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    This "JERSEY MACK" is now owned by ME! 1974 Mack CF600 - 1000/1000 (Refurbished in 1999) Ex-Cecil Fire Company Monroe Township, New Jersey
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    Here's one from Long Branch.
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    How in the hell can you live without knowing about: Honeyy Boo Boo The Real Housewines of... Kim K and her black eagle of the day The wedding dress shops Well at least you got that there itraweb thingy.
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    Your Chicago area R-Model of the day belongs to..........Ted Sirek Excavating
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    20ga 870 tactical with a 3" trophy copper sabot slug in the chamber, 1911 with a 200gn dpx bullet in the chamber cocked and locked, XD40 180gn ftx in the chamber, and an extra mag or two for them close by not to mention the days I feel like having a rifle close, again cocked and locked. Theres no point in someone unlawfully breaking into your home when your there....aka home invasion, and them hearing anything for more than a millisecond and the second guy in the door/window will only hear his buddy go down and the action cylce then its his millisecond to ponder his wrong doings. I am the guy that thinks there should be an express lane to the death penalty, if you rape, murder, or anything of the sort you should be sentenced then go thru one door to the firing range then another to the morgue, I dont like paying for these guys to live in prison for 30 years with 3 hots a day and cable tv its B.S.
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    Thought it was about time to get a Jersey trucks thread going,the NY,CT, and Chicago guys are showin' us up! first up, R&R services Inc..........................................Mark
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    From the album: The Toys

    My Superliners previous life to my purchase.
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    1987 Mack Superliner RW613 E-6 350hp Mack turned up, Fuller 9 spd. OD, Hendrickson A/R 4 Bag built for Mack, Stretched 292" WB, 36" Mack Sleeper, New Clutch and T/O Brg., 6 Aluminum Wheels, Straight Piped, 3.90 Mack Rears, Steer tires are NEW, Drive tires @ 50%, Front brakes @ 90%, Rear brakes @ 75%, 11R22.5 Stand Ups, $15,500.00 OBO, Call/Text Davey @ (260)687-9295. Located near Angola, IN. 46703.
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    Greetings to one and all, I have enjoyed reading the material off 'bigmacktrucks' for awhile and finally decided to join. Mainly for historical information concerning the Mack and the simply pleasure at admiring your mighty fine rides, here. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert [Mack] Brown, when he had his yard, along old Hwy 99, back when I patrolled in the area - He was always giving me a bad time bout coffee and donuts [cop food, ya know]. He was the one, who got me interested in old Mack trucks. [it was here, on the forum, I learned of his passing] 'No', I own none - That is the full-sized variety Mack. But, I do so much enjoy them... Beautiful trucks. I enjoy building a model here and there [my history interest plays well into this aspect], photography and 'road trips. Again, 'thank you' for the welcome. Ed -
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    we have in our collection at the muesium a 1911 Farquhar steam twin cylinder tractor.would like to talk to any one on here that is familiar with them.boiler has been inspected and tubes replaced.in process of painting now.made in penn.
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    The haul of fame truck museum located on packer rd. in Canterbury ct is a really cool place. Every once in a while I will drive through the yard full of old iron lots of cranes and dozers and then a trip down "memory lane" an old bone yard that's really starting to thin out. I just wanted to make sure you guys knew about this place. The actual museum is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If your close enough take a ride through and check it out. Also I talked with Dennis Yaworski(owner) tonight and he reminded me that there is another museum located close by and is open daily.
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    I enjoyed farmer52's post about old gas stations,so i did a little looking on the interweb,to see if i could find some similar old pictures with trucks........here are a few of the ones i've found so far.........................Mark
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    A kid tries to blackmale or rob a trucker, he calls for backup and got plenty, he's gunna be sore for a while and walking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwJ-4qjfmKc
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    Well hope these pictures work. Probobly sideways because they are off my phone. I saw this truck, so we pulled into a parking lot behind the truck because the front was all blocked off, hopped out of the truck ran through a foot of snow with my logger boots, jumped over train tracks, ran through a buncha weeds and then to this old R model. I got quite a few pictures so heres a couple. I was looking the truck over and taking pictures while trying not to be seen. Im not putting a location, dont want to get in any trouble....: )
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    Great guys! thanks for posting all the pictures! heres my contribution for the day,the pride of the Franklinville VFD tanker unit 43-12.....................................................Mark
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    Ditched my Dish Oct 2011. Haven't missed a payment yet LOL!! Yup, I watch Rifleman, Emergency, Perry Mason and the like. Yup, just 50 yr old reruns..........but at least I'm not paying for 2 yr old reruns? DOH!
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    He's not "ripping it up" he's "wringing it out". A good Detroit will clean up after himself so his Mack, Cummins, and Cat friends don't slip and slide.
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    well that narrows it down to about 2.7 million people.....men and women
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    Ex-Schneider unit (single stack on left side-dead give away!)
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    http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/uploads/monthly_01_2013/post-5836-0-19467000-1357359866_thumb.jpg That is about the best old truck picture I have seen.
