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    A big pistol, rope, shovel, sack of lime, panty hose, rubber gloves, 3 hand grenades, rolling papers, duct tape and ear plugs. randyp
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    Read today where randyp returned to work today,but only worked a couple hours.........seems he overloaded the haul truck he was driving AGAIN! BAD randy BAD!...you know better'n to put 600 tons on a truck designed to haul 4! i hope your boss makes you change that axle by yourself!............Mark
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    Most of the time, my tools are used to help another driver who broke down & didn't have the right tools with him to get back up & running. I've even got breaks on service work when I had a tool a shop mechanic needed, since it saved him having to take time out of his work day and running to the store to try to find & buy it for his own tool box. I've never NOT stopped to help another truck owned or leased to the company I work for, and I nearly always at least ask (if I don't stop) whenever I see another companies truck broke down. I carry tools...and I'd much rather use 'em to help fix someone else's truck because that don't cost me nuthin' but time. When you run local, it's good to have a reputation for helping others....might come a time when you are the one needing help and if you're known to only look out for yourself, who's gonna want to stop to help you? There is ONE O/O leased to the company I'm with who I would have to give it some serious thought if I saw him on the side of the road....it's his own damned fault, though. You get what you give.
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    Jeff told me I should carry a gallon of gas too-just in case the truck catches fire.
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    I knew this was gonna be a good one. Take that!
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