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    Ok, easy guys...GearheadGrrrl has received a warning for trolling and instigation for a number of posts that have been deemed over the line! Please keep the topic on track or it will have to be closed. Thanks!
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    GearheadGrrl For the sake of an educated conversation, can you please tell me and anyone who cares to read on, what President Obama has done to make our Nation a better place since he took office. If you will, a summary of accomplishments? Full Disclosure so you can figure out what kind of spin you want to throw at me: I am Christian, married, pro life, have two kids, 36 years old, college educated, own my home, legally own firearms, healthcare executive, former fireman, amateur race car driver, can drive a quad box without lifting my left leg, AND vote for candidates who will work to make the federal government smaller and let me and the rest of our Countrymen keep as much of our hard earned dollars as possible.
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    Given the day,i thought this was an appropriate picture to post as a remembrance,a strong truck,a strong city,and some strong people! still strange even now for me to run up the Turnpike and not see the WTC................Mark http://sandgravelstonefill.50megs.com/photo.html
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    I find it to be an insult and a slap in the face of Americans when on the day when we are remember those who were Hurt,killed,and continue to suffer because of an attack on America by Muslim terrorists. But yet some mother fucking ass slime in Washington gives these same cocksuckers a permit to march on the same day yet denies true blue American motorcycle riders a permit. Just goes to show ya how far the half breed monkey in the White House has his claws embedded. May god have mercy on all Americans. Screw the civil war in Syria. Obutthead should worry about a civil war here. Sorry but its how I feel.
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    So I am a member of the Westmoreland County Travel All Exchange 4-H Club. This is an exchange club where 4-H kids from another state come and stay in PA for like 10 days and then us club members go and stay wherever they came from. This time it was Roseau County Minnesota. Last summer, about 15 kids from MN came and stayed here in PA. Two guys from there stayed at my house. This summer, 12 of us PA 4-H'ers went to MN and stayed for 10 days. The place was as rural as it gets. It was completely flat throughout the whole county(much unlike here in PA). The roads were dead straight running North-South and East-West, forming a grid of one mile by one mile squares. These squares were fields filled with crops except for a few that had houses. The roads were two lane and 80 percent of them were gravel. It was amazing to me. I stayed with a family that had 4 boys, ages 8 to 20. They owned 640 acres and had about 50 cattle. They happened to be baling hay while I was there and of course I got to help. The field they were baling was four miles down the road from their farm. We baled about 150 acres of hay. They were 5x5 foot round bales. To get them from the field to the farm, we used two rigs, an '06 Duramax with a 38 foot gooseneck and an International Road Tractor with an alumanum 53 foot flatbed trailer. And guess who was driving the cornbinder all by himself...... Me. 15 year old Ben Jumper, truck enthusiast. I was out on the open road, in a pretty big truck, justa haulin' some hay. I hauled five loads of 20 round bales each. It was awesome That's me and my MN friend, Brandon. He was driving the Duramax and I was driving the IH. Ben
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    My son found this pic on facebook.
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    Ya know I too am wondering why girly blindly agrees with everything out of Washington and calls us crazy for stating facts. Fact since Obummer and his "appointees" took office our debt has tripled, we supposedly don't have the money for white house tours, military aircraft participation in air shows, our military budjets have been reduced by nearly a third, homeland security has gained more power and reach than any previous government entity in history, our constitutional rights have been repeatedly trampled, however......we had the money to send billions in aid to china, 14 billion to put power in the African desert, we gave Egypt millions in military hardware and the first family spends millions on weekend vacations. Now WHAT THE FUCK?
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    Went by George cousins today... Best I could do..
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    Here are a couple of Greco trucks that were behind me on the Elgin-O'hare about a month ago and one of their water trucks.
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    Yup,the "token liberal" does a HIT AND RUN!
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    like I always say, love to hear Gearheadgirls bullshit comments after we don't hear from her for months on end
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    Met a guy a few weeks ago who said he had some old trucks for sale.He finally was available to see them today,after my usually depressing 9/11 morning I headed out...He has two locations,i only went to one.The place was covered in trucks of all years and sizes,the box trailers in the pic are FULL of trucks as well!When I have more time i'll be heading back.Prices are fair on most,if any of you guy's are interested let me know.If I win the lottery I'm buying them all though .
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    Well after having it sitting in the shop collecting dust for about 8 months, we finally got the old B Model wrecker on the road again. This is my dad's first attempt at driving it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiCDg-YFlr8 Yea, he didn't do as well as he could have but at least we got to the show and back successfully. I can't wait till next summer when I get to drive it myself Ben
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    Made me cringe just listening. You better start carrying a couple 5 gallon buckets to put the pieces in when the bottom of the back case blows out.
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    nice pink sunglasses........And wasn't it nice driving a truck that did not require you to close the door on your fingers before driving to be able to concentrate?
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    Good Job! Get out into the world and see what the hell is going on! My condolences that your first time was with a Binder.
