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    Fred passed away recently, he was a nice bloke. I'm sure many here in OZ will know his Mack's, Mick
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    Seen an Amish road train, on steel no less!...glad he turned! Don't think that mess would have gotten by me! Saw some fallen leaves... Saw a snake...he looks pissed Saw a truck being unloaded the hard way... Saw a new compressor in my shop!
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    Simple week. How do you load a R model thats out of fuel. Do you go buy fuel NO you go get a wrecker. What ever he wants. loaded these 2 out of AR. They told the buyer that they ran. Well 3 years ago. The white one they tried with old batteries no luck, they came to the conclusion that the flywheel was bent? Yes I'm sure that's the problem. The red one at least started. Used it to pull the white one on then load it. Get to the recever he too puts in to junk batteris and guess what it won't start, so they hook up the Darango, guess what it won't start, so then they hook up the fork lift, that was the ticket. I stoped putting in my 2 cents a while ago. this guy was getting fuel, I wish I got a pick of the other side, he had lawnmowers and junk tied down . , then this guy didn't even have a flag. But I give him a thumbs up for not giving a damn about DOT.
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    If I say I'm going g to be there, and unless there's an act of GOD I'll be there. Both of of them knew a week in advance with phone calls the day before. And they still not ready when I got there. I just start adding to the bill.
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    I'm think'n our provincial government up here must have been involved in that operation.
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    Do that with an E9 and you could have done it at 1400rpm instead of 2500,lol.
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    Did Material Service ever have Macks? I remember when they were in Dundee behind Palumbo and they had a ton of GMC General 6X6's. Seem's like a driver or two got killed in the pit on 31 about 15 years ago if I remember right. They were standing outside of their trucks and got hit by a loader or a haul truck. Al, do you remember that, and does that sound right? I have a couple pictures of MS trucks. An old IH that was at a show in Mchenry in 2009, an FWD that was sitting in Ottawa on rt 71 for awhile. Last time I went by the drum was still there but the truck went missing. I also have an MS mixer that was styled after a GMC Brigadier.
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    Here is a bad picture, thru a dirt windshield, of the Super Aggregate RB.
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    Asking about a truck like that here is like walking into the wrong bar,most will just stop and stare .Local guy had a new one near me in the early/mid "00's,real good to his equipment.One day while going through the center of his town the engine literally grenade'd leaving parts and oil all over the road(had very low miles).Other than that I don't know much about them due to lack of interest.
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    Not sure what country it is, but I assume it is sugar cane???... Mercedes powered. Anyone want to estimate the weight? BC Mack http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=57d_1415010893
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    The show room is very impressive. Thank you for sharing.
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    Well, it took more than a year and a 9 mile drive to the next town, but I checked out the Cameo today. It hasn't been placed in the main room but it is ready to go with all the dust and dirt still in place. Four buildings are full of treasure with LS6 Chevelles, Shelbys, Ferraris. Trans Ams, Ram Air GTOs Hemis, GNXs, Boss 302 and 429, a SOHC equipped Cobra etc. Low miles are the story. A Studebaker with 300 miles, an Impala 348 tri power with 30 miles, a Trans Am with 37 miles, a 66 GTO tri power with 1400 miles, a Plymouth Savoy with 34 miles, etc. It seems like every vehicle was insanely low miles. Also has a Pacer, Gremlin, Cosworth Vega, Pinto and a MustangII just for fun and all were just off the showroom. Super nice guy owns the bunch and had some great stories on each one.
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    My .02. Ya, B71 with the extended nose is pretty unusual to see anymore. Pretty sure that was done to fit a cummins in the smaller hood trucks. Wonder if it is just the clutch disc is rusted to flywheel? Or is one of the transmissions stuck in gear? Typically the shifters will get gummed up from sitting. MIght take a prybar under the floor and some lubrication to get it back to working. If not, might be broken inside? Hopefully just needs clutch broke loose. Truck looks pretty solid/rust free? Pricewise? $5K depending on how nice it is in person?
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    buy it at a Gov auction for 3 cents a pound.
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    I am afraid I have an extremely poor opinion of the one in Medford. They push PAACAR products and HINO over MACK. Dog Parts are always at the other location if they even can find it and if they know you run older units tend to get an attitude that if it's not in the computer or you can't give the the new P.N. they won't waste their time. Not like Mineola MACK whom the bought out. Guess thats why most around went over to the dark side. Me I now deal with Watts or Raney's in Florida. Paul
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    AUSTRALIAN NATIVE LANDSCAPES, MACK R600! CLASSIC AUSSIE! Always had a thing for these Macks! I think they run KW'S now.
