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    Hey Bob,i was a household mover for almost 20 years,so i spent a LOT of time up at Ft,Dix/Mcgiure AFB! Wrightstown,Pemberton etc. and also down at the Cape may Coastguard base. My dad ran produce out of the "block" in Vineland almost his entire career,so i know a great deal of people in that area in the trucking business.He loaded a lot of blueberries in Hammonton,he also ran a lot of Hunts point,Bronx etc. Believe it or not,my aunt and uncle live right across the street from the cairiones in Malaga! matts son Barry (i believe) had an R-model,pulled an end-dump around SJ,eastern PA. I believe he has something to do with schoolbus maintenence now. We moved down here almost 4 years ago now,i haul furniture/store fixtures out of Martinsville,VA so it made sense to live closer to my outbound freight,we kinda do miss jersey though! just not the taxes,BS,so-forth! just cant get a good Cheesesteak down here!,NO tastykakes! LOL! there is a few truck shows around,i will get in touch with some of my pals,see if i can get some particulars...............Mark
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    With all that shakin' goin' on in that petercar ya got, ya better put one of these on there...
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    Southbound, I am not too far away in eastern PA if you want to take a Sunday ride! Always happy to show off my F model and talk trucks with friends old & new. I am at Macungie & Lititz PA shows every year too. I don't want to give out too many details until it happens, but I am trying to "adopt" another F model as well... Gregg
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    Although it is still physically here, my F Model has been sold. It probably needs a bit more work then you would be interested in doing any way. Another BMT member bought it and will be taking it home after the ATHS convention in South Bend this year.
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    Guess the stress gets to everybody...more than some can bear.
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    hope you find spot soon. chevy is almost done, gona have to take care of him this week, its a sad day
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