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    Check this out: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/08/01/georgia-businessman-posts-sign-after-didnt-build-that-debate/ I like how he explains he said it in Chicago language so Obama would understand!
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    Welcome aboard! I took a quick look at the National Road Transport Hall of Fame website and will have to check back when I have more time. It looks like a fun place to visit and it 's kind of you to volunteer your time for the cause. Forgive my fellow BMT'ers for some of the silly questions, they get carried away sometimes. There is something I've been wondering about, however. How do you folks down there keep from falling off the bottom of the earth?
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    Ruh Roh,,,might be a good time for me to invest in that "kevlar" underwear. Batten the hatches,,,Incoming!!!! randyp (i dam sure hope you dont spect me to get "technical" bout anything, just get a hammer and knock shit outta it) randyp
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    A good friend of mine used to work in the shop at Matlack. I sent him an email asking for information (and pics if possible).
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    I won't be able to make it. I'm recovering from a very recent neck injury.
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    Brockway guys would understand. Mack's their big brother haha
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    so with all the new finds on superliners out there got to start gatting ready for gerharts they had atleast 25-26 there last year got to do better then that this year
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    Oh.........okay............we are still talking about trucks. I thought you were such a shutterbug that you started taking photos of your big dumps? That cat looks gay next to that sharp Mack.
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    Alright cool! I hope to be at Gerharts. Man, you know how many pictures I'll have? I'll need ten cameras!!!
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    Wow , yeah im with thease guys , you leaving the forum is like having a truck with no engine. It wont be the same for sure buddy, thanks for the help you have given me over the years. And Mark , you can share them fat girls pics with me LOL
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    They are cool. This one is a 1974, with a 237 and a 5 speed.
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    Did i miss something? i truly hope all is well,NOW who in the hell am i gonna aggrevate about buying up all the western R-models in the country? share fat girls pics with? i do hope you won't leave alltogether perminantly,we will all surely miss your "Rob-servations" and your sense of humor,not to mention all the technical advise. Rob was one of the very first people to respond to my early posts on here,and has always been gracious about offering tips techniques etc. on the various "trades" involved with the old truck hobby. And has become one of the people on here i am proud to count as a friend,allthough never met in person,you just get the sense you kinda know somebody,ya' know?................Best wishes on your future endeavors,whatever they may be!...................Mark
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    and ordinarilly i would agree,,,im not a big fan of all that add on stuff,,,but this truck was absolutely immaculate...you could shave in the paint job alone..ground up restoration,,,took him ten years,did most of the work himself...and it was powered up with a bigger updated driveline,,,and this truck actually works,,,not just show,,,and believe it or not,,,even with all that chrome,,,the petes were still getting more attention,,,lol.incredible...but anyway this is generally what i prefer.lol.bob
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    Thank you for your: Time-to enlighten us with technical info, BS, and drivel Humor-taking young Vinnie under your wing to teach him the facts of life and trucks You will be missed, but thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life.
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    My sentiments exactly...you're my hero and mentor now Randy....prolly shouldn't speculate, but I have a theory- Mitt Romney is about to announce Rob as his running mate.
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    This one I saw on the show in Holland on last Oktober. Plates are Holland also. Vlad
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    I'd like to have one of these, with a 6-71 Detroit.
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    Vin, I myself is be a very BIG BIG MOPAR fan!!!.........But do not!! and I repeat DO NOT!!! cut the Buick 455 stage 1 GS short! I have run up against these monsters back in the day, and was very cheap when it came to a money race, cause I've seen what there tail lights look like!! BULLHUSK
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    Prolly pretty "boring" to most,but this is about as fancy as i'd want to go with a B-model,nice clean lines,quality work,NO BS!..................................Mark
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    And they are all edamukated in them kollege skoolz too. Scary what in their future.
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    Vlad - I loved the photos! Good shot of your Macks! Did they shut down the collective farms? You have a beautiful country.
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    And the last shot I made from my hous' window
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    yup, scrapin greese back in the day when you were young and maybe grandpa might sneak u a cigar to smoke with him while your workin on old trucks and no one is lookin.... and you try to smoke it and get a buzz at 14 years old. ah, the good old days
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