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    Ok, easy guys...GearheadGrrrl has received a warning for trolling and instigation for a number of posts that have been deemed over the line! Please keep the topic on track or it will have to be closed. Thanks!
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    GearheadGrrl For the sake of an educated conversation, can you please tell me and anyone who cares to read on, what President Obama has done to make our Nation a better place since he took office. If you will, a summary of accomplishments? Full Disclosure so you can figure out what kind of spin you want to throw at me: I am Christian, married, pro life, have two kids, 36 years old, college educated, own my home, legally own firearms, healthcare executive, former fireman, amateur race car driver, can drive a quad box without lifting my left leg, AND vote for candidates who will work to make the federal government smaller and let me and the rest of our Countrymen keep as much of our hard earned dollars as possible.
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    Given the day,i thought this was an appropriate picture to post as a remembrance,a strong truck,a strong city,and some strong people! still strange even now for me to run up the Turnpike and not see the WTC................Mark http://sandgravelstonefill.50megs.com/photo.html
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    I find it to be an insult and a slap in the face of Americans when on the day when we are remember those who were Hurt,killed,and continue to suffer because of an attack on America by Muslim terrorists. But yet some mother fucking ass slime in Washington gives these same cocksuckers a permit to march on the same day yet denies true blue American motorcycle riders a permit. Just goes to show ya how far the half breed monkey in the White House has his claws embedded. May god have mercy on all Americans. Screw the civil war in Syria. Obutthead should worry about a civil war here. Sorry but its how I feel.
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    So I am a member of the Westmoreland County Travel All Exchange 4-H Club. This is an exchange club where 4-H kids from another state come and stay in PA for like 10 days and then us club members go and stay wherever they came from. This time it was Roseau County Minnesota. Last summer, about 15 kids from MN came and stayed here in PA. Two guys from there stayed at my house. This summer, 12 of us PA 4-H'ers went to MN and stayed for 10 days. The place was as rural as it gets. It was completely flat throughout the whole county(much unlike here in PA). The roads were dead straight running North-South and East-West, forming a grid of one mile by one mile squares. These squares were fields filled with crops except for a few that had houses. The roads were two lane and 80 percent of them were gravel. It was amazing to me. I stayed with a family that had 4 boys, ages 8 to 20. They owned 640 acres and had about 50 cattle. They happened to be baling hay while I was there and of course I got to help. The field they were baling was four miles down the road from their farm. We baled about 150 acres of hay. They were 5x5 foot round bales. To get them from the field to the farm, we used two rigs, an '06 Duramax with a 38 foot gooseneck and an International Road Tractor with an alumanum 53 foot flatbed trailer. And guess who was driving the cornbinder all by himself...... Me. 15 year old Ben Jumper, truck enthusiast. I was out on the open road, in a pretty big truck, justa haulin' some hay. I hauled five loads of 20 round bales each. It was awesome That's me and my MN friend, Brandon. He was driving the Duramax and I was driving the IH. Ben
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    My son found this pic on facebook.
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    Ya know I too am wondering why girly blindly agrees with everything out of Washington and calls us crazy for stating facts. Fact since Obummer and his "appointees" took office our debt has tripled, we supposedly don't have the money for white house tours, military aircraft participation in air shows, our military budjets have been reduced by nearly a third, homeland security has gained more power and reach than any previous government entity in history, our constitutional rights have been repeatedly trampled, however......we had the money to send billions in aid to china, 14 billion to put power in the African desert, we gave Egypt millions in military hardware and the first family spends millions on weekend vacations. Now WHAT THE FUCK?
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    Went by George cousins today... Best I could do..
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    Here are a couple of Greco trucks that were behind me on the Elgin-O'hare about a month ago and one of their water trucks.
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    Yup,the "token liberal" does a HIT AND RUN!
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    like I always say, love to hear Gearheadgirls bullshit comments after we don't hear from her for months on end
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    Met a guy a few weeks ago who said he had some old trucks for sale.He finally was available to see them today,after my usually depressing 9/11 morning I headed out...He has two locations,i only went to one.The place was covered in trucks of all years and sizes,the box trailers in the pic are FULL of trucks as well!When I have more time i'll be heading back.Prices are fair on most,if any of you guy's are interested let me know.If I win the lottery I'm buying them all though .
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    Well after having it sitting in the shop collecting dust for about 8 months, we finally got the old B Model wrecker on the road again. This is my dad's first attempt at driving it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiCDg-YFlr8 Yea, he didn't do as well as he could have but at least we got to the show and back successfully. I can't wait till next summer when I get to drive it myself Ben
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    Made me cringe just listening. You better start carrying a couple 5 gallon buckets to put the pieces in when the bottom of the back case blows out.
