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    All this love and thankfullness just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, (and maybe a lil damp) Im just so glad we can show so much brotherly love and cameradery, and to think we owe it all to those wonderful MACK trucks, and Barry and his innovative ideas. Hell Barry, you oughta start an online dating service! (or if Robs involved, maybe an escort service) Keep up the good work, Barry! iMACKuatelly yours, Rabbi Randy
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    OH GEEEZ......THANKS TOM for telling ME! i'm doing a GREAT JOB!........hmmmm its wonderful to be a part of this web-site......what else nice can you think of.....hmmm ? mike
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    I would like to thank everybody involved from the begining of time, up till today for thanking everyone!....now wheres my points dammit?!!.........mark
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    Momma's momma said in the early days I'd just give her daughter a bad reputation; well, I never did. So now I'm just trying to earn my own........ Rob
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    Let me know how this sounds: #1 +1 for everbody involved (points for participating) #2 +1 for Barry for initiating it #3 -1 for Barry for letiing Other Dog take it too far #4 +1 for Other Dog for taking it too far #5 +1 for Rob for restraining himself #6 -1 for Rob for not participating as much as everyone else #7 -1 for Other Dog for not including Rob (which caused Rob to lose a point) The way I figure everyone is now up at least one point, but my math might be wrong. Does this seem fair, or am I over analyzing the situation?
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