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    I think he's quite IN touch with reality....
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    Repainting & Barrell Striping 5 Mack Mixers for Oldcastle Materials-Harrison Construction. These trucks going to a company they bought out recently Concrete Materials Inc. Harrison is a great customer - just delivered them 4 new Mack GU713 Bridge Formula Mixers with 11 yd MTM systems - have 1 Mack GU713 coming with MTM MIxer with conveyor belt system.
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    Found this in a box in the closet. A lot of cool pictures in it.
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    Took a few so far, mostly playing with the new picture taking device. Saw this aminal in a tree before I left. Saw this creature on the side of a boxcar in Dillwyn. Saw these goats. I never changed any settings on the camera but they looked different, the sun was already down. Then I took a picture of the sky because that one cloud looked like a dog's head. Saw some machines too-orange ones and yellow ones. Nice nut covers,eh? I saw a car... ...and a girl in a car. Saw some apples too. Leaves are already turning. Still liking that zoom! That house and those transformers are way over there. The sign on the fence. Mountain in Lynchburg.
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    Shouldn't of bought the trucks then. The guy probably would have let them go cheaper because he wanted them to go to a GOOD home NOT for scrap.
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    pretty sure i just fixed the ac condensor in this truck Jamie
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    As for Gearheadb.... She is a "sleeper cell troll". She sits, laying in wait, until she can strike. She has been banned/blocked on at least one other truck forum that I am aware of. Long ago I gave Barry a heads up about her. WIth her personal attack on Trent maybe that will be enough to get her banned from here.
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    Well said Jt! I believe our forum liberal should rethink her ideas.
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    Well you gotta start somewhere, I guess behind the wheel of a 13 letter poo spreader should be ok.
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    I think the real insult is the clueless minds who think the whole 9/11 happened by the hands of our own government all for oil in the Middle East. Are you kidding me? Who is going to agree to killing 3000+ Americans for oil? If you think this, just throw yourself off a cliff now because you conspiracy theory is ill thought and ridiculous.
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    That's what I said. If you could've seen my face in the video, you would've thought somebody stuck a needle in my back I was wincing so much. I tried to tell him to use the clutch but he wouldn't listen... Ben
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    Bloomberg / August 21, 2013 Freight companies are struggling to raise the appeal of commanding a heavy truck along Germany’s highways as an increasing shortage of drivers pushes up the cost for transport in Europe’s biggest economy. The perks of the open road are fading fast as bureaucracy and regulation mount, journey times lengthen and inhabitants of the world’s second-largest export nation prefer to pursue careers outside the solitary confines of a 10-foot lorry cab. “There’s a serious driver shortage in Germany,” said Gerard van Kesteren, chief financial officer of Kuehne & Nagel International AG (KNIN), which operates 10,000 trucks and trailers and counts BMW AG and Airbus SAS as customers. “It means we have to pay somewhat more to get drivers, and because the margins are so thin we have to pass this additional cost on to clients.” Demographic trends are set to deepen the squeeze, with 40 percent of Germany’s professional truckers due to retire in the next decade, according to a study by ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a German car-parts supplier. One ready source of labor has also dried up with the suspension of compulsory military service, which had provided one in five of the country’s commercial vehicle operators with their licenses. The increase in personnel costs comes with margins already under pressure after diesel spot prices rose more than fourfold over the past 10 years, and increasingly prevalent road tolls. Radio Campaign At Schindellegi, Switzerland-based Kuehne & Nagel, the world’s No. 1 sea-freight forwarder, which counts Germany as its largest market, the rail and road transport business was the only unprofitable one among four operating units last year. German rail company Deutsche Bahn AG’s DB Schenker unit, the largest supplier of overland transport in Europe, has resorted to a radio campaign to attract new truckers, while also approaching high school graduates as potential “captains of country roads,” emphasizing both the demanding nature of long-distance driving and what it calls the “romance” of trucking. Recruitment has been complicated by German laws introduced in 2009 that compel would-be drivers to garner qualifications in areas such as customs formalities and fuel-efficient driving, as well as in traffic laws and road safety, according to Schenker spokesman Peter Sauer. Total costs for gaining a license can reach 8,000 euros ($10,700); people caught working without the necessary certificates can be fined 5,000 euros. Training Regime “It takes three years of training to become certified, and our guys are not stupid truckers,” he said. Drivers required to transport dangerous goods must pass further tests. The situation has been exacerbated by the decision to halt conscription in 2011, Sauer said, with the military previously issuing as many as 30,000 trucking licenses a year and veterans being admitted to the profession with minimal extra coursework. Berlin-based Schenker, which had 2012 sales of 6.42 billion euros, employs more than 17,000 truckers, about 10,000 of them in countries where advanced qualifications are required. At Kuehne & Nagel, the road and rail division’s losses have totaled 148 million Swiss francs ($161 million) over seven years before interest and tax, even as it boosted sales 66 percent and more than doubled its headcount to about 8,400 people. Quitting road transport is not an option since it’s central to an integrated service, with most