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    As you know mackmann, its no speed demon, pulls bout 55 loaded or empty, have to work your aux. on a few hills, interesting story few weeks ago, 2 young guys passed me on narrow road, passenger stuck arm out and flipped me off, lil did they know, coal train had country road blocked going into power plant, just over next rise, train usually blocks road for 15 minutes. Well, I really aint the picture of health, have had 3 heart surguries, have diabetes,am 56 and weigh bout 160 pounds. They were the car sitting in front of me, so I pondered moment, said hell, aint had a good cardio workout in a while, but I got this real neat lil tire knocker, short piece of cable with lead ball on end, got out with it, kinda twirling it like a cop does a baton, approached passenger, he rolled window up real fast, I kinda laughed and said, "we really do need to talk bout your manners, you wanna roll it down, or just cover your eyes and I will open it for you". Well, he rolled it down, apologized, said he was just kidding so went on back to truck fore i got in trouble or they took knocker away from me. I probably shouldnt act that way but sometimes ya just get tired of that shit. (I was just glad he apologized),,,"speak softly and carry a big tire knocker Randy
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    That info on the older Macks is being deleted because the V*lv* people don't realize that there are lots of old Macks still working, unlike that junk that V*lv* has been building all those years, which has undoubtedly all been scrapped long ago. Hell, those V*lv*s were junk the minute they were driven off the dealer's lot.
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