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    Saw this Oshkosh this afternoon. Monstrous looking truck, not sure what engine it had in it. Also saw these new Freightliners in transit. I don't remember ever seeing trucks delivered in this way. Mack, and even the volvos I've seen are decked on top of each other.
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    Hey Randy i hear ya'! i get so tired of all this "reality TV" BS! their all about the same anymore Ax-men,American loggers,IRT just BS done all for the benefit of the cameras. Maybe its the jersey in me,but the first season of IRT ,when that fat-ass "polarbear" blowhard said he would'nt fix the heater in that one guys truck (i know he was a whiny bastard!) he'da got my foot in his ass when i got back! I was taught respect by my elders,and have usually managed to do so,BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF ANYBODIES GONNA'TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! PERIOD! If these TV people are so hard up for reality,maybe they should go look for a guy that works two jobs 7 days a week to keep his family fed,and a roof over their head! not some drunken assholes at the "jersey shore" or spoiled rich housewives in L.A! i dont know where the get the idea that this is reality,but i think their talking to the wrong people! know what i mean?.........Mark
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    Trent's idea is just about identical to what I would have suggested. Rob's solution is equally good. I think the key to applying heat will be to limit overheating as Rob suggested, and to allow several heating and cooling cycles so that the penetrating oil can work it's way in.
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    I'll jump in as I've not been invited: I made my puller from a 3# slide hammer cause I didn't like my OTC puller for this purpose. I welded an injection line nut to an adapter to screw onto the shank of my slide hammer puller. Screw this to the top of the injector and the impacts placed into the body of the injector typically break it loose without damage. Another way is to soak them as you already have with a good penetrant oil and let it dwell. You can then take a hand held torch and using 'MAPP" gas for fuel, heat the cylinder head around the injection nozzle. Propane does not have enough btu in it and the surrounding iron pulls the heat away too quickly. Using actylene can get too hot in a small area and damage the head, or the injector if not careful. A third way that has worked well for me requires a helper. Lay a piece of strap steel about 3/16ths thick between the injector and manifold. Using an air hammer with a hammer bit installed, apply pressure to the nozzle with your puller and send vibrations through the engine by beating on the strap steel with your air hammer. Apply a little more force with the puller and repeat the process. Usually a couple times of this and it'll pull out. Rob
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    when I did the injectors in my 2 Valve I had 2 stuck injectors. If I recall I had to make a slide hammer tool to thread onto the injector. Also you may need to heat the area near the injector so it expands. When I did it I would get the truck up to temp and then started slide hammering. I even went as far as backing the hold down nuts off a little and then ran the truck at hi idel to let the Internal presser help push them free.I Like PB blaster for rusty or stuck boltes. The issue is that it needs to get down in the hole to lousen it. some times the holes are rusted to the point that you cant get the fluid down in there. They can be a PITA so go slow and work them out fyi.... When you put the new ones in use antiseize!!!
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