containers moved by truck at either end of maritime and air travel, according to the company, whose rivals include Deutsche Post AG (DPW)’s DHL Global Forwarding and Dachser GmbH of Germany, Panalpina Welttransport Holding AG (PWTN) of Switzerland, Denmark’s DSV A/S (DSV) and Geodis SA of France. Eastern Entrants The dearth of German drivers has prompted an influx of foreign competitors, with European Union companies able to operate throughout the bloc since a law change in 2007. While that has pared the labor shortage, it has also cost Germany the equivalent of 15,000 trucks, depriving it of 75 million euros in annual tax receipts. It also undermines wage structures and professional standards, according to the BGL industry association, which says contracts are now often awarded via Internet auctions with less reference to quality than price. Labor costs in some eastern EU nations average one-fifth the level in Germany, where they can amount to 50 percent of haulage companies’ expenses. Drivers from countries including Bulgaria and Romania are working in the region’s No. 1 economy “under nomadic conditions like migrant workers in China,” BGL Executive Director Karlheinz Schmidt said at its Frankfurt base. In a knock-on effect, truckers from the Ukraine are working in Slovakia and companies in Latvia are hiring drivers from the Philippines in what amounts to illegal employment, he said. The BGL has responded with a pilot project to train 12 young people from Spain -- where unemployment stood at record levels in the first quarter -- to fill driving jobs in Stuttgart. ‘Inhuman’ The truckers’ plight is spreading beyond Germany, according to a report from the European Transport Workers’ Federation, which conducted interviews on the working and living conditions of 1,000 non-resident truck drivers in Europe. Foreign drivers are paid mainly according to distance and delivery times, incentivizing them to ignore rest periods, the study said. Drivers tend to live in their cabs at weekends, with little access to sanitation, and spend as many as three months on the road working an average 57.5 hours a week, it said. “Illegal, inhuman practices tend to become the rule, and the bad players set the benchmark,” the report said. BGL President Adalbert Wandt, who runs Braunschweig, north Germany-based trucking company Wandt, said there’s no easy way to turn the wages tide without a decline in standards. “There are some scandalous practices,” he said. “So far we have a demographic problem, but if we don’t pay our drivers more we’ll also have a quality problem in the long run.”
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    This could easily be a story about the U.S. Everything that was explained in that article is happening here. Overregulation, an aging workforce, low pay, unqualified drivers, immigrant drivers all happening right now. The old timers are getting out of this industry as fast as they can and from what I've seen the only people replacing them are unqualified trucking school grads and immigrants and even they don't have to be real bright to figure out that living in a truck all week and only grossing $700 to $900 a week and having no life sucks. You can work some shit factory or retail job for a little less and be home every night and have half the responsibility. Great article, thanks for posting.
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    A guy here had a couple old Bs and the bumpers were perfect so we ask the kid if we could buy one guess what he does......pushes the trucks with a bulldozer and bends the bumpers. Thats some logic there.
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    If it's real,that's one CRAZY SOB!!!
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    Sorry to hear this,it's gonna destroy a lot of company's.
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    its NOT a Detroit! don't wind her up so much! and they are right, it will fall right into gear. and for god sakes, easy on that old Triplex, parts are like Hens teeth. not nearly as many made as a duplex or quad. other than that go gentle on her and practice, practice, practice. he will get the hang of it.
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    Some of the trucks are from the South,other's are from out West.I think he buys what's available at a decent price.When I go back i'll venture into the box trailers and to the other yard!
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    I love those trailers would look good with my contour cab. What is the deal with this GMC? I would be interested in knowing more about this one. You can PM about if you want
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    I dont know who the kid driving is he was just randomly there so i told him to drive it.
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    I got my signs on today. Hooked and ready for trip #3. Sorry pictures look a little cloudy.
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    2500- would have been "steep" back in the "90's,now you'd be robbing that truck for that price.Cheap/solid B's are few and far between these days!
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    It was one of those deals where my son and I are grinning ear to ear on the way home thinking " I can't believe we got this truck for $500" and the guy we bought it from is standing there in his driveway grinning ear to ear thinking " I can't believe they gave me $500 for that truck"
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    I guess i just always over looked them being too interested in the rest of the truck.
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    Its almost sad what's considered "optional" and "standard" nowadays,my Dad ordered a new Peterbilt 359 (sorry)it took a couple weeks to put the order together! salesman actually sat down with my Dad,and went over all options page by page.And not just the standard engine,trans. rears etc. Pop designed his own paint scheme (5 color Imron),picked the placement of gauges,switches,interior materials,colors,carpet etc.I still have the owners manual/build order that came with the truck,contains factory drawings and measurements of the paint order.I remember he even wanted the air horn to have a specific sound,Pete guy says no problem! had a recording of all type horns offered on Petes at the time! ah the good old days!....................Mark
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