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    nice pink sunglasses........And wasn't it nice driving a truck that did not require you to close the door on your fingers before driving to be able to concentrate?
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    Good Job! Get out into the world and see what the hell is going on! My condolences that your first time was with a Binder.
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    I think he's quite IN touch with reality....
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    Finally got my truck finished after 11 months of my son and I working on it.Replaced the cam and lifters rewired the dash to the headlights tore the interior out and reinsulated the cab new air horns and bullet lights completely replaced the brakes drums cams bushings seals shoes etc and just when I thought I was all done I found out the mainshaft rear bearing was laying in the bottom of my transmission so I pulled the trans and replaced both main shaft bearings.Now its time to go to work
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    talk to Superdog, hes got to have 20 or 30 of em by now maybe he can part with one cheap.
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    If I had a 110,000 on a new truck and the engine went down, I would park it in their lot and call their corporate office and tell them to fix it or else, after hearing that they were not going to fix it I would take out an ad in the local paper notifiying eveyone of the issue and the refusal to warranty anything, if that didnt work Im pretty sure it would catch on fire in their parking lot overnight one night.
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    BULL....; I'm sure the gent who Paul Romano represented wanted the rig sold at a really fair price so a collector would get it, not a scrapper. Not much you can do about it though once it's sold all is fair.
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    Yes on the broke rings and your not yelling loud enough. Contact corprate offices. They should get you in touch with the dealers DSM ( district service manager), he can make things happen.
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    Better to go back with a good used e-tec engine , the e-6 is way different front engine mount would have to b fabricated not to mention the electrical system would be a headache .
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    I'm going to edit this and leave this topic before I get out of hand. I'll leave this female.... Thing In y'all's capable hands!
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVPol6AZjr4 I remembered that this clip late last night....shows a certain someone driving/operating a certain brand of Non-Mack vehicle ON Mack's test track at the first "Trucktoberfest" and also on Interstate 78. There are views and sounds of proper up and downshifting of a non-synchronized tranny and with only one shifting "whoopsie." I even discuss matching input and output shaft speeds with my buddy who is not familiar. 4:55 in the video should be of interest to Poppa Jumper. And please ignore me being 350+ pounds in that video!!!! Makes me shudder!!!!
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    I bet I know one of them that aint goona happen
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    Typical lib,dodging the answers....
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    I heard he won the lottery.
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    This one came to me via the inter-web on an e-mail, don't know where this was taken but it looks a little dangerous. The guy must like living on the edge.
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    I introduced myself to him at Mid America the first year he had it together, told him I had an 84 V8 Superliner and tried to ask him some questions about his truck, I got short smartas$ replies and when I tried to change tactics and just ask him about his build he was clearly not interested in talking to me as I was not in his league, I told him I thought he was acting like a prick and walked off, a friend that was with me who is very laid back and not at all easy to aggrevate said :" that guy is an ass". I dont know if it was the Shell Superrigs High horse or winning whatever he won there, hell maybe he had been getting the same stuff for 3 days and was just tired but he could have just said so and acted differently. I was not amused!
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    Never get tired of seeing that DM ! that's one sharp truck! and man that thing looks CLEAN!..........................................Mark
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    The Vmac III engine control specs and troubleshooting for AC engine manual should be number 8-348. There is a revised service manual (July 2006) its number is 8-211 The Aset AC with EGR system engine mechanical service manual should be number 5-111. I found theses numbers on macktrucksemedia.com. I'm still trying to find the number for the electrical diagram of your truck but I may have to pull that off our binder when I'm at work tomorrow.
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    My response to the forklift nut covers. Good luck in U model findings
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    I agree Mike! personally I think it's high time the U.S. stops being the "worlds policeman" and looks to solving our own problems first,we're hemmoraging jobs,healthcare is out of control,govmint spending is at an all time high,plus all the other problems we face! I'm tired of hearing about how we should help all these other countries that don't want,need of care about "help" from America (more the taxpayers) and they have the nerve to be talking about putting boots on the ground in Syria? UN-EFFING-BELIEVEABLE! especially on a day of remembrance for those lost on 9/11!......................Mark
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    Something on flea bay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mack-Trucks-Class-8-and-medium-service-manual-and-schematics-/141057235690?pt=Motors_Manuals_Literature&hash=item20d7aa9aea&vxp=mtr
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    I know!! It sticks out!! The tailgate linkage sticks out in front of body.. I have figured out a solution to tuck the exhaust in. Expensive muffler and a pain in the ass!!
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    Grille,shutters and fenders have some character,interior needs a lot of loving,LR wheel seal leaking bad,and tires ain't that great,but it's been a long,long time since I bought a running B61 so reasonable.
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    That's so they don't have to stop so often for fuel,less chance of being seen in public that way.
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    Cought this puppy parked with a older IH and a paystar
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    One of my favorites
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