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    I've always thought this photo special. Our national symbol keeping a watchful eye over those whom defended her and have passed. Thought I'd share. Rob
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    Tommy Z was a dear friend of mine, I cannot believe that he is gone. His brother Bill told me that he was driving to work yesterday, and had a massive heart attack in his truck, and said, that is where he would have wanted to pass =) I was with Tommy a few days ago and he was fine, I cannot believe he is gone, its going to take some getting use to. Tommy LOVED trucks, he has them stored everywhere, I use to think it was a good thing that I didnt have a large back yard, so Tom wouldnt ask to keep a newly found antique treasure there, now Im kinda wishing that I could look in the yard and see something that Tommy loved so much. I dont know what Im going to do without our weekly dinner meetings at the Acropolis, where Tommy always finished my "Greek Style" porkchops,, or who I am going to call to find out where to dump a load of concrete, or the best place to get a piece of equipment. He was my encyclopedia man of the Construction Industry =) It hasnt hit me yet, Tommy was way too young........... What I am going to miss most is our Porkchop Dinners, are arguments about "Politically Correct" subjects, honestly he would just like to ruffle my feathers, He thought he was always right (most of the time he was) How we would sit out on the corner of Frankford and Girard and joke and kid around about all the different walks of life that would pass us by, he would make me laugh so hard that my cheeks and belly would hurt! He loved music and loved to sing, he would start singing out of no where, and I loved to hear him sing, and we would argue over who the artist was, what song, what label, etc Tommy was a stand up man,. he was an incredible friend, and my heart is a little broken right now, Im going to miss him terribly. Arrangements have not been made yet, but as soon as I hear something I will share that info on a post Thanks for letting me write this, it feels good Annette
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    Hello everyone and welcome to the NEW BigMackTrucks.com! My name is Barry and I work at Watt's Mack Sales, Inc. in New Alexandria, PA. I have been a heavy duty Parts Specialist for 12 years and I am Mack and ASE certified. I also specialize in Antique and Classic Mack Parts...such as B-Models, R-Models, DM/U Models and Superliners! I am the webmaster of this site and I will be glad to help with any truck related issues and anything to do with this forum! So enjoy! I hope everyone like the new site and I look forward to hearing your feedback!
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