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    Rob's truck is RL755LST 35359, there was another truck ordered on the same GSO, 35358. I think that was the one that was wrecked, Rob should be able to clarify that. I'll give it a look and see what else I can find.
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    That's some good detective work there Trent. Was it an RS or an RL? If you can find out the serial number by any chance I can probably find out what the specifics of the chassis were. What you found out about the suspension and sleeper reinforce what I have seen/been able to figure out about what the truck likely had when built.
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    Hey Trent,thanks for all the effort tracking down this information,kinda' puts an end to a long search! i have been trying to find out what happened to this truck for a long time,real shame about the owner too,i was hoping i could track him down and kinda pick his brain about the particulars and specs on the truck.Guess when i do find a truck project to build,i'm going to have to "wing it" a little LOL! still like to find that bodyshop (if its even still around)get the paint codes for what they used to paint it,i really liked that paint job,always have and would like to duplicate it on my own truck sometime. I did know it was powered by a 1693-TA CAT,just never knew what trans was behind it,of course if i do get to build a similar tractor it will be all Mack,as a matter or personal preference,not historically accurate. Air-ride too,my backs not 21 anymore! LOL! i also knew about him (Bob) winning at Englishtown,thats where i took the few pictures i have of the truck,there is also supposed to be a picture of it in one of the books about Macks,but i havent found out which one but will keep looking. i did'nt know about the calender either,maybe can track one down on Ebay or somewhere. What i really need is a few more good pictures to work from,with some detail of the paint,it was pretty un-usual,with some fogged in pinstripe/separation lines (think 1970's panel paint) which is hard to see in the pictures i have,but not terribly hard to duplicate with an air-brush...........Thanks again! Mark
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