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    It sounds like randyp finished his work in the "lagoon". I think maybe he's running out of new titles for himself (although I did enjoy Climate Control Tech randy), so I came up with a new one for him. How does Excrement Excavation and Extraction Specialist sound? Maybe he could be Beautician randy, after all he knows all about the exfoliating propeties of an acid bath. Maybe Mad Scientist randy? There are still alot of possibilites out there. I hope you had fun and didn't have to wallow in it too much randyp.
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    That's a damn fine deal you got there! Are you practicing with the trailer or giving away the trailer immediately? I would keep the trailer for a while to practice. Setup some cones or obstacles like a pretend dock, yard, truck stop parking lot etc and start practicing! Also get some practice in to hook and unhook the trailer. You have someone who knows how to drive/shift? Maybe make them a deal and buy em a case of their favorite beer and have them take you out for a few hours. This is another good point. Your H is going to have a twin stick which is a whole different beast. With a Fuller 9 speed you have two reverse speeds, one lo hole and 8 road gears. You shift 1-2-3-4- Range Change, back to 1st which is now 5th and again 5-6-7-8. Lo is used for crawling around or starting a heavy load on a hill. Your H has what a 9 or 10 speed twin stick (most likely)? That shifts much different. First you have the main stick on the left and the compound on the right. Side note: a triplex and quad have the sticks the other way around. this is because you shift the compound more than the main so it makes sense to keep it closer. Okay, back to the 9 or 10 speed. So the main has a reverse gear and 5 forward gears and the compound has two gears: lo and hi. You start out with both sticks in neutral, shift your main into 1st and then the compound into lo and start giving it a little gas while coming off the clutch. Then once your get the revs up shift the compound into hi and keep going. Now you have to get to second. This entails shifting the main into 2nd and then quickly shifting the compound into lo to prevent lugging. Then rinse, wash, repeat until 4th. Now of you have a 9 speed and your in 4th-hi just shift strait into 5th, there is no 5th lo. With a 10 speed you split 5th. If you have a 13 or 15 speed triplex it works the same except the compound has lo, direct and hi. so its 1st-lo-direct-hi, 2nd-lo-direct-hi etc. For a 13 speed its the same as a 9 speed, once in 4th hi just shift the main into 5th and that's it. For a 15 speed you split 5th. The Quad box has two versions as well, the 18 and 20 speed. The compound has lo-lo, lo, direct and hi. Lo-lo is NOT for road use, its for crawling around in the dirt or heavy hauling. To use lo-lo, you shift into lo-lo and then run through the main 1-2-3-4-5 or pick a single gear as you see fit. For road driving, an 18 speed shifts exactly like the 13 triplex, you just ignore lo-lo on the compound. Same goes for the 20 except you shift it like a 15, split 5th and again ignore lo-lo. lo-lo is for heavy loads, dirt and other low speed driving situations. I hope I got this right, someone correct me if I am wrong.
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