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    I don't know any tea party wacko's? I do know a lot of liberal Dem. wacko's!! ( I saw the unions in right to work deal, funny I didn't see any tea party people doin this sort of stuff) and what's wrong with not adressing the sandy relief bill because of all the Dem. pork in the bill ?? Do you know how many dollars are going to the sandy victims and how much was going to pork waste?? so what would be wrong with getting it right? Under GW Bush all of Katrina's money (no red tap) went to the people, how much the Dem. politicians in New Orleans stole is another story! And GW took a lot of heat from those fargon stinkin no good corksuckin icehole Dem's ......... But Obama???? NOT A FARGON WORD!! not a one about his broken promises to the NJ-NY people about cuttin through the red tape an all the rest of the pre election BS. He is a bum and if all of this election fraud is true? Then he should be thrown out of office!! By the way if the election was rigged, why is there no invistagation?? Eric Holder the fox in charge of the hen house, a real joke if you ask me. BULLHUSK Teamster in good standing for 42 years.................And Hoffa JR can pound salt as well and stick it where the sun don't shine
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    That one is not..the one with the sleeper that they still own is.
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    Agreed, Jersey is loaded with older Macks and Autocars too..
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    Sold the case for a 65 massy with a diesel .
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    Another collection being broken up is Irv Bickford's from Maine, hundreds of trucks.
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    Just remembered that he's got a Wellington truck from WWII I believe and the "end of the line" the very last superliner to roll off the production line.
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    Was too busy building mopars I guess .
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    I wasn't aware of the tv program, but I know that part of the original collection ended up going to a new owner because of a legal issue. However there are a lot of really cool trucks still there. Also the men(who I believe volunteer) are full of knowledge. I could spend hours there! Also there is 2 locations only a couple miles away.
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    I have these and maybe a few others. Sold a couple on ebay so far but I would love to put a value on them before blindly selling them.
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    Anytime a report of a serious accident is received (in this case a rollover was reported from the onset, which counts as serious) a "Rescue assignment" is transmitted- in case if hurst tools ("Jaws of Life") or other extrication equipment and personnel are needed. Engine companies (the water and hose) usually dont have enough space on board and usually only have 3-4 personnel- driver does not count as he has to run the pump and get equipment for the other guys and the guys in the back are usually tasked with emergency medical care (you heard them say "there are two paramedics on that engine") as the fire guys usually get on location way before the ambulance and have to stabilize the patient. So the Truck/Ladder Company is usually added onto serious accidents as they have the toys and extra hands to do the work or augment the engine company guys. Best to have them on the initial dispatch as it's always better to have the help/equipment on the way and turn it around if not needed, than to get there and go "oh shit" and need it and call for them only to have a delayed response.
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    Someone on Hank's said it had caught fire, but I don't remember if that was confirmed.
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    I've got a pair of NOS door shells, I think I'll just pack them away for another 10 yrs and see what they bring? Had them 11 yrs now.
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    And your Chicago area R-Model of the day belongs to.....Prairie Materials (John A. Oremus)
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    Yes I am.Started back just before Christmas. Wasn't able to locate a replacement truck that suited Jr. so he's driving my big blue Superliner and I bought a day cab Superliner locally and I'm running it until we find something he likes. 1988 RW613,E6-350,T2090,black level 3 interior,4:42 Mack rears on Neway air ride,212" w.b.,346,000 one owner miles.
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    The A-51 (same style cab) used an oil bath on the driver's side,mounted like this: I would look through a Donaldson,Fram,or Farr online catalog,I'm sure they have something that would work.Just make sure you choose one for the CFM your engine is requiring.A new one will probably cost you some coin,but your engine says its worth it! (by the way that is a BEAUTIFUL A model pictured)
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    First truck I ever drove when I was 14. Took it up I-55 then down Cicero ave after the driver said I should try. RS700L 285/6speed, ex Alaska pipe line truck.
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    Now this is a truck bed pool...
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    Sounds like the bridge connector from the knuter retificer to the selicone based monulated switch controler circuit has more than 10 ohms. That would be above range for the heavy duty secondary phaser senor. So my remendation is reverse polorize it for 13 milsec then open the dash and let the smoke out.If that dont get it then take it to mack.
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    Mack wants the MP engine series cruise rpm to be in the 1350 to 1450 rpm range to get the best fuel economy so the higher gears are spec to get that rpm range at 70mph, thats the key find out what you think your average cruise speed will be and tailor the gear ratio accordingly for the tire height you are running to get the rpm where the engine is at its most efficient. I like 24.5 rubber so 3.21 wont work as well for me it works great for low pro 22.5's, I also want to be able to drop a gear (split from OD to direct in a 13 spd) and get my rpm right back at my peak hp so I would need to get the truck geared to run 40" tall tires, with a 1:1 trans ratio and get the rpm in between 1600-1700. I have had trucks with this spec before and if you can hit your peak hp in direct at highway speed you can walk up a hill like a real truck should, get the rpm stuck down too low and dont have the right gear step in the trans to get it there and maintain speed and you start falling back and I dont care how fast I go as long as I can go the same speed up a hill.
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    You really want to tell the boss what makes it worth buying more of those trucks, tell him that 13 liter ran right with the 15 liter cummins, if I had to bet you will probably get better fuel mileage than the Cummins after Break in and as for the Cat's, Why? just why? the Acert engines have been crap since they came out and you go buy an international with a cat badge and an Acert engine, WHY?
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