, in unison, turning their backs on the spineless piece of shit. GOOD FOR YOU NYPD!!!! If you are still with me all I can say is if you don't want to deal with cops in THEIR professional world then don't do stupid things. Don't tint your windows too dark, don't speed, don't play your music too loud, don't rob people, don't kill people, don't steal, don't antagonize the cops. If you think that a law that is being enforced is wrong, don't bitch at the cop, take it to the LAW MAKER, who, by the way, is the one who MADE THE LAW and have a conversations with him/her. No one is complained about more than a cop. He ain't doing his job.... he thinks he is God and can do what ever he wants, etc..... This "Rant" isn't done and if you post derogatory comments about cops on your page, I will be there so you might as well un-friend me now. Good night & God bless.
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    I have friends on NYPD, just got off the phone with one of them. Back about a week and a half ago, the FOP Lodge that represents the rank and file of NYPD circulated a memo and a document that asked each and every uniformed officer to sign and submit- basically a document asking that the Mayor, the Police Commissioner and a few others of the top city leaders NOT TO BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND THEIR FUNERALS if the signing member was ever to die in the line of duty. Word on the street is that both of the guys who were murdered tonight did indeed sign and submit these documents, and the families have already advised DeBowhard's staff that they are to be nowhere near the funerals. Mayor's Staff came back and said "Ok, you want to play that game, we'll jam up all your benefit payments for years." The families told the Mayors Staff to GFY, we'll get Fox News involved. Also there are rumors of a Blue Flu.
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    Some pics of her lettered. Still have a bunch of little things to do but she is working. Rob
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    I think it's more of a joke. A lot.of cowboys and douche bags up here are doing the big stacks in a pickup thing. I joked and said I'm gonna put a cement brick chimney in my pickup box. There's also a farmer running around here that used two old 18" culverts for his straight pipes just to mock the cowboys.
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    Got to shoot part of the truck today. Sprayed the red base coat then cleared it.
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    I am way beyond pissed. The mayor in NYC with his crocodile tears. He is anti Police and anti white from the start. He fears for his son when he's out because the police may shoot him? You don't have to worry if you teach him to respect the law and it's officers. His new fence around Gracie Mansion is in place as his spokesman state "the mayor feel it is needed because he feels the police will not protect his biracial family" . The race baiter in the White House states "he's feels sorry for the officers families", than heads off the Hawaii with a wave, happy to know his race war is on schedule. Holder says that it's a "known job risk" WTF? A risk you created by showing no support . Sharpton is in Baltimore consoling the first murder victims family. How about the LEO families? don't they fit his agenda? wrong minorities? I feel that every non minority is now a target. LEO's and First Responders more so. My wife is actually using her concealed carry peremit as of this morning, I'm a bit surprised at her for that. Personally I see a cop, I'll go out of my way to thank him or her for being on the job. Paul
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    I thought that was yours, I heard it running. Sounds like you've got one of them there 16V92 Marine Diesels in her, eh?.. or twin 318's? I was about a mile away with the windows up and the radio on when I heard it. I see you have a support boat to the right too, carrying spare parts and oil I assume.
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    Givem a war. Start shooting on sight, if the families complain shoot them too. Then do the same for rev al and the mayor then head for the White House and take care of that clown . Time to take back America.
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    Absolutely ******* sickening! Racism is alive and well thanks to the likes of scum like Sharpton, the lemmings that buy into his BS, and leadership from the top down that is more concerned about doing what's popular instead of what's right. This is only the beginning. Nice work, assholes.
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    I say every cop should stay out of the ghettos for a few days and show these idiots why they are needed.
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    I just read about this Ernie,theres a special place in hell for a**holes like this nitwit,and he bragged about his plans beforehand too? un-frickin' believable!......................................Mark
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    maybe they should ban guns in NYC. that would work? OH I forgot they have that law already.
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    What we need is cowboy by the name of Ronnie.. Thats why I like this guy Ted Cruz from Texas looks like anotherR/R BULLHUSK
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    I always tell these young punks with these well casings for stacks on these pickup trucks that they look so stupid and that stacks belong on semi truck not pickup trucks . I think the stacks on pickup trucks is about as bad as the balls hanging front the back bumper ! they tell me its cool I gues im not cool then LOL!
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    Wish I could say I feel sad about this so called cliff but I don't. I just left the industry myself to take a local delivery job for a private fleet in a straight truck. Nobody wants to work in an industry where your just a number and get run till you drop. And treated like shit in general not only by the companies but by the General public. And don't tell me they're not all the same because they are. The trucking industry created this mess and as far as I'm concerned can fester in their own shit. Am I bitter? Hell yes I'm bitter. I spent over 20 years in the industry and have absolutely no desire to ever step I to another tractor trailer again. The trucking industry gripes about all the govt oversight? You brought it on yourself , deal with it.
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    What you are witnessing here is how the educated, civilized members of society react. It's more subtle and won't end as soon as the news crews go home.
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    I don't know. I think I resemble those remarks. My current daily driver, and my last one.
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    Deblasio should be told to step aside, it is very clear who's side he is on (he's on Sharptons and Obama an Holders side) and Jesse Watters from O'Reilly said his office was very nasty to him after trying to get him on the Factor so it's not a shock to me that Deblasio's crew would try to mess with their benefit's!! These people are heartless evil bastards Sharptons crew marched yelling 'Kill Cop's' well they just did so he should be in jail right now! but he's in the Whitehouse sittin in Obamas chair while he's on va-ca BULLHUSK
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    Here you go. I can't seem to upload the other pics I took. Will put them on my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125349217@N03/
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,fellow BMT'ers! Al
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    My 1st Grandkid, Noah Michael Harbison ,was born today at 9:01 a.m.
