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    You got it. It's a shame that for those of us that play by the rules have to suffer for the negligent companies who hire and run the illegal operations. I just got my letter a few weeks ago about the physical card that I have to maintain if I want to be able to drive.... All the hoops someone who wants/needs a CDL and has to maintain it including CSA get thrown out the window when this jagoff who can't speak or understand english causes an accident.
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    do you know that obamaphones are paid for by you and me? its on your bill. take a look. every month we are FORCED to contribute to this fund. makes me want to throw away my phone. makes ma sick. aj
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    Are you running the truck with the portable tank hooked to your rebuilt fuel pump? If not have you tried it that way? I would first make sure the line from the tank to the pump is clear of gunk by blowing low air pressure through it. Check to be sure that the rubber hoses are not cracked, leaking or collapsing. Also the "sock" on the fuel tank pick up in the tank could be clogged up.
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    Another hay picture from the interweb machine, saw it in on facebook. Maybe this is what Olive's been busy doing lately. Wonder what's holding up the center bales on the tanker? And here's the birth announcement Morgan put in the Appomattox paper- ...wonder where he gets it from...
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    Nice RD,Vinny! Theres just something about "floaters" on the front of a MACK that make Peterbilts nervous!!!
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    Haines towing in Bordentown..
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    You have all the advice you need in these first two posts. After you have done about a dozen of them - I think it gets - harder! These are not easy, especially if you are trying to be neat and scratch-free. But they do indeed come out and go back in, and they will work when you are done.
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    Youre right, they are attached to the door panel...first you have to remove the round plate at the bottom of the door This is the window stop. Once out you can roll the window further down so it clears the top of the door...next come the handles (if you want to take them off)...push the spring loaded cover back (towards the door) and drive out the pin that holds the handle in... Once you have all of the screws out, you can lift and work the panel out...just so far, once you start working it out, you will see how the outside handle is attached and take out the pin that holds it together...takes some patience but it will come out... Hope this helps...I didnt take pictures the last time I took mine out! Edit: Now that I am thinking back maybe the door handle comes out with its own three screws, then you can take the handle off once you see how it is attached..
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