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    With much help from fxfymn, I brought home my latest addition to the growing fleet, a 1918 World War 1 class B Liberty truck. Wood spoke, solid rubber tires, 4 cylinder, 424 cubic inch, 52 horsepower with a top speed of a blistering 14 mph. Hope to get started on the restoration soon. Plan to bring it to the ATHS show in York, Pa next May, finished or not. It joins my 1918 AC Mack Army truck, and the 1917/18 Mack built searchlight/antiaircraft trailer. Last picture is the gun trailer. Steelman
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    What I really liked most about the photo op with you guys,was all the other people there that snapped that same picture!(Like we were some kind of BMT celebrities,or something,lol )......................................... Ain't BMT grand? (here's my pics taken by Mrs. jakebrake,Gail) Al
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    Here's the ol dog, now in Terrace bought by an 87 year old trucker and he's whipping it into shape.
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    1988 Mack RW613 superliner. E7 400+ Rebuilt injectors, new turbo, air to air is 1 year old, Mack 18 rebuilt 3 years ago, rears are 2002 mack air ride with eaton 3.70, all airbags are in good shape no cracking, new windshields, windshield wiper linkage, windshield wiper motor, new steer rims aluminum, new doors, painted 3 years ago, block heater works, reman injection pump 3 years ago, Truck has been well maintained, if it needed it I put it on it. I know what it takes to build/maintain this truck. Call or text 570-529- three two one six Asking 21,500.00 bank check or cash I will keep it rather than export it. Truck is located in north central Pennsylvania
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    Got her home today and spent all day cleaning the old girl. I know I said I would post some pictures but my batteries were dead. I will get some for you tomorrow. Plus I got handed the build sheets for her to. This truck just keeps getting better.
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    don't call me Mr. ,Vinny,I feel old enough the way it is.
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    ok pictures finally came thru. as you can see our arsonist wont be able to do this again the truck as a 86 American general m925 that our government kindly gave our dept. if we put it in service within a year. so I salvaged some used fire gear and this is what we got, its our 3td. newest ride!
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    Brutus. Cheers, RFC
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    Hi there to everyone! I found this relic about ten years ago outside Shamokin, PA. It was parked in a field along with some friendly horses who allowed me to get some pics. The owner of this beast wasn't home at the time and I haven't been back through the area since. I'm sure hoping someone can help me identify it - it's a mystery that's been bothering me for a decade. The red and blue stripes visible underneath the windshields made me think of a rolling Post Office, utilized in the '40s and '50s.. It had a DD8V71 factory mounted straight in beneath the rear portion of the frame, similar to a GMC PD4501 Scenicruiser. The insulated rear main and vent doors puzzled me. No need to freeze mail. Did it haul produce? It had a 1983 Georgia inspection sticker on the driver's windshield. Both fronts appear to be steer axles, only one of the rears was powered with the other being a tag. There's the outline of a diamond shaped emblem on the front of the vehicle. Any guesses or information would be appreciated!
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    Check out my Facebook page for some pics of the Big Dog I bought new in March 1989. E9-500. 15 spd RR. 44K rears geared 4.64. 145,000 original miles. https://www.facebook.com/DennisHuntCompanyLlc?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark
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    Sandblasting the rust and old paint off the log truck.
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    here are a few more photos of the 78 F modelrebuild. enjoy!
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    Autocar arrived at home Hauling pigs with the new trailer Granites and RD's hard at work on the Highway 65 project near Lucas,IA
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    Last time I saw the fwd, the tk girls were driving it away. I think ken put them up to it.😙
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    Do you want me to send a case of bottled water? All joking aside, I hope that area gets some rain soon and fire gets shutdown....before more losses occur. Rob - keep your family, friends, and yourself safe!
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    Wow. Nice pics even thought everything is getting burned. Glad I am not out there now. Supposed to be heading home to get ready to P-A-R-T-Y but got stuck with this load, and friggen agents brother dropped the friggen ball on the permits again. There is not going to be a third time
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    This is not a VOLCANIC ERUPTION!!!!!!!!!! this is a wild fire 40 miles south this photo was taken a mile from my house I have more but the phone needs to charge. sounds like 6 homes in the town of Pateros have burned, the hospital in Brewster is being evacuated, 3 state hwys are closed sr2 sr20 sr97 . I'm watching the news now and were under red flag warnings again tomorrow.
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    Right down to bare bones. Looks great!
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    Is this the same truck? I was on a jobsite in Biglerville last month and one of the mechanics used it to deliver a load of precast. He told me it was an extra tractor and not many of the drivers liked to take her out. He told me she ran great and he would use her when he had to deliver a load in a pinch for his company.
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    Got 3"/hr here the other night and there are several roads that are missing.... Making up signs now that say "Don't Listen to your GPS"
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    What year and engine is in the truck? MP engines also have injector cup issues. Have also seen some E-tech and ASET injector cup issues which is rare compared to the MP.
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    Ken, That's me, jakebrake, with the red BCR next to Al. On the other side of me is Ron, b61mack. Vic is between b61mack and Superdog but I don't know what he goes by. He sure had a nice B Model though. Jake
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    Mike = Superdog Al = 57 bcr? others????
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    YEP he don't have brains enough to do that again! ( I think that's what shot out through the eye socket ) 7500 volts lit his fuzzy little ass right up!!! I got lucky on that one that we were home and caught it right away had a small thunder storm roll through this morning only heard a couple slaps of thunder, but the way the winds blowing if it hit close to anything combustible we'll know shortly.
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    Happy Anniversary, JD, from me and my Mack !
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    Nice! great to see someone in a truck helping out!...........................................Mark
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    far as I know still has the 707
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    IRAQ MACK ISRAEL 1973 w/ M-50 Isherman 1945 NO 3rd Marine Division 1935 Dodge
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    More we look at the truck the more we have come to the conclusion it is based on a mid 50's Fruehauf or Trailer Mobile unit look at the general details of the units. I lean towards Freuhauf because of last photo of the Fruehauf Sport Cruiser 1956 Fruehauf 1962 Trailer Mobile Museum de Transport, Caracas, Venezuela. Describes this as a 1959 Road King Nestle coffee transporter Fruehauf Sport Cruiser
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    Possibly a McCullogh Road King. There was a discussion about this one on the ATHS forum some time back. Fageol/Twin Coach made trucks like that, some of them were made out of Fruehauf semi trailers, but it does not appear to be a Fageol. The highway post offices I have seen had some windows in the sides, and it looks like it has a higher weight capacity than would be needed for that. Very little information exists on the Road King - and it might not be one, but it would be good if you (or someone else in that area) could get back and see if it is still there and possibly dig up some info .
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    I FINALLY found a company to transport the trailer from PHX, AZ to ALTOONA, PA for $2000. A friend is VP Maintenance at Old Dominion Freight Lines. They run pups and have terminals in PHX and ALT. As soon as I can get the details worked out and a check in the mail the trailer will be headed east. I was able to negotiate a slightly better price since these have been for sale since last fall. I probably paid too much (being the cheap SOB that I am).
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    Lets not forget about these....
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    Andy:The tag I have off the one I took engine and trans out of is EHX 1 D 9434.Our musium here has a EH 1 D also that I will get number for you .Cowl,rad shell ,hood,side curtains and running gear are all thats left Mack rest is made by Pacific Truck & Trailer after rest either rusted out or got smashed.Will send pictures when I figure out how.Bob D
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