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    See if this helps. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/tutorials/article/70-wiring-schematic-for-series-parallel-switch/
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    Yes, hey I have an idea....Lets make drugs illegal!!!!!! Oh........Shit.........Nevermind.
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    No green. Paint the rest with pearl white.Gray is going to be white.
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    I think today these big co's buy whats on sale and flip it in 3 years, some are even leasin them,just look at JB Hunt he don't even paint there trucks the company colors any more cause they get a better deal in white so when they flip em they are E/Z to sell! Anyway who the hell wants to keep these new trucks more then 5 or 6 years, with all this new shit they will drive U broke! BULLHUSK
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    Posted the pics of when Joe got her so here is the final product. Will be driving full time again and running the landscaping. Still gotta figure out the logistics. Rob
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    I see the Jag is of the late serie with long rear lights. And I too like this graphite color for it. During about 15 years I had no less than 10 attemts to buy any but always missed it by some reason. Yes, Mercedes G-wagens is my deal, I mostly just part them out. There were a lot of them imported aside of the customs and paperwork fired up later. By the word they are very popular overhere due to the hard city traffic and lots of snow in the streets. The white one in the picture was originally G300/OM617 NA, with no turbo. It's not mine though but the guy's who worked at me. The one with a saw on the pic. It's 1983 and has 3rd body on its frame. The original one was burned off by a fire when he bought it and the second was crashed. Some years ago in-action pic.
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    About a month ago I took this picture of this R-model that a farmer near me owns. He was picking up some ag-lime.
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    Don't expect much from the white house. They are too busy investigating who/how hackers got into the entertainment industry Hackers got into Home Depot and they got bad mouthed for letting it happen Prayers to the family and friends of NYPD
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    I have a set of 22" spoke hubs I just took off the kid's Cruiseliner,complete with 8 bald tires on 24.5 rims.
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    We've never ran anything heavier than a ch with 12f 40r and 4.11 gears. E7 350 and 9speed. Make.sure you have a low first gear. My one driver always laughed at guys that would always be in a hurry, they'd pass other guys or always be first in line. But at the end of the day everyone had the same hours in. We're paid by the hour with the clock starting the minute you get loaded. And with the macks we'd usually use about 10 gallons less fuel a day than everyone else. Also, the 380 you are looking at has as much torque as the 427's. If the right guy is driving it he will keep up with anyone. But I do stress, get a low first gear!
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    my mack is a cx613 e7 460 with a Eaton fuller 13 and 3:70 rears i pull belly and side dumps with it and on 7 axles 96k gross. it does pretty good. its no 6 1/4 cat but its pretty easy on fuel and pulls decent, im pretty happy with it. my other truck with 350 hp didn't pull as well at 88k as this one does at 96k the 13 has a much lower 1st than the road ranger 9 in my other truck witch helps a lot as well. lockers are a big plus heavier rears are a big plus i don't see a need for double frames though for dump trailer work.
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    Looks like a pic from the assembly line, 2 more thumbs up for the color. I hope your wife is feeling better.
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    Dave: the truck is looking great ......I can't even find words!......... must admit I'm just a little jealous of all the toys in your sandbox.....and the size of the sand box. Class work that's for sure.
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    I would look for heaver rears and drive train components and 400-480 hp. with at least a rear locker, do you need this to belly dump....well no but, the heaver spec trucks generally stayed in the field longer. Also if you wanted in the future to dump truck you could set it up to quick change. just my thoughts.
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    380 horsepower is enough, presuming you won't be grossing over 80,000 pounds. But the 6 speed transmission will be fine on the highway, but won't have a low enough first gear for off road start ability on steep uphills.
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    if the question is will the truck get the job done, yes. if the question is should that be the truck you get, its not the specs i would buy for that work
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    what a mess,,,,i have a cop in the family out here....myself.....i would certainly take a differant appoach,,,on this entire matter.....tear gas and arrests to start....bob
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    80 thousand pound loads go for atleast the 460....good luck...and welcome aboard...bob
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    of course it`ll do the job just not as fast as some
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    i hauled belly and side dump with a 350hp 11.1L Detroit and a 9 with speed and 3.73 rears for a long time, it was slow but got the job done and was less than a pleasure to drive
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    Well, anyhow- i've got a "We Scoop Dog Poop" Pet Waste Removal Va. and D.C. ad at the bottom now.
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    i spent about 5 days on prep work and shot everything in one day it was a pretty straight car to start with some little dings here and there but no major dents, and absolutely no rust. i still managed to miss a couple really small dings that i didn't find till the clear was on but there super minor im probably the only one who will ever notice and i drive the car its not going to be a show car. the paint laid out real nice its going to be a breeze to cut and buff this one out. im going to get the whole car back together first though just figure i will let the paint cure out and if i put any stuffs in it putting it back together they will be taken car of by the wet sand and buff anyway. i like them xj-6's if i didn't already have too many vehicles i wouldn't mind having a early xj-6 some partially put back together sunlight pictures today
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    Another picture of it ready for paint.
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    Looks like a well done job. How much time did you spent primering/sanding/spraying? I keep my eye on them XJS's during a bunch of years but still haven't catched up one. Once bought that poor cat to cheer muself up. Vlad
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    Tom, nice to see the pics. Thank you.
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