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    Damned nasty day here today. Snowed about 4" last evening which was very wet and heavy. The temperature was 30 degrees so it was slick. My daughter had an appointment to have the horse looked at where she works 60 miles distant. By process of elimination I was deemed to do the driving. I get the "Trusty, yet crusty" Dodge, (wrecked as it may be), hitched up to the horse trailer and head for the barn. After loading the mare it's off we go not exceeding 40mph cause man it's slick. This coupled with the knowlege that if I hurt this horse my life would be as useless as whale shit under a sunken battleship in the Marianas Trench, so I drove easy. We got to the Vet and when he popped her upper lip open said quite plainly, "She's got into some Foxtail weed". Again using the power of deductive reasoning we have determined the weed to be embedded in the hay we purchase as there is no pasture grazing this time of year. The latest batch of bales were purchased a little over a month ago and this horse has been having alergic reactions since that time. Her gums and soft tissues in the mouth are swollen and puffy. She went off her grain and hay about three days ago so there was great concern cause you don't get between her, and dinner. A couple shots of vitamins and antibiotics and she is starting to pick back up. Real friendly girl so we are partial. Definately my daughters best buddy. The Dodge done well too. Painted a new hood for it tonight. Will pull the damage apart tomorrow. So much ice and slush under everywhere I'm going to let it "drip off" overnight. Forced the hood open and the a/c condensor will be replaced although it is not broken at this point but is bent in a "U" shape. The upper radiator support is also pushed back about 1/4" and I'll pull that back out. Going to replace the primary hood latch as a safety precaution although there does not appear to be problems with it. Rob
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    For some reason, it wont let me give rep points anymore. I cant reward anybody for a post "well done". Have I hit my limit? Does my judgement matter any more? Whatsa going on here? I want answers Barry! randyp
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    OK guys, it should be working again, but I had to down size...you can't enter rep comments at the moment. Just plus or minus rep and it shows on you profile bit. The old plugin is no longer compatible with the latest software version, so i will have to try and find a new version. But at least it works for now!
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    We join our avid adverturers as they discuss pending repairs to Killer B And so, our intrepid trio loads up in Killer B and head for Illinois, braving the winter wastelands, and finally reaching their destination Suddenly our protagonists are surprised by the proprieter of the peachy little piece of paradise! To Be Continued...
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    I was working pretty hard to correct the problem at my end,glad Barry got it fixed!.............Mark
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    I always thought they were ashamed to been seen in what ever it is they are driving. -Brad
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