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    Got this from Newts site. Interesting from a candidate... You want to know how things work in D.C.? Where's the power? Who's pulling the strings? The economy of the world came down to the unholy trinity of guns, drugs and gasoline -- military industry, drugs (legal and illegal), and energy -- and now I would add agribusiness as the fourth controlling commodity, and always with the enabling bankers never too far out of sight making their profits far too often from wars and slave labor. While that readily explained the suffering of the Third World, it didn't immediately answer why in America it was possible for so many people to be unhappy with our government's decisions, both foreign and domestic, when we're supposedly living in a democracy. A quick analysis of our electoral process revealed the obvious answer. The simple fact is we do not live in a democracy. Certainly not the kind our Founding Fathers intended. We live in a corporate dictatorship represented by, and beholden to, no single human being you can reason with or hold responsible for anything. The corporation has but one obligation, which is to increase profits for it's shareholders by any legal means necessary by the next fiscal quarter. They have no moral, patriotic, social, environmental, generational or even sustainable responsibility. They have only a short-term economic mandate and their only responsibility to society is to stay within the law to accomplish it. This doesn't mean corporations shouldn't exist or even that their directors are evil by their very DNA. It has been a legally acceptable basic flaw in the form of our capitalist system that allows corporations to operate without a moral compass or obligation to society -- but that's a discussion for another day. The law is rarely a problem because the corporations' legal obligations are pretty much designed first and foremost for their maximum profit by the legislation created by the legislators belonging to our two national political parties, both of which are wholly bought, sold and controlled by Wall Street. The banks and the corporations. In other words the game is rigged. Feel like a sucker? We all do because we all are. The manipulation, aided by a very willing media also owned by the corporations, has made things easier beginning with what has become the amazing Orwellian staple of every newscast, selling the public on the lie that the Dow has somehow become America's scoreboard! We're all hypnotized, rooting for them like they're our home team at a football game, cheering for THEIR scoreboard mindlessly forgetting WE'RE THE AWAY TEAM!! You think your congressman is working all day to get you a job? He may want to. He or she is probably not a bad person. They probably want to do the right thing. But they can't. Long-time Capitol Hill staff and campaign strategists tell me the average legislator spends one-third of their time (or more) every day raising money or on activities related to raising money. Yes, they are "elected" which creates the mass delusion of democracy to keep the masses from rioting, but congressional races are costing millions of dollars and some Senate seats are going for tens of millions each, and they're predicting well over one billion dollars for the next presidency. That's some democracy we've created there, isn't it? Of the people? By the people? For the people? What people? Democracy in America is ill and the masses want it healed. How? Yes, we can demonstrate. We can march. We can write and sign petitions to our Representatives. We can occupy. And we should because it's healthy to vent, and we don't feel so all alone. But the truth is, other than the value of venting, we're wasting our time. It is naïve to expect political results from any of these activities. Our representative can give us lip service. A lot of sympathy. Empathy even. But we don't pay their media bills!! We need to eliminate all private finance from the electoral process. And let's not be distracted by "reforms." Let's spare ourselves the unnecessary discussions about transparent disclosure, or the conflict of interest of foreign countries buying favorable treatment, or protection after protection being gutted by dangerously diluted regulations, or trying to impose this limit or that limit, etc., etc., etc. Campaign finance doesn't need reform. It needs elimination. To accomplish this we must overturn Buckley v. Valeo, one of the two or three worst decisions in the history of the Supreme Court. The ruling makes the extraordinary decision that money is protected by the First Amendment. Presumably Chief Justice Gordon Gekko presiding! These smartest guys in the room actually decided that spending money is the equivalent of free speech. You might wonder why no one in that smart room stood up and said wait a minute, if money is speech, isn't lack of money lack of speech? You know, as in the rich get to talk, and the poor don't? How are the non-moneyed classes represented by this decision? I guess nobody stood up then, but it's time to stand up now. In fact, I am now introducing a new pledge to be signed by our legislators. Of both parties. Independents too. Everybody's welcome. THE PLEDGE FOR A DEMOCRATIC AMERICA (We'll need someone more educated than I to draw it up, or we can copy Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge, but it would go something like this.) I, The Undersigned, pledge to overturn Buckley v. Valeo and eliminate all private finance from the electoral process, thusly restoring America to it's democratic principles. I may take corporate, PAC, SuperPAC, or Chinese money to get elected or reelected (martyrdom accomplishes nothing), but upon my election I will make campaign finance elimination one of my immediate top priorities. Now somebody should be starting a new Third Party whose platform is dedicated to this one idea. Twenty-five years ago that's what I'd be doing right now. But the need for a Third Party aside, this idea applies for everyone. Just as much for the Tea Party on the right as the 99 Percenters on the left (the corporate oligarchy actually has no Party affiliation, it just looks Republican). Both groups should adopt this issue. The Occupiers need not agree on anything else, because frankly nothing else matters, and a bit more focus on the root of our problems for the Tea Party certainly wouldn't hurt them either. Let's see who's serious about representing the "people." And you know what? We might be pleasantly surprised at how many congressmen and senators sign this thing who would rather be doing something more dignified with their lives than spending half their time begging for money.
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    Just a point of order here. Our founding fathers did not give us a Democracy, which they understood would not survive. Instead they gave us a Constitutional Republic, and a system of laws and absolutes guaranteed to all citizens. This system has been hijacked by progressives and activist judges with a progressive agenda. Our Constitution guaranties us a Republican form of government. Not a government of mob rule.
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    If you only plan on repairing or replacing your very own tires. All you really need is a duck billed tire hammer and 3 tire dismounting irons, or 2 and a tire spoon. You need the hammer anyway to break down tires that have glued them self to the rim. The slide hammer gizmo is not worth hauling home. The best tire repair tool that you could ever own is a bead seater, like the cheetah brand sold at Northern. I made mine from all new stuff purchased at Ace Hardware, for less than 35 bucks. a new portable air tank a 2 in. gate valve, a short length of black pipe, a 1/4 gate valve, and a shop air fitting. Now if you are going to do 10 at a time take it to the tire store. The biggest problem is getting the wheels off the truck. If you would like, the next time you have to change one out. load it and spot in the truck and bring it to 246 Aster Ln. Morganton Ga. I will show you how to slip a tire off and on quicker than a cat can lick it's ass.
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    The new BMT classifieds is up and running! I apologize to those of you that still had valid listings in the old system but it had to be taken offline as it was breaking the new software. I created a new sub forum set up like it used to be but the new software allows prefixes and old topic warnings to help with classified use. It's a pretty cool system now! When you add a listing, you will need to select a prefix from the menu. The ad will be live for 45 days and then an old topic warning will appear after that, alerting members that this listing may be unavailable. You can also go back and edit your ad to show SOLD when your item sells. That will also help prevent repeat contacts for long gone items. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me! Also, don't forget to use the feedback forum! It has similar prefixes for positive, neutral and negative transactions with other members!
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    Barry, Sweet. I remember Eidemiller, they used to run all B-Models along with Latrobe Construction (I think that was the name). Question for the group. In the tractor above, what would the average minimum height that would be needed for a garage door?
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