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    They could fail quickly if put into regular service where heat, weight, and mileage will be much more of an issue, even on a trailer. Maybe someone with a farm truck for example, can use them for running around town? Look at the bright side, the cost of these was about $38 per year.
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    Are you changing from summer air to winter? I already did the tires on my trucks.
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    you know a air leak could take days to find by yourself, by the time you pre trip and post trip there has got to be 15-20 min. worth of drive time left! Could you imagine using 2-3 tubes of grease on just s cams and slack adjusters ! every night you would have to plug that truck into shop air or start work 2 hours early just to build 300 gallons of air .
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    I'm assuming Gabrielli? That don't say much for that company.
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    I'll be honest...I didn't know anybody but Mack built a dump truck!(camelback)
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    The parts managers motto at the local MACK /VOLVO Dealer is "It's a long way to Sweden , if it's a part you be needen" pretty much says it all. Paul
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    Hmmm,wonder if you asked Ford guy's if you should consider a Chevy or Dodge(or vice versa) what they'd say???I can only recommend you look for a clean older Mack,there's nothing better for dump work plain and simple...
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    I buy my safety shoes at Wally World. They are only $30 and after a year I can throw them away and not feel guilty. If I get more than a year of wear...money well spent. But then again, I am a cheap old fart.
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    Only thing he needs is a caboose! Ron
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    Tell him he's better off with an old RD or DM600 with a 237 and 6 speed.
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    I thought it was a good deal too,guess more Mack guys were worried about pulling stumps than passing Petes
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    Now that's one hack of a load! Wonder where that's at? And what's in that truck for power? I'd be totally impressed if that guy can back that outfit up!
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    If your talking about the main ring & pinion, they are only available as a set, #24kh11013. A used pinion only may not match the ring gear and might be difficult to set up.
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    I've bought Rocky boots the last few years and like them pretty good. They used to be made in Ohio but they're made in the Dominican Republic now, I wear them every day during the week and got about 3 years out of the last pair, they're comfortable, fit well, and they can be re-soled. Way better than the "made in China" crap they call boots at the Wal Mart store. The original plastic heater valve on my pickup lasted well over 100,000 miles, then one of the pieces that the heater hose goes on broke completely off. I found a little piece of pipe- actually cut a piece off of a bumper guide that was in the junk pile at the shop- and bypassed the valve, but I needed some heat when it got cold so I went to NAPA and got a new one. It said "made in China" on the box. I put it on and it leaked from day one, dripping where the little metal rod comes out. So I went to O'Reilly Auto Parts and got another one, made in China, and put it on. Leaked from day one, dripping where the little metal rod comes out. So I ordered one from some on-line parts place somewhere in the midwest that was guaranteed for a year, but I haven't put it on yet. It was made in China. If it leaks i'm going to Lowes and get some pvc pipe and a quarter-turn shutoff valve and make my own heater valve.
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    The address is....uh...Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania, USA. Can I help you with anything else, such as what day of the week Thanksgiving falls on this year?
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    yeah I dont know as general rule what Im doing in the next 10 minutes its a couple of vintage crawlers on a mates rates deal that I said I would do that the owner is in no hurry for I reckon hes been waiting 6 or 7 months now and still is in no big hurry just when I can one day so thought I would organise my self a bit as I said the stars have gotta align first a lot can go wrong between now and then Paul
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    Looks really good, and I really like hand painted logos! Not too much of that these days.
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    Boy,what a slap in the chops! Whats next,all the rest of the few remaining Drive-In theaters set to be demolished this weekend? Blasphemy!!
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    Here is another shot of ATHS member Gaspar "Gap" Sparacio Stainless one, and one of it in it's day as a worker.
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    Getting ready for winter again…yuck! I painted the frame with Chassis saver (thanks big dog) the rest is still in pretty good shape. Now its ready for salt again
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    Unplug the fuel pressure sensor and the 7th injector fuel pressure sensor on the fuel shutoff valve block and see if thats were the fuel is seeping in from. Usually its oil in the engine ECM connectors from oil pressure sensor, the oil level sensor or the piston cooling oil pressure sensor. I bet 75-80 % of the MP engines that are 2 years or older that come through our shop have oil in the ECM connectors. Just the nature of the beast. When under warranty, we replace the sensor and harness. At one point we had enough engine wiring harnesses to fill the bed of a pick up to the top. Took them to the copper recycler.
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    thanks for the response we did the regulator with the lines i belive its just the banjo bolt. The injectors seem interesting but why no fuel in the oil and why does it sometimes run ok for a few hours. I will defintantly check the injector but it doesnt make a lot of sense. yeah we just pulled the tank to check the stand pipe we pressurized it no air loss resoldered it and rechecked it and ran it again still the same thing goes ok for a few hours after the fuel sstm is apart then it falls on its face again
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