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    Dash finished, go to work on the doors. the headliner is being covered with gray diamond tuck.
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    I acquired this truck from a friend, Russel Turner. He found the truck years ago and then started the restoration which got as far as the frame and rebuild of the engine. (not crazy about the red engine and intend to paint it to what I believe is the factory color......a gray?) This is a unique BM as it was delivered in San Francisco in 1937 with factory upgrades such as the larger gas motor (BX) air brakes, aux transmission, larger wheels/tires, to name a few. And it was a C cab as well. Hope to have it done for the 2020 truck shows. I like it as it has the early F model look to it.
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    Equipped with a pintle hitch on the heavy steel front bumper, extra large air cleaner housing and an Allison transmission. Seen at the Spa 2019.
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    Truck TV Australia / November 6, 2019 Lachlan McCutcheon backs his old 1965 B615 Mack out of the shed. Listen to the beaituful note on the V8 GM871 'bird scarer' engine. .
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    Well, this week I- no, wait, here's my list- a list makes it easier to reply to a fake picture of a girl in a car with big fake boobs. And everybody loves boobage. 1. here's my thoughts- 2. A big blue water tower in Maysville, Ky. 2. 3.A big peach- 4.Nice truck I saw in Roanoke. 5. No list should have over 4 items. Sorry.
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    One of the best sounds in the world!! I like Mack engines better but a 2 cycle sounds cooler.
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    I would like to see a Granite with a steel hood and fenders like a B-81.
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    1987 mack e7 350hp new rebuild 9sp wet line $9500 call 540=309=4973 troutville va
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    This is our favorite kind of #TBT post. Back in 1928 The Yannuzzi family started their business. Fast-forward to 1964 when this #AutocarDC came into service to be driven by the founder's grandson, 3rd generation driver, Jimmy Yannuzzi. And guess what they did next? You guessed it: Bought more Autocar trucks. Like this 1965 ten-wheel dump that Jimmy's dad, Carmen, drove. The Yannuzzi fleet topped out at 15 trucks, mostly Autocar. Check out the new DC here: www.autocartruck.com/dc Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    Yeah, We've noticed..........
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    When I first joined the work force as an electrical tech doing basic stuff, one shop guy asked me to go to the warehouse and ask for a bucket of ohms. I went and someone told me they didnt have any. When I went back to the electrical shop i told them they didnt have anymore and everyone busted out laughing. Ive come a long way since then lol. But I too have fallen victim to this prank.
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    Well here's where I let the cat out of the bag because several of you wish that you had my time. I'm salaried at work and run the shop, when the work is done, parts ordered and the shop cleaned I work on the 75 til the next job shows up. The boss doesn't care, I work seven days a week so something gets done on the 75 everyday.
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    These cab overs have been at Winchester at our show. The one with D. P. Miller on the door now belongs to the Keystone Museum.
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    Wasn't able to verify what was under the hood. The door tag said 773 which is for a DD 8V71N, but it appeared the tag had been moved around. Either way , it looked like a fine puppy to visit the Spa.
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    That auto shift still uses a clutch pedal !? Me thinks! An eighteen might be an option!
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    I’m sure your being a smart add...lol bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I prefer (Ingersoll Rand) air starters, once so common in Oz.
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    The rotochambers I've seen are in the $600 to $900 range. I'll have to figure something out on my truck because my old ones are rusted badly. They mount between the frame rail and tire so too snug for most chambers. Rob is switching his to a smaller chamber, a 16 or 24 I believe.
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    Saw this little rig today. Markings on the dashboard indicate it had been a military vehicle. Exterior painted with a roller. Modified sheet metal for the front mounted winch.
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    KKergall I thought so but the parts guy that worked as a parts guy for triple city's mack before moving down to cook's as a parts guy said no only one. 41 Chevy I have to agree with you the compressor that is on it is not the original style but I asked and all I got was I need the truck model and serial number. I know you can't remember everything but lately all I get is I don't know. I forget but it was almost 40 years ago when I worked on the mack fleet. I had to drive 30 miles to show the guy that yes there is a seal on the adapter cover for the smoke valve Thank you for your information.
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    I ordered rings from perfect seal out of Nevada for my end 673.
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    It'll light off under diesel compression, almost any light oil will even atf.
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    Older people stay up real late on weekends on the east coast waiting for the latest otherdog photo cornucopia to be posted.
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    Guess I missed something here, what does brakes have to do with power steering pressure? terry
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    Saw this unit in Roanoke the other day- Saw these hidden treasures in Roanoke too- I saw this on facebook, thought it was pretty funny- And when I was on the way home I saw this girl in Winfall. She claimed she had twisted her ankle and asked me if I would help her get her shoe off because it was too painful for her to drive with her shoe on. I informed her that- 1. I was not a doctor. 2. I did not have time.
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    Sure steel can crack around the mounting bolt holes, but I find they stand up better off road. The edges of the fenders don't get chewed off where they rub like the fiberglass and plastic ones do. And the grills are tougher.
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    Brian 71583; Brian you say ' Don't complain, they won't build what they won't buy. They won't buy because they don't offer a big bore engine. Also they don't promote heavy haul in their marketing tool bag (website sales brochures etc.) so most prospective buyers don't even consider Mack. It's a Volvo problem.
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    Yes sir-and after that an NT-950 Ford. Looks like a tight city job and a Traxcavator in its element!
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    That’s great. It would never get done if it was mine. Mike.
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    These models were named the Freedom Series models. The main feature of the package was the extended bumper to mudflap warranty that covered nearly everything. Hence, Freedom from repair and maintenance costs. The Statue of Liberty is to represent freedom.
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    I sent out a newbe a few years ago for a bucket of steam. Smart A came back with a bucket with dry ice.
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    yes. I'm trying to eliminate the negative things in my life these days and it was to light for a boat anchor.
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    My shop is 100 x 100 . . . I have to work wth only the nose in the door because of lack of free space.. :(
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    The fuse box that goes bad is the EPDM. The fuse box behind clutch pedal. Pull some relays out and check for corrosion. Replace EPDM (fusebox) if any corrosion found. The windshield leaks and water gets in EPDM and causes corrosion.
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    I've seen enough mechanical failures to know I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing, LOL.
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    LR11000 under assembly at Syracuse University.
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    I believe thats what causes little capacitors to come into the world . . .
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    Be nice to see the R model cab assembly reproduced in aluminum and supplied to independent truck builders for fitment. I always liked that "driver's cab" layout except for the propensity to rust.
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    Yup, crank the glass to the bottom. It needs to be BELOW the top of the channel at the top of the door panel. Then, with some wiggling you should be able to persuade it out of the door. My drivers door panel falls out easily. My passenger door takes lots of very carefully said cuss words! I'll let you use the words I use....just can't type them on the forums LOL!!! Start with George Carlins 7 words you can't say on TV...that's a good start.... I see you are using tape on the door to help with not destroying the paint. I finally had to do this with my new doors. Ugh, the old doors were much easier to work on!!
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    12V71, KTA, or 3408. OH YEAAA!!
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    This 361 is for sale near me. It has an 8V71 and a 13 speed(I think). It hasn't been run in 4 years but had not problems when it was last run. It has been off the road for 10 years. It has some rust. Worst in the fenders. He is asking $3500 for it. It is in boyertown pa. I am tempted but have spent my money on other junk. Mike
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    I posted pics earlier of this Brockway that recently sold. Here is the same truck working a job for me. I owned a crane service here in Mid TN for 40 yrs, just sold all my cranes 9-04-13. McCord is selling out now. Elliott Cranes has sold as well. Time marches on..!!
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    Some more of the V12 and then a 318 and then the 290 cummins
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    This was my cousins '72 361.....6-71,5 speed Fuller,Eaton 3 speed rears on Neway Air Ride. Bill Bedell took a picture of it when it was brand new while sitting at August Schmidt,Inc. in Milwaukee.
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    We had a used 361 for a short time, the one in the middle,350 Cummins,10 speed (it had been Huskydrive originally),pretty good truck,allthough I only ever drove it a few times traded it in on an F-Model because we needed something with a sleeper on it. The wheelbase on this one was just too short.IIRC, they allowed 2500.00 trade against the F-Model?...wish I still had it now!.............Mark
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    Change the clutch cable!The clutch cables can feel fine with no load on them but once loaded they become stiff.
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    o btw the service manger at mack wanted to cut the wires and put a switch WTF. I spend 200000 on a new truck and he wants to start chopping up the harness.
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