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    Sure...Shels Supplies and Equipment...phone number is (203) 934-8544 Address is 496 Boston Post Rd. West Haven CT. 06516
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    Well this aint zactly' a bear,but you get the idea right?..................
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    Right truck for the right job i always say! heres one of Killer B's grandadddy hard at work!................Mark
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    **UPDATE** Throw the OTC puller in the garbage, forget the slide hammer. I ended up using a custom puller from Shels Supply and Equipment, they are a custom machine shop in CT and they produce one hell of a stout product. I got 4 pulled so far, lots and lots of pressure but they did end up coming out. I actually broke the the threaded rod on the puller and now I'm waiting for a new one to be overnighted to me, this puller is machined out of a block of steel and fits over the studs, it has 2 allen screws that you thread down onto the studs to work the puller up as the injector comes out very very unique tool. I'll post pics of the puller tomorrow -Thanks for all your help guys, Sean J. Kelly
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    Since the weather here has been so crummy, I have actually watched TV a lot. Sometimes I even turn the damn